days of our lives fan fiction

Status: Finished

days of our lives fan fiction

Status: Finished

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days of our lives fan fiction days of our lives fan fiction

Book by: RomanceLover2016

Genre: Fan Fiction


Book by: RomanceLover2016


Genre: Fan Fiction



I still don't own any names or the soap opera.


I still don't own any names or the soap opera.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2013




Stefano is about to get shocking news from Lisa, when she tells him that their daughter, Rosie had been hit by a speeding car and is in a coma.

Chapter 5.

About an hour later, Stefano arrived in Salem, he went to the hospital, he saw his Mi Bella, Lisa waiting for him, as soon as he got off the Elevator.

"Lisa, what happened?", Stefano asked after he met-up with her.

"I have to tell you something", Lisa answered after they sat down on the chair in the waiting room, where they could have their conversation in silence.

"Oh, what is it?", Stefano asked in his concerned voice.

"Well, It's about our daughter, Rosie, I was waiting for her, when the school van, drove-up in front of our mansion", Lisa answered trying to find away to tell him, without upsetting him.

"Oh, what about her?", Stefano asked as he get a feeling that his Mi Bella, Lisa isn't telling him something, trying to find the answers in her eyes.

"Well, after Rosie got out of the school van, after she was waving good-bye to her friends, a car was speeding down our street, and-", Lisa answered trying to restrain herself from crying.

"Oh, what happened, Lisa?", Stefano asked while holding on to Lisa's hand, and trying to keep himself from getting nervous.

"The Speeding Car Hit, Rosie, and sped-off without even stopping, I started screaming, and yelling", Lisa answered as she started sobbing.

"It's ok, Lisa, It's ok", Stefano said in his reassuring voice.

"also, She's in a coma, why don't you go to her", Lisa replied after calming down by Stefano's reassuring voice.

"Ok, I'll go to her", Stefano said as he got up from the seat, and started walking toward his daughter's hospital room, he opened the hospital door, and walked in the room, he saw his little girl, with his loving eyes, he pulled-up a chair by her hospital bed, he sat down by her bed, he held her little hand.

"Oh, Rosie, my sweet little girl, Ill find the someone who did it to you, I promise, sweetheart", Stefano said to his comatose daughter.

Stefano started singing an Italian lullaby that His mother had sung to him, when he was just a little boy, before his dad took him away, not knowing that his wife, Lisa was watching them from the hospital door, and smiling at them, until she thought of something, she went somewhere quiet, got out her cell-phone, and called everyone that she knew of, and told them to say a prayer for Rosie, Another hour later it was time for Stefano to return to the Dimera mansion, he put the chair back where it was at, he walked over to Rosie's hospital bed, he gently leaned over, and he gently kissed her on her forehead, he pulled the covers over her, he walked over toward the closed hospital door, he put his hand on the doorknob, Stefano looked back at his little girl, he smiled at her, he opened the hospital door, and walked out of Rosie's hospital room, and he went out of the hospital, he went back to the mansion, he saw his darling wife, Lisa. he also saw a bottle of wine chilling on a bucket of ice, beside the wine in the bucket of ice, there were two wine glasses.

"Lisa, what's all this?", Stefano asked as he looked at it with a shocked look on his face.

"Stefano, don't you even know what day it is", Lisa answered as she looked at him with love in her eyes.

"It's our Anniversary", Stefano replied as he smiled at her.

"Oh, Yes it is, Ever since what had happened to Rosie, I just thought that, We needed some alone time, just you and me, Oh and don't worry I've gave the staff the week off, so that they can spend their Easter with their families", Lisa said as Stefano sat down beside her.

"Oh, good", Stefano replied as Lisa opened the wine cork, and poured the wine in their glasses, they started drinking it, after that, they went up-stairs to the master bedroom, made red, hot, passionate love, until they fell asleep in each-other's arms.

The Next Morning, Stefano woke-up, he went to the master bathroom, Just when he was about to go in to the bathroom, Lisa ran past him, and closed the door behind her, he could hear her gagging by the toilet.

"Lisa, are you ok in there?", Stefano asked in front of the closed door.

"I'm Ok, Honey", Lisa answered from inside the bathroom.

"Ok, Sweetheart", Stefano said as he went out of the master bedroom, down the hallway, until he stopped at Rosie's closed Bedroom door, he hoped to see his sweet little girl, he put his hand on the doorknob, he turned the doorknob, he carefully opened the closed bedroom door, he had a daydream about seeing his sweet little girl, Rosie, sitting on top of her bed, putting on her pink socks, when she looked-up at him with her dark brown eyes.

"Hi, Daddy", Rosie said as she smiled at him.

Stefano was so glad to see her, he was about to go in her bedroom, when he realized that she wasn't there, until Lisa was standing in the doorway.

"Stefano, what on earth do you think you're doing?", Lisa asked as she looked at him with her concerned eyes.

"Rosie was here, She was sitting right here on the bed", Stefano answered as he pointed to the bed.

"Stefano, how in the world is that possible, our daughter is in a coma, She couldn't have been here", Lisa said until Stefano started getting hysterical.

"No, It's not true, I saw Her, I saw Her, She was sitting right on that Bed, I've seen her", Stefano replied as he started walking back and fourth Rosie's Room.

"Stefano, It's going to be ok, It'll be ok, I'm sure that our heavenly father would bring our Little Girl back, We've just need to have Faith, and If the worst comes to worst, our Little girl would be with her half-brothers, Tony and Benjy, She'll also be with Shawn, Colleen, Alice, and Zach Brady too", Lisa said as she was calming him down.

"Ok, Lisa, I believe you", Stefano said after hearing Lisa's calming words.

They started hugging each-other, Until Lisa got away from him, as she made a mad dash toward the bathroom, and closed the door behind her, While Stefano was wondering why was she doing it, About an hour later, Stefano went to the hospital to see Rosie, while Lisa went to run some errands, when she picked-up a home-pregnancy test, about another hour later, She returned to the Dimera Mansion, and took a Pregnancy Test, and was shocked that she was Pregnant, she went to the maternity ward of the hospital, and She was really Pregnant, Lisa was so excited about it, she couldn't wait to tell Stefano the good news, Meanwhile Stefano was in Rosie's Hospital Room, he was holding her hand.

"Rosie, honey, sweetheart, Daddy's here, Daddy's right here, my sweet little Princess", Stefano said until something wonderful happened, Rosie's left eye, slightly opened and looked at Stefano, he was shocked to see it, when her eye slowly closed, he rushed out of the hospital like a madman, and got a doctor, the doctor shined a light on her eyes, until they became sensitive to the light, the doctor told Stefano that Rosie was starting to come out of her coma, but she has a long way to go, Stefano was excited to hear about it, he couldn't wait to tell his Mi Bella Lisa the good news, That Evening, Stefano and Lisa were sitting in the living room, Both about to tell the other the good news, that they've respectively heard.

"Lisa, I have to tell you something", Stefano said as he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"I've got something to tell you too, Stefano", Lisa replied trying to restrain herself.

"Well, You go first, and I'll tell you mine", Stefano said in his playful voice.

"Ok, I'm Pregnant, and it's going to be a Boy", Lisa said until she waited for Stefano's response.

"Oh, That's wonderful, Lisa", Stefano replied as he held her hand.

"So what's your news?", Lisa asked as she squeezed his hand.

"Well, looks-like our unborn baby boy is going to see his Big Sister, Rosie is coming out of her coma", Stefano answered.

"Oh, That's Wonderful", Lisa said as they kissed each-other.

They went up-stairs and went to bed, That Night, Stefano had a wonderful dream, in this dream, he was Yellowstone Park, he saw his Mi Bella Lisa standing by a railing looking at a waterfall, she had their daughter, Rosie, and their son named Joey, with her, Until Rosie looked back and saw him looking at them.

"Daddy, come on, We're going down to have a closer look at the waterfall, before we have our picnic lunch", Rosie said as they started walking toward the stairway.

"Ok, Honey", Stefano replied as he started to walk after them, Until Stefano woke-up.

The Next Morning, Stefano went to the hospital, he went into Rosie hospital room after lighting a candle in the hospital chapel, he sat down on a chair beside her bed, until Rosie woke-up from her coma, Stefano was surprise to see it, he decided to tell his Mi Bella, Lisa about it, he got on his cell-phone and dialed Lisa's cell-phone number, he waited for her to answer the phone, but got her voice-mail, he decided to leave a message.

"Lisa, I've got some good news, our little girl has woken-up from her coma", Stefano said as he hung-up the phone, he hoped that Lisa would get the message.

Meanwhile at a sprawling Mansion, far from Salem, that's surrounded by a tall brick wall, and had security cameras everywhere, and it also has a gate too, Until Lisa woke-up, her head was spinning from the effects from a chloroform, Earlier Lisa was walking toward her car, she had her car keys in her hand, she was by the driver-side of her car, not knowing that someone was fallowing her, about an hour later Lisa made it to her car, She was about to put her car-key in the key-hole of the driver-side of her car, when a mysterious person sneaked-up behind her, he had a cloth that was drenched in chloroform, he grabbed her, covered her mouth and nose up with the chloroformed cloth, as Lisa was struggling, until she was knocked-out cold, the mysterous person carried her lifeless body toward a waiting van, and laid her in the back of the van, closed the van door behind him, he got in the driver-seat and drove off. Lisa was trying to get her bearings When she heard footsteps coming from outside the room that she was in, Until she saw foot shadows underneath the door, she saw the doorknob rattled and turned, Lisa started breathing hard, when the door opened.

"Hello, Mrs. Dimera, I'm Noah Calvert, I was your husband's childhood friend, and I have to say that you're so beautiful", Noah said as he looked at Lisa.

"Why Didn't My Husband tell me about you?", Lisa asked as one of Noah's henchmen laid a trey of food in front of her, and they both left.

Lisa started eating the food, and another one of Noah's Henchmen took the empty trey away.

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