Female Vampire in a small town.

Status: Finished

Female Vampire in a small town.

Status: Finished

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Female Vampire in a small town. Female Vampire in a small town.

Book by: RomanceLover2016


Genre: Thrillers



The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That might not be good for small children.


The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That might not be good for small children.

Author Chapter Note

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That might not be good for small children.
a 13-year-old boy named Brandon Mayfield and his 8-year-old little brother named Max Mayfield is returning home from a neighbor's house, until something happened on their way to their house.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 10, 2013






Something Strange, Something Sinister is about to happen in a small town called glendale.




Chapter 1.

On a clear full moon night, 13-year-old Brandon Mayfield and his 8-year-old little brother Max Mayfield was walking though the woods to their house, after Visiting Brandon's Best Friend, Lucas Simms, when suddenly they heard a twig snap.



"What was that?", Max asked.



"Proberly Nothing", Brandon answered.



"Brandon, I don't think that this is such a good idea, taking a short-cut through the woods", Max said.



"Are you scared?", Brandon asked.



"No", Max answered.



"Good, Let's hurry home before Mom and Dad get worried", Brandon said.





"Ok", Max replied.




"Hey, Max, I'll Race You", Brandon said.



Brandon took off, Leaving Max far behind, trying to keep up.




"Brandon, wait up, wait for me", Max called as he continued running trying to keep up with his big brother.



Until he stopped to catch his breath, until he realized that he was not alone, he heard someone coming toward him, Max started breathing heavy, until he heard a twig snap,




"Who's There?, Brandon is that you?, It's Not Funny?", Max asked but there was no answer.




suddenly Max saw a beautiful woman, she was wearing a beautiful dress, she started walking toward him, she was smiling at him.





"Don't be afraid, little one, don't be afraid, i'm not going to hurt you, don't be afraid", The Beautiful woman said.



She put her hand on max's cheek, started caressing his cheek, until he became hypnotized.





"You will be my son, and you will call me, mommy, ok?", The Beautiful woman asked until a hypnotized max slowly nodded his head.




"say, ok mommy", The beautiful woman said.



"Ok,  Mommy", a hypnotized max replied.



"Can I carry you back to our home?", The Beautiful woman asked.



"Yes, Mommy", Max answered in a hypnotic voice as he held-up his little arms at her.




the beautiful woman picked him up, held him in her arms, a hypnotized Max put his little arms around her neck, She started walking out of the woods to her house, Meanwhile at a house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood, Brandon and Max's Parents, Richard and Elizabeth Mayfield were waiting for their two sons to return home, Richard was talking to someone on the telephone, while Elizabeth was in a chair at the kitchen table and looking out of the window, until Richard got off the phone,




"So, what did Henry Sloan Say?", Elizabeth asked.



"He said that they went off at 5:00 in the evening, and he doesn't know where they went", Richard answered.



"Oh I see", Elizabeth said.



She stood up and started walking to the front door to turn off the front porch light off, when she saw her and Richard's oldest son, Brandon walking toward the house,



"Richard!, Richard!, Brandon's Home", Elizabeth called as she run out of the front door and hugged Brandon, until Richard joined them.



"Brandon, where's Max?", Elizabeth asked.



"I don't know, Mom", Brandon answered.



"Brandon, where's your little brother?", Richard asked.



"We took a short cut through the woods, and I said that I was going to race him, so I started running, and I thought that he was right behind me", Brandon answered.



"Ok, Let's go in the house, I'll have to call the police to search the area tomorrow", Richard said.



They went inside the house, closed the door behind them, Meanwhile the beautiful woman took a hypnotized Max to her house, she took him inside her house, through an old living room, up a long flight of stairs, down the hallway, into a bedroom, she laid him down on a bed, she looked at him, he looked at her, she smiled at him, he smiled at her,



"you must promise me that you'll never leave this house, never leave me, do you promise me?", The beautiful woman asked.



"Yes, Mommy, I promise", Max answered in a hypnotic voice.



"Good boy, now go to sleep", The beautiful woman said.


The Beautiful Woman put her hand over Max's eyes and put him in a deep sleep, she left him in the bedroom, closed the door behind her, went to her room, get into her coffin, laid down in her coffin, the coffin lid closed up over her, she fell into a deep sleep, Meanwhile at the end of the woods, a police sargent was talking to a group of people,


"Now, as you all know, we have a little boy missing in the woods, he's 8-years-old, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and was wearing blue-jean shirt with a winnie-the-pooh on the side of the shirt pocket, cars underwear, blue jean shorts, white socks, and blue sneakers, so if anyone see's him, let us know over the walkie-talkie", The Police Sargent said to the group of people.


The Group of People started spreading out in the woods, they were calling Max's name, Meanwhile back at the Mayfield House, Elizabeth Mayfield walked into Max's empty bedroom, she saw all of his toys, Elizabeth sat down on the bed, she saw his favorite stuffed animal a large pink pig that he had named Jellybean that was sitting on the bed, she took the large pink pig, and hugged it, until Brandon looked into the bedroom, Until Elizabeth saw him,


"Where is he, Brandon?, where's your little brother?", Elizabeth asked.


But Brandon didn't answer her, While downstairs, Richard was talking to the police sargent on the phone.


"So, there's no sign of him?", Richard asked.


"Mr. Mayfield, we've searched everywhere, and there's no sign of him, we've had activatied the Amber Alert out on your son, and We've been looking over any registered sex offenders that was around the woods at the time", The Police Sargent answered.


"Ok", Richard said.


He got off the phone, until Elizabeth came down the stairs, while Brandon sat at the top of the stairs, he saw Richard talking to Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was shocked to hear what her husband had told her, they put their arms around each-other, and hold each-other, Brandon got up went down the hallway, went into his bedroom, he sat down on his bed,


"This is all my fault, If i hadn't told Max that I'll race him, then he would've been here, it's all my fault", Brandon said to himself.


Meanwhile down stairs, Richard and Elizabeth were still holding each-other,


"The Police Sargent told me that They've Actavited the Amber Alert, and They're looking at any registered sex offenders that might've been in or around the wooded area, and They've think that our little boy might've been kidnapped, and They've told us to do a televised plea in case Max or his kidnapper or kidnappers might be watching", Richard said.


"Oh, I see", Elizabeth replied.


They've agreed to the televised plea, they went up-stairs and went to bed, Meanwhile back at the beautiful woman's house, Max was sleeping on the bed, when the beautiful woman came in the bedroom, she sat down on the bed, she looked at Max, she carefully caressed his little cheek,


"Time to wake-up, sweetie", The Beautiful woman said.


a hypnotized Max woke up, he looked at the beautiful woman, and smiled at her, she smiled back at him,


"Honey, what's your name?", The beautiful woman asked.


"I'm Max", Max answered in a hypnotic voice.


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