Days Of Our Lives Fan-Fic.

Status: Finished

Days Of Our Lives Fan-Fic.

Status: Finished

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Days Of Our Lives Fan-Fic. Days Of Our Lives Fan-Fic.

Book by: RomanceLover2016

Genre: Fan Fiction


Book by: RomanceLover2016


Genre: Fan Fiction



I don't own any names or the Soap Opera.


I don't own any names or the Soap Opera.

Author Chapter Note

I don't own any names or the Soap Opera.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 14, 2013

Reads: 26

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 14, 2013




Love Is In The Air, and For Two Respective Families, It'll Turn Out Into An All-Out War.





Chapter 1.



Belle Black Brady and her Husband Shawn-Douglas Brady are on the deck of the Fancy Face Four on the open sea.



"Honey, where are we?", Belle asked as she looked around at the open sea.



"Well, while you and Claire were sleeping, I docked the boat at Australia, and I've got some fresh supplies, and fueled-up the boat too, so now we're in the middle of the Indian Ocean", Shawn answered as he gave her a kiss on the lips.




"Morning, Mom, Dad", Claire said as she walked-up on the deck.




"Morning, Honey", Shawn said.



"Morning, Claire-Bear", Belle replied.




"Mom, would you quit calling me that, you've been calling me that ever since I was little, so knock-it-off", Claire said.




"Ok", Belle replied.



"Anyway, have you heard from Grand-Pa John Yet?", Claire asked as she decided to change the subject.




"No, but your Aunt Sami said that He's very busy", Belle answered.




"Oh Great", Claire said.




"Also, I've talked to Grandma Marlena, and she's excited about seeing us", Belle replied.




"So is Grandma Hope and Grandpa Bo too", Shawn said.




"Great", Claire replied as she went back in the cabin.



"What's the matter with her?", Shawn asked.



"I don't know, But She's 15-years-old, she's just starting her teenage life, just like we were when we were her age, Remember", Belle answered.



"Oh, Yes, I remember", Shawn said.



Shawn and Belle kissed each-other again, as Shawn continued driving the boat on the Indian Ocean.






Meanwhile at a Dimera Manor, an irate Stefano stormed into the living room of the manor, fallowed by his wife, Lisa.




"Stefano, Darling, talk to me, you haven't said a word since we left the police department", Lisa said until her husband looked at her.



"How many times have I told him not to hang-out with that Gang", Stefano grumbled.



"Stefano, he's only 17-years-old, I'm sure that Wesley didn't even realized that Gang called "THE BLACK KATS", stole  stuff", Lisa said.



"Lisa, Our Son was caught with a Car stereo, Now he's on probation", Stefano snarled.



"Ok, Ok, Honey, I know, but that's no reason for given him the silent treatment", Lisa said.



"I know, but I'm still not speaking to him", Stefano replied.




Meanwhile up-stairs, Lisa and Stefano's 17-year-old son, Wesley was in his bedroom, he had his door closed, when his 13-year-old younger brother named Andrew came out of his bedroom, he put his ear to his big brother's closed bedroom door, until he heard his big brother muffled conversation behind the door.




"Look Carl, I just can't believe you and the guys ditched me back there, you didn't even help me out", Wesley said.




"I know, but our leader, Ken told us not too, so we didn't", Carl replied over the phone.




"Well, I've got 10 week probation, and I would have to report to my probation officer, and if I don't, then I would be sent to Juvenile hall for 90 days", Wesley said.




"Wow, that's harsh", Carl replied.




"Now my Dad is steamed at me, and he hadn't even say a word to me ever since we left the police station", Wesley said.




"Well, I'm sure he'll get over it", Carl replied.





"Yeah, Right", Wesley said as he hung-up the phone.





About an hour later, Andrew was stunned about what he had heard, he decided not to tell anyone, the next Morning, Wesley was outside of the manor, changing the oil on his motorcycle, when someone walked up to him.




"How about a ride, Mister?", a voice asked until Wesley looked-up and saw Claire looking at him.




"Hey, Claire, it's just great to see you, too bad my Mom isn't here, She's in Genoa City, attending a Funeral of an old friend of her's named Catherine Chanceller, and Dad's at his CEO Office at "DIMERA EMPIRE INCORPORATED", Andrew is at Baseball Practice, and my 10-year-old Brother Kyle is at Soccer Practice, my 8-year-old brother Derek is at his Boy Scouts Meeting, and my 4-year-old brother Tyler is at Day-Care", Wesley answered.





"Oh, so you're here all by yourself?", Claire asked.




"Well, I'm not anymore", Wesley answered as they both laughed.




"Oh, Wes, you know your the only one that can make me laugh", Claire said.




"Well, Maybe I've still got it", Wesley replied.




"What were you doing?", Claire asked.




"I was about to change the oil in my motorcycle, why don't you give me a hand", Wesley answered.



"Ok", Claire said as she knelt down beside him.



"Ok, now I want you to hold this funnel, while I pour the last of the oil treatment in the gas tank", Wesley said.




"Ok", Claire replied as she hold the funnel.





"Ok, I've got it", Wesley said as he put the gas tank topper back on the gas tank, he wiped his hands on an old towel, until he saw Claire.




"Here, you better wipe your hands too, Claire?", Wesley asked as he handed the old towel to Claire.




"Ok, Thanks, Wes", Claire answered as she took the old towel from Wesley's hands, they were both shocked when they saw both of their hands were touching each-other.




Claire looked-up at Wesley, he looked up at Claire, she smiled at him, he smiled at her, she wiped her hands on the old towel.




"So, do you want to go for a ride, we can ride to the lake, it's just beautiful this time of year?", Wesley asked.



"Ok", Claire answered.




"Good, Here's an extra helmet for you", Wesley said.





"Thanks", Claire replied as she put on the extra helmet, and Wesley put on his helmet, after puttting his stuff away, he got on his motorcycle.






Claire got on the back, and put her arms around his waist.






"Are you ready, Claire?", Wesley asked as he looked over his shoulder.





"Oh, Yes I am", Claire answered.





"Ok, Let's Rock", Wesley said as he turned his motorcycle key to start-up his motorcycle.






"And Roll", Claire continued as Wesley sped-off.






Meanwhile Back at Belle and Shawn's Apartment, Belle was wondering why Claire hasn't answered her cell-phone, Until Shawn came into the living room.




"Belle, is something wrong?", Shawn-Douglas asked.




"Oh, Nothing, I'm just wondering why Claire isn't answering her cell-phone, I've left about 20 or 30 voice-mail messages", Belle answered.




"Well Don't worry, I'm sure she's fine, she just needed some space", Shawn-Douglas said.




"Ok", Belle replied.



Meanwhile At The Dimera Manor, Stefano was thinking about where Wesley is as well, when his wife, Lisa came in the living room.




"Still no answer on his cell-phone?", Lisa asked.





"I've talked to his probation officer, and he told me that Wesley just went there, reported in, and left, he doesn't know where he is", Stefano answered.





"Well, I'm sure he's keeping out of trouble", Lisa said.





"I'm sure he is", Stefano replied.





Meanwhile Wesley drove his motorcycle toward the Salem Lake, he parked his motorcycle at a parking lot, they got off the motorcycle, they started walking toward the lake, they were holding each-other's hands, they sat down on a picnic table bench, they looked at the lake.





"Claire, I missed you so much", Wesley said.




"I missed you too, Wes", Claire replied.




"I was just thrilled when I heard that you were coming back, so I just want to say", Wesley asked.





"Oh, what is it, Wes?", Claire asked.





"I love you, so much, I don't care if we're cousins", Wesley answered.




"Oh, I Love you too, Wes", Claire said.






Wesley and Claire started kissing each-other, they got up from the picnic bench, they started walking toward the motorcycle, they stopped only once, they turned to each-other, they looked at each-other with love in their eyes, they put their arms around each-other, they kissed each-other, they continued walking toward the motorcycle, they got on the motorcycle, and they sped-off, Meanwhile that Evening, Stefano was pacing back and fourth in the living room of the manor, he was looking at the clock between stops.







"That boy is going to get it now", Stefano said to himself.




Suddenly the front door opened, shoes were coming in the foyer of the manor, it was walking toward the up-stairs, when Stefano opened the front door that connected the living room and the foyer, Wesley saw his mad father glearing at him.





"Where in the blazes have you been?", Stefano asked.





"I've been hanging out with my friends", Wesley answered.






"Oh Really?", Stefano asked.




"Yeah, Really", Wesley answered.





"You've been with someone, Weren't you?", Stefano asked.




"Yeah I was, and I'm not going to tell who it is", Wesley answered.



"Is it a Girl?", Stefano asked.




"Why do you have to get into my privet life", Wesley answered.




"Because I'm your father, and as long as you live under my roof, you'll fallow my rules", Stefano replied.




"I'm 16-years-old, I'm not a little kid anymore, or any of your hired goons that you can order around", Wesley said.




"Don't you give me that tone of voice, young man, Now You're grounded, and that's it", Stefano snarled until Lisa came down the stairs in her pink robe, and house-shoes.





"What on earth is going down here?", Lisa asked until an angry Wesley stormed up the stairs past lisa.




He went into his bedroom, and slammed the door behind him.





"What was that about?", Lisa asked.





"Nothing", Stefano asked.





Meanwhile back in Wesley's bedroom, Wesley was talking on the phone with Claire Brady, she told him that she got caught by her parents too, They decided to run away together, they made a plan to meet, Wesley got off the phone, he packed his suitcase, he sneaked out of his bedroom, he walked down the hallway, down the stairs, until he realized that Stefano and Lisa were in the master bedroom sleeping, he grabbed a car key, went out of the door, he went into the garage, opened the garage door, put his suitcase in the trunk of the car, he got into the driver-seat of the car, he drove out of the garage, and out of the manor, he drove down the street, he saw Claire Brady, she had her suitcase with her too, she put her suitcase in the back of the car, got in the passenger-side of the car, and they drove off, The Next Morning, Stefano, Lisa, and their four children, Tyler (age 4-years-old), Lance (age 8-years-old), Matthew (age 10-years-old), and Keith (age 13-years-old) were doing their morning routines.





"Keith, why don't you go up-stairs, and see if your big brother is out of bed?", Stefano asked.



"Ok, Dad", Keith answered.




Keith went out of the living room and went up the stairs, about an hour later, he came back down the stairs, Until Stefano saw him.



"Keith, where's Elliot?", Stefano asked.



"He wasn't in his bedroom", Keith answered.



"Oh, I see", Stefano said.



Suddenly there was a knock on the door.



"Who could that be this morning?", Lisa asked.



"I don't know, I'm going to see who it is", Stefano answered.



Stefano walked out of the living to the foyer of the manor, he opened the front door and was face to face with Shawn-Douglas Brady. and Belle was with him, trying to get him to calm down.




"Well Good-Morning", Stefano said.



"This isn't a Social Call, I want to know where Claire Is?", Shawn-D Snarled.




"Well, She isn't here", Stefano replied.





"I think you're lieing, Now where is she?", Shawn-D Bellowed.




"I told you She's not here", Stefano replied.




Shawn and Belle Left, Stefano closed the door, Until he saw Lisa looking at him.




"Now what's that about?", Lisa asked.





"Oh, It's nothing", Stefano answered.




"Stefano, tell me the truth?", Lisa asked.




"Ok, Shawn-Douglas and Belle Brady was asking me about where their daughter is", Stefano answered.




"Oh, I see", Lisa said.




Meanwhile Elliot and Claire were driving down the interstate, They had just left Salem behind them, and was headed somewhere.




"Wes, do you have any idea of where we're going?", Claire asked.




"I don't know, just somewhere where people don't even know us", Wesley answered.




About an hour later a State Highway Patrol Officer was driving behind them on his motercycle, Wesley pulled the car over, The Partol Officer got off of the motorcycle, he walked over to the driver-side window.





"Is there a problem, Officer?", Wesley asked.




"Might I see your Liscenes Please?", The Patrol Officer answered.




"Officer, You'll have to excuse my friend, you see he's saving me from my parent's, because they've found out that i'm pregnant, and they're forcing me to give it up for adoption", Claire said as she give a wink to Wesley as he looked at her.





"Oh, I see, are you the father of her unborn baby?", The Patrol Officer asked.




"Oh, Yes, I am", Wesley answered.




The Patrol Officer gave him his driver's liscenes, he got back on his motorcycle and drove off, while Wesley and Claire continued driving,



"How did you do that, Claire?", Wesley asked.



"Oh Wesley, We have a Dramatics Class in High School, Remember", Claire answered.



"Oh, I see", Wesley replied as he continued driving down the interstate.





















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