A Special Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction.

Status: Finished

A Special Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction.

Status: Finished

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A Special Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction. A Special Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction.

Book by: RomanceLover2016

Genre: Fan Fiction


Book by: RomanceLover2016


Genre: Fan Fiction



I don't own any names or the soap opera.


I don't own any names or the soap opera.

Author Chapter Note

I don't own any names or the soap opera.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013




Lisa and Stefano Dimera are celebrating their 30th anniversary, they're sitting on a small couch in the den of their house, while their three children (1 girl and two boys, ages 4 to 13-years-old) were sleeping in their bedrooms.





Chapter 1.

On a clear evening at a city called watertown, at the house on a shaded tree-line neighborhood on Oak Street, Lisa and her darling husband Stefano Dimera, were sitting on a small couch in the family den of the house, the fire in the fireplace was burning in front of them, while their three children, Jocelyn (age 4-years-old), Alexander (age 7-years-old), and Matthew (age 13-years-old), were sleeping in their bedrooms.





"I can't believe it's been 30 years since we've got married", Lisa said.




"I can't believe it either, Lisa", Stefano replied.




"I just love that suprise you had", Lisa said.




"I knew you'd loved it, Lisa", Stefano replied as he put his hand in his pocket and got a rectangle-shaped box that's wrapped-up in a package with a red bow on top.




"Lisa, I've something for you", Stefano said.



"Oh, what is it?", Lisa asked.


"My Great-Great Grandfather, Boris Dimera gave this to my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Pablo Dimera Gave this to my Great-Great-Great Grandmother Hernia Dimera, She gave this to my Great-Great Grandfather, Dimtris Dimera, he gave this to my Great-Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Dimera, she gave this to my Great-Grandfather, Samuel Dimera who gave this to my Great-Grandmother, Helena Dimera, She gave this to my Grandfather, Ronaldo Dimera, he gave it to my Grandmother, Sarah Dimera, she gave it to me, before she sadly passed away, now I'm giving it to you", Stefano said as he handed Lisa the Rectangle-Shaped box.





Lisa was flabbergasted about it, as she looked at the rectangle-shaped box.





"Well, aren't you going to open it, sweetheart?", Stefano asked.





"Ok", Lisa answered as she started to open the wrapping paper, she opened the rectangle-box.




She saw a gold chain on the gold chain was two phoenix's with small oval-shape diamonds for the eyes, between them was a dark-blue shapphire, and it was shaped like a heart.




"Oh, Stefano, I just love it", Lisa said.



"I knew you'd like it, Lisa, Mi Bella", Stefano replied.



"This is a wonderful Anniversary present", Lisa said.



"I thought you'd like it, Lisa, that necklace is descended from Royalty, after all, Mi Bella, you are my beautiful queen", Stefano replied.




"I love it, Stefano", Lisa said.




"Good", Stefano replied.




"I'm going to check on the kids, then i'm going to bed", Lisa said.




"Ok, Honey", Stefano replied.




"Aren't you coming?", Lisa asked.



"I'll just stay here until the fire is out, before joining you", Stefano answered.




"Ok", Lisa said as she got up from the couch and went out of the family den.




Lisa went up-stairs, she tip-toed into Jocelyn's bedroom, Jocelyn's bedroom was pink, and it had Disney Princess Posters On the walls, there was a table with chairs, with a Tea set on the table, and two Dolls sitting on two of the chairs, Lisa tiped-toed toward Jocelyn's Bed, she saw her youngest daughter, sleeping underneath her Disney princess comforter set, she (Jocelyn) was cuddling-up to her favorite stuffed animal named Scruffey, a stuffed Red Panda Animal, it was Jocelyn's favorite stuffed animal, she had some other stuffed animals too, there was, Cody a yorkshire terrier stuffed dog, Chuckwood a groundhog stuffed animal, Marble a Guniea Pig Stuffed Animal, Joli a Husky Dog Stuffed Animal, Spanky a blue whale stuffed animal, Cutie a Cupuchin Monkey stuffed animal, Whitey a beluga whale stuffed animal, Peri a Peregrine Falcon stuffed animal, Jocelyn had some other stuff animals too, Lisa carefully pulled the comforter up to a sleeping Jocelyn, she kissed her good-night, she tiped-toed out of her bedroom, and went to Alexander's bedroom, did the same thing, went to Matthew's bedroom and did the same thing too, She went into the master bedroom, and went to bed, Meanwhile Stefano was looking at the fire in the fireplace until it dimed-down and was out, he was about to get up and Join Lisa in the master bedroom, when the telephone ringed.




"Who could that be at this hour of the night?", Stefano said to himself.




as he got up and walked toward the phone, he picked-up the reciever.




"Hello?", Stefano asked until a female voice answered on the other end of the phone.





"Hello, am I talking to Stefano Dimera?", The Female voice asked.





"You're talking to him", Stefano answered.




"I'm Karen Palmer, my father is Lawerence Palmer, your father, Santo Dimera and my Father were best friends", The Female voice said.





"Oh, Yes, Now I remember, so what can I do for you, Karen?", Stefano asked.




"Your Father took something that belonged to My Father, now that my father is gone, I'm claiming what my father lost", Karen answered.




"I don't know what you're talking about, so good-night", Stefano said as he hung-up the phone.





Stefano went up-stairs and he went into the master bedroom, went to bed. The Next Morning, Stefano was sitting at the breakfast table, having some breakfast with Lisa, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew, Stefano was thinking about what had happened last night, Until Lisa noticed something was troubling him.





"Is something wrong, Stefano?", Lisa asked.





"Oh, Nothing", Stefano answered.





Another hour later, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew went off to school, while Lisa was also getting ready to go to work at the maternity ward of the local hospital.





"Stefano, something is wrong, I can tell by your movement and body language, now tell me what's wrong?", Lisa asked.





"Ok, I'll tell you", Stefano answered as he explained to Lisa what had happened.




Lisa was shocked about what Stefano had told her, she went off to work, While Stefano went to work at his CEO office at, "Dimera Indrusteries Encorporated", he was sitting behind his desk, and was looking over some papers, he looked at a picture of his Mi Bella, Lisa. when the telephone ringed. he picked-up the reciever, he was shocked to find out that the Board was having an Emergency meeting, He hung-up the phone, he decided not to tell his Mi Bella Lisa about it, he went out of his CEO office, and he went to the Emergency meeting, he found out that someone has been buying-up all the stock, The Board of Directors have decided to save what was left of their stock, after it was done, Stefano went back to his CEO Office and was wondering who could've done it, when the intercom buzzed and his secretary, Lauren's voice.




"Mr. Dimera, you're wife is on the line, and she saids it's urgent", Lauren said.



"Ok, Lauren", Stefano replied as he picked-up the reciever.



"Lisa what's wrong?", Stefano asked until he heard Lisa's hysterical voice.



"Stefano, you have to come to the home, something's wrong with Jocelyn", Lisa answered.



"What's wrong with her?", Stefano asked.



"Just come home, I'll tell you about it", Lisa answered.



"Ok, I'll be right there", Stefano said.



He got off the phone, he told Lauren to cancel all of his appointments, he went out of the building, he got into his car, and drove off to the house, about an hour later, Stefano arrived at the house, he saw his Mi Bella, Lisa.


"Lisa, what's wrong?", Stefano asked.


"Stefano, It's about Jocelyn, something's wrong with her, I've just sent Alexander and Matthew to stay with Kristen and Brady, let's go inside", Lisa answered.



"Ok", Stefano said.



"Well, Jocelyn was practicing her fence-jumping on her horse, TrailBlazer, when something happened", Lisa replied.



"Well, what happened, Lisa?", Stefano asked.



"Suddenly after compleating her fence-jump, the horse started acting strangely", Lisa answered.



"Oh, then what happened?", Stefano asked.



"The Horse started Bucking wildly, I started telling Jocelyn to hang on tightly, she started screaming, Until", Lisa answered as she was fighting back the tears.



"Until, what?, Lisa", Stefano asked.



"Until the horse throw Jocelyn off of his back, and fell on her legs, I started screaming, The Stablemen heard me, and he got control over the horse, while I had to carry Jocelyn out of the way", Lisa answered.



"Oh, I see", Stefano said as they stood in front of Jocelyn's closed bedroom door.




"I've called Daniel Jonas on the phone, and he arrived at the house, he told me that Jocelyn is paralyzed and might never walk again, also I've ordered the horse to be put down", Lisa replied.



"Oh, I see, does Jocelyn know about it?", Stefano asked.



"No, I didn't tell her, she's in her bed, and she's been asking for you", Lisa answered.



"Ok, I'll see her", Stefano replied.



Stefano opened the bedroom door, he saw his youngest daughter, laying in the bed, until she saw him.



"Hi, Daddy", Jocelyn said as she looked-up at him with her Light Blue eyes.



"Hi, Jocelyn, my little Princess", Stefano replied as he sat down on top of her bed.



"Daddy, did Mommy told you what had happened?", Jocelyn asked.



"Oh, Yes, She did", Stefano answered.



"Mommy said that as soon as i'm able to walk, we're going to the local animal shelter, and I can pick out a new puppy", Jocelyn said.



"That's great, sweetheart", Stefano replied.



"Daddy, I love you so much", Jocelyn said.



"I love you too, Jocelyn", Stefano replied until Lisa comes into the bedroom.



"Ok, Stefano, Jocelyn needs some rest, you'll have plenty of time to talk to her tomorrow", Lisa said.



"Ok, Honey", Stefano replied.



"Mommy, can you read me a story?", Jocelyn asked.



"Ok, sweetheart", Lisa answered.


Stefano got up from the bed, while Lisa got Jocelyn's favorite storybook from the bookshelf. she walked past Stefano, while he went out of the bedroom, he looked over his shoulder, and he saw his Mi Bella, Lisa reading Jocelyn her favorite bedtime story, "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", Stefano walked out of the bedroom, he started wondering who could've done it. Meanwhile back in Jocelyn's bedroom, Lisa was continuing reading Jocelyn's favorite bedtime story "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs", when she got at the end, Lisa looked-up and saw Jocelyn sleeping, Lisa closed the book, she got up from the bed, tip-toed toward the bookshelf, she put the book back on the bookshelf, she tip-toed back toward Jocelyn's bed, Lisa leaned over, she kissed her sleeping daughter, she tip-toed out of Jocelyn's bedroom, and quietly closed the door behind her. Lisa walked down the hallway, down the stairs, she looked in the living room, she saw her darling husband, Stefano thinking about who could've done it to his youngest daughter.



"Stefano, is something bothering you?", Lisa asked.



"Oh, Nothing, I'm going out to get some air", Stefano answered as he got up from the couch.



"Ok", Lisa said.



Stefano went out of the house, he started walking around, Until he noticed footprints, he decided to keep looking for footprints, and was being very careful on where he stepped, their were two footprints, one going and one leaving, he noticed the tree branches were pulled back, he also noticed something silver, Stefano found out that it was a silent whistle, that was caught on a tree branch, he thought that the silent whistle got snaged on the tree branch, he saw the second set of footprints leaving, Stefano thought that someone was sneaking in, and was hiding behind a tree, blow the silent whistle, that what made Jocelyn's horse go crazy, Stefano started going back to the house, he walked past Lisa, and was headed toward the phone. About an hour later, Stefano went over toward the Police, Lisa started watching from a back window, from a distance she saw her husband talking to a police officer, She couldn't make-out about what they were talking about, She saw Stefano pointed to the two footprints, and the silent whistle, the Police officer told Stefano something else too, Lisa could see the shocked look on Stefano's face, She had a feeling at what the Police Officer had told Stefano, when he come back in the house.



"So what did the police officer said?", Lisa asked.



"Well, they thought that someone used that silent whistle, that's what made Jocelyn's Horse go crazy", Stefano answered.



"Oh, I see", Lisa said.



"How could someone be so hartless to do that to an innocent 4-year-old girl", Stefano muttered.



"Stefano, don't go out-there, with guns blazing", Lisa said sternly.



"Ok, Mi Bella, I won't, I'll let the police handle it", Stefano replied.



"Good", Lisa said.



Lisa and Stefano went up-stairs and went to bed, that Night, Stefano was laying awake on his side of the bed, a thousound thoughts were racing in his head, he wanted to find the person that did it to his Little Princess Jocelyn, until he remembered what Lisa had told him, he decided to go ahead on what Lisa had told him. about an hour later, he fell asleep, Meanwhile in a hotel room far from Salem, Karen Palmer was planning her next move, The Next Morning Lisa was in the living room of the house, reading a magazine, while Jocelyn was doing her physical therapy, Alexander was at his soccer practice, and Matthew was in his karate class, when the telephone ringed, Lisa answered the phone, she was shocked about what she had heard, she hung-up the phone, she picked-up the reciever, and dialed Chad Dimera's phone number and tell him to come over to be with Jocelyn, and be there for when his step-brothers came home, she hung-up the phone, she rushed out of the house, got into her car, and drove off. another hour later, Lisa arrived at the watertown jail, she went to the jail cell and saw her darling husband, Stefano, she told the police officer to leave them, after he was gone, Lisa walked up to the jail cell, stefano walked-up too, they both looked at each-other with love in their eyes.





"I knew you would come, Mi Bella", Stefano said.




"I just had to come, I've spoken with the judge, and he denied your bail, and there's going to be a hearing", Lisa said.




"I don't know what had happened, I was at in my CEO Office, and the next thing I knew, Police Officers were coming in the CEO Office, and I was put in here", Stefano said.



"Oh, Stefano, I just don't want to lose you again, I've lost you once when you was in a coma, and I just don't know how I'll go on, without You", Lisa said as she started sobbing.



"Lisa, Mi Bella, don't be sad, beside's you've still got our children, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew, you've still got them", Stefano said as he put his hands through the jail bars and put them around his sobbing wife.




"Oh, I see", Lisa replied.





"Also I'm going to have you run Dimera Indrusteries Encorporated, Until Matthew is around 20-years-old to take over", Stefano said.





"Ok", Lisa said.




Another hour later, Time was up for the two of them, Lisa took one last look at him, and she left, about an hour later, Lisa arrived at the house, she decided not to tell Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew about what had happened to their dad, she didn't want to upset them, they had dinner and went to bed, The Next Morning, Lisa was in the living room after taking Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew to school, when the telephone ringed, she was thrilled to find out that She was pregnant and it's going to be twins, Lisa got off the phone, and was happy about it, Until she thought about what her darling husband, Stefano going to say about it, she started to get worried that he wouldn't be around to see his unborn daughter and son, he won't be able to see them growing-up, She decided to go and tell him about it, she got her car keys, went out of the house, got into her car, and drove off, another hour later, Lisa arrived at the Jail, she went to Stefano's Jail cell, she told him the good news.




"Wow, that's wonderful, Lisa", Stefano said.


"I thought you would", Lisa replied.


"I've talked to my Lawyer, Keith Gibson just before you arrived", Stefano said.


"Oh, what did he say?", Lisa asked.


"Well, he thinks that we've got it made", Stefano answered.


"Oh, I see", Lisa said.


"The hearing's been set for tomorrow", Stefano said.


"I'm going to that hearing, and I'm going to be sitting in your corner too", Lisa said.


"Oh, Good", Stefano replied.


"and I'm not taking our children, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew with me", Lisa said.


"Good, I think it's best that they shouldn't be going, I don't want them to be upset about it", Stefano replied.


"Oh, I see", Lisa said.



Lisa left the jail, she got back into her car, and was driving back to the house, about an hour later, Lisa arrived at the house, she pulled her car up at the drive-way in front of her house, she sat in the driver-seat, she decided not to get upset, she got her car key out of the ignation, got out of the driver-side of the car, she walked on the sidewalk of the house, walked up the front porch steps, on the front porch, she put her house-key in the keyhole of the front door of the house, she turned her house-key, she went inside the living room of her house, she closed the front door behind her, she sat down on the couch in the living room, she took out a photo album, Lisa started looking at her and Stefano's wedding photos, she looked at their wedding reception photos, she started looking at looking at when Matthew was born, Lisa saw a picture of her darling Stefano sitting in a seat, holding a sleeping baby matthew wrapped-up in a hospital blanket in his arms, She saw a picture of Stefano looking up at the camrea, while holding a sleeping baby matthew in his arms, Next Lisa saw a picture of Stefano holding a sleeping Baby Alexander in his arms, and a 4-year-old Matthew was standing right beside Stefano, he was also looking at his little baby brother, Next Lisa saw a picture of Stefano holding a sleeping Baby Jocelyn, a 8-year-old Matthew, and a 6-year-old Alexander were standing right beside him. Lisa put her hand on her pregnant belly, she had a feeling that her darling Stefano won't be able to see the newest additons to the Dimera Clan, another hour later, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew returned home from school, they ate dinner and went to bed, The Next Morning, Lisa, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew were having breakfast, another hour later, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew went off to school, while Lisa went to the court house, she sat down on her husband Stefano's side, she saw her darling husband, Stefano walking into the court room, she smiled at him, he smiled back at her.




"I love you", Lisa whispered real low so that no-one would hear her.




"I love you too, Mi Bella", Stefano whisper back real low so that no-one would hear him.




He sat down at the table, his hearing began, Lisa was relieved that her husband was clear of all charges, She looked at him with love in her eyes, he looked at her, as they walked out of the court house, about an hour later, they've arrived at the house, Stefano saw Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew again, They Had Dinner and went to bed, The Next Morning They had breakfast, about an hour later, Jocelyn, Alexander, and Matthew went off to school,







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