days of our lives fan fiction

Status: Finished

days of our lives fan fiction

Status: Finished

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days of our lives fan fiction days of our lives fan fiction

Book by: RomanceLover2016

Genre: Fan Fiction


Book by: RomanceLover2016


Genre: Fan Fiction



I still don't own any names or the soap opera.


I still don't own any names or the soap opera.

Author Chapter Note

I still don't own any names or the soap opera.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2013




Stefano Dimera is about to get a phone call from a woman named Sarah Kramer, who tells him that she wants her money that her father, Gary Kramer got from his father, Santo Dimera, Stefano decides not to tell his Mi Bella, Lisa about it, and they (Stefano and Lisa) have a 4-year-old Daughter named Rosie Colleen Maria Elizabeth Dimera.

Chapter 1.

Stefano stood in the door-way of the open French Doors that lead to the back yard of the Dimera Manor, he was wearing his best suit and tie, he was hearing the birds singing, when he heard feet coming down the stairs in the foyer outside of the living room, Stefano turned around and saw his 4-year-old Daughter, Rosie Colleen Maria Elizabeth Dimera, she had long brown hair, hazel eyes, is wearing blue jean pants, socks, shoes,a pink shirt, She stood at the door-way that was connected from the foyer to the living room.

"Hi, Rosie, My Little Princess", Stefano said looking at his little girl with love in his eyes.

"Hi, Daddy", Rosie replied looking at her father.

"Why don't you give, Daddy a hug?", Stefano asked as he put out his arms.

"Ok, Daddy", Rosie answered as she started running toward Stefano, her long brown hair flapping in the air.

Rosie made it to Stefano's arms, he put his arms around Rosie's little body, they started hugging each-other. Stefano looked down at his smiling Daughter, and Rosie looked-up at her father.

"Daddy, I love you so much", Rosie said her hazel eyes shining as she spoke to him.

"I love you too, Rosie, My sweet little girl", Stefano replied looking at her, smiling at her.

Little did they know that Lisa was watching them, another hour later, Lisa took Rosie to school, While Stefano stayed behind, Until the telephone ringed.

Stefano was a little uneasy on whether or not to answer the phone, he decided to answer it, he picked up the receiver.

"Hello?", Stefano asked until a female voice answered on the other side of the phone.

"Hi, am I speaking to Stefano Dimera", The Female voice answered Until a shocked look was on Stefano's face until he decided to answer.

"I am Stefano Dimera, may I ask who is it I'm talking too?", Stefano asked until he heard the female voice on the other end.

"I'm Sarah Kramer, my father was Carl Kramer, so I'll come right to the point, My father gave your father, Santo Dimera some money, and he never got it back from him, so I would like to have the money that my father gave to your father", The Female voice answered until Stefano had a vivid flashback about him and her when they were just children.

"After all these years, you would have the nerve to call me, I don't even know where the money that you're talking about is", Stefano answered until Sarah Kramer started talking.

"If you don't give me the money, then I'll have to take drastic actions", Sarah Kramer answered as she hung up the phone.

Stefano hung-up his phone, he was stunned about what had happened, when his Mi Bella, Lisa came in the room, Until Stefano saw her.

"Oh, Lisa, I didn't hear you come in", Stefano said as he saw Lisa looking at him.

"Stefano, is something wrong, you looked-like you had just seen a ghost?", Lisa asked as she put her hand on Stefano's Shoulder.

"I don't want to talk about it, Lisa, Oh By the way, Where's Rosie?", Stefano asked as he decided to change the subject, hopeing that Lisa would fall for it.

"Stefano, you know that Rosie has her Girl Scouts Meeting After School", Lisa answered with a chuckle.

"Oh, I see", Stefano said as Lisa left.

Stefano breathed a sigh of relief, he decided not to tell Lisa about what had happened that morning.

About an hour later, Rosie returned home from Girl Scouts, they had dinner and went to bed, The Next Morning, Stefano was working at his CEO Office at Dimera Empire Incorporated, he was going over some papers, while sitting in his desk, when he looked-up at the picture of his Mi Bella, Lisa and their daughter Rosie, when his intercom that was on his desk came on.

"Mr. Dimera, you've got a phone call", His Secretary, Martha said from her desk outside Stefano's CEO Office.

"Ok, Martha, I'll answer the phone", Stefano replied as he turned off his intercom.

Stefano picked-up the phone, he was shocked to learn that the chairmen had called an emergency meeting, and it was going to be held at the Trump-Plaza Hotel In New York City, Until Stefano realized what to tell Lisa, He picked up the phone and Dialed the Mansion number, but got the answering machine, He left a message for his Mi Bella, Lisa. after that He booked a flight-plan on one of his privet jets, for New York City, he got on his privet jet, and head off to New York City.

About an hour later, Stefano arrived at the New York City Airport, he got into his Limo, and headed toward the Trump Plaza Hotel, another hour later Stefano arrived at the Trump Plaza Hotel, he went straight-away to the board room, took his seat with the other people that were there, another hour later The Chairmen arrived in the board room, he had his associates with him, he walked to the head of the table.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for giving a moment of your time, Now I'll come right to the point, We have recieved word that Someone has been buying up all of our stock, So until we know who the person or persons is, there'll be no more buying anything", The Chairmen said.

After the meeting was done, Stefano was walking out of the board room, thinking who could it be, when his cell-phone ringed, he picked-up his cell-phone, he was shocked that it was his Mi Bella, Lisa, he opened his cell-phone.

"Hello?", Stefano asked until he heard an hysterical Lisa on the other end of the phone.

"Stefano, you have to return to Salem, Hurry!", Lisa answered hysterically over the phone.

"What Is it, Lisa, Is something wrong, Are you all right, Where Are You?", Stefano asked until he heard Lisa's Hysterical Voice over the phone again.

"I'm At The Salem Hospital, But You Have To Return To Salem, I'll Tell You About It, When You Arrive", Lisa answered in her Hystarical voice.

"Ok, I'll be right There", Stefano said as he hung-up the cell-phone.

Stefano got on his privet jet, and he headed back to Salem, another hour later Stefano arrived in Salem, he headed straight-away to Salem Hospital, as soon as he got out of the Elevator, He was bumped into an Histarical and shaken Lisa.

"Lisa, what happened, Honey?", Stefano asked as he was trying to comfort Lisa.

"Stefano, something happened to our Daughter, something happened to Rosie", Lisa said trying to calm down.

"What's wrong with her?", Stefano asked as they both sit down on the chair.

"Well, She was at the Ice-Skating Rink with her fellow Girl Scouts Troope, and they were having so much fun", Lisa answered after calming down.

"Then what happened, Lisa?", Stefano asked with a stern voice.

"Then The Den Mother was driving Rosie back to the Dimera Mansion, When the car slide on some ice on the road, and It knocked Rosie out cold, Now She's in a coma from her head injurey", Lisa answered as she started sobbing.

"Ok, I'll go see her", Stefano said as he got up from his chair, and walked toward Rosie's Hospital room.

Stefano went into Rosie's hospital room, and he saw his Little Girl laying in her bed, he slowly walked-up toward her hospital bed, he pulled the chair up to her bed, and sat down in his chair, he looked at her with love in his eyes, he held her Little hand.

"Rosie, my sweet little girl, my sweet princess, I know that people that are in comas can hear every word that their loved ones are saying to them, even feel them whenever they come into the room", Stefano said softly.

Stefano had a flashback of when Rosie was born, he remembered holding her in his arms, he gave a long sigh, and he left her hospital room.

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