who is the one

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april has it harder then anyone one else she comes from a family that is heading to divorce she goes to an all girl school and if that isent bad enough just when she doesent need it two guys come into her life. will tanner is cute and a total bad boy and is cocky but he seems to be afraid of going into long distance reletionships. and then theres james smith who is tall good looking and comes from a very wealthy family and april has a hard time choosing between the guys just who is she gonna pick??

Chapter 1 (v.1) - who is the one

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



chapter 1

i shook my head angrly as i blasted my music on my ipod i was looking out the window praying that this was a nightmare where moving again which doesnt suprise me. i hate it.ive learned to despise moving.and no wonder i caint make any real friends. but worst of all the worst punishement they could be giving me is sending me to an all girls school. mom said im paying to much attention to boys and taht i need a break from them. but to be honest i dont think she knows what shes talking about.im getting distracted by my mom who is singing at the top of her lungs i growl and take my earphones out of my ears. i glare at my mom and she pretends to act all offended i just roll my eyes at her. 

'' mom im trying to listen to music here and all i hear is your voice and seriously you sound like your dieing'' i say 

'' april cheer up i think you will like your new home and why caint you just have fun be postive'' mom says

'' seriuosly there is nothing postive about us moving'' i say

'' why not its a fresh start to life'' mom says

'' sheesh mom every year is a fresh start we move once a year we caint even settle in somewhere i hate moving around'' i say

'' i understand how you feel april okay but trust me this will be the last time'' mom says

i want to belleive her when she says that this will be our last move but a part of me seriously doubts it knowing mom we definatly wont be there for long. i lean over and close my eyes. dad dident drive with us he doesnt anymore. not since he and mom seperated. its weird living with two parents who are separted.i pretend it doesnt bug me but mom can tell it does i jsut wish they could sort out their shit and work on their marriage.ever since mom cheated on my dad three  years ago they did everything they could to make things better but it just wasent working of course dad could of got a divorce but we dident have the money so divorce wasent an option. they dont hate each other but they dont exactlly love each other either. and man do they argue.i feel bad for my littel sister gabriel who has witnessed my dad and mom fighting shes only four and she more sensitve then i am. i would spend most nights laying in bed with gabriel laying on my shoulder she would look at me with her blue eyes and asked me if they would get back toghter again and just seeing her so scared and sad makes my heart melt and makes me want to cry for her.  

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