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This is a love story. That is the first thing. Now let's begin.

It starts with a boy and a girl at a book store. Simple. A quiet boy who had never left his home. A girl who was traveling all the time. Explore and broaden your horizons. It will always be an interesting experience.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Explore With Me

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



This is a love story. That is something to get out of the way. Now let’s begin.

“Wow” a hushed voice said. The voice could be traced to a young male in the employee’s lounge of the Story Books bookstore in a small town in England. His forest green eyes behind his glasses lenses were focused on a young woman in the store. She did not notice the stare of said male because she seemed intent on the book that she had in her hand. Her hair was dark red and it was to her shoulders. Her skin was light and a few freckles were sprinkled across her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were chocolate brown and framed by long, dark lashes. The one admiring her in secret was named Elliot Morrow.

The girl closed the book she was looking at and moved further into the store without noticing the stare of Elliot. He ducked back into the employee lounge. This town was very small and he had never seen this girl before. She defiantly was stunning. He was shy around girls. He was slightly awkward since he grew up being an intellectual who avoided people in general.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard an unfortunately familiar voice. “OI! OTTY YOU BLOKE ARE YOU IN HERE?!”

That voice belonged to his best friend Finn Barker. He is a loud, oblivious idiot; at least Elliot thinks so. Finn always had his back and always had the best intentions but Finn tended to either:

  1. Get himself in trouble
  2. Get Elliot and himself into trouble

But Finn was a great friend and did have his smart, considerate and caring moments.


Right. Elliot had remembered a few things at that moment. Finn was yelling loudly in his store looking for him. There was a very pretty girl in the store. And Finn had a tendency to-

“ ’ello there love. Don’t you look stunning?”


Elliot raced out and found Finn talking to the girl he had seen earlier. He avoided eye contact completely and just grabbed Finn’s collar and dragged him into the lounge room. He shut the door, shoved Finn in a chair and gave him a glare. Elliot’s dirty blonde hair fell in front of his eyes and he brushed it back. “You wanker! What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?” Elliot said obviously annoyed.

Finn watched him with his sapphire blue eyes. Then a bright smile broke across his face. “Well, I am getting you to see if you wanted to go to the pub tonight” he said with a laugh. Elliot sighed slightly in annoyance. The bleach blonde he was talking to loved going to the pub. Andevery time, Elliot was dragged along because Finn needed a designated driver, someone to pay for the drinks and a place to stay afterwards. Finn didn’t really have a house per say. He couch surfed mostly. And since they were best friends, most of the time Elliot’s couch was Finn’s bed.

“Why did you come in here yelling? And yelling my nickname? I have a customer in here you know” he said, his mind trailing back to the girl. Great. She had seen him and heard Finn yelling his name.

“But why does it matter? I always…” the blue eyed male began before it clicked. A smug grin crossed his face. Elliot looked at him and his face reddened. “What?!” he said annoyed. “You think that girl is hunky dory” he said, the tone as smug as his smile. Elliot was silent for a few moments. But, a few moments is just enough for good ol’ Finn to devise a plan and put it into action. Within seconds, the dimwit was out of his chair and into the store.

Elliot ran out after him.

“So, my mate Otty thinks you are cracking. I was thinking maybe you could come to a do with us” he said with one of his normal charming smiles. Elliot was frozen in his spot. Thoughts raced through his mind. Mostly how this girl will probably be freaked out and leave.

But that didn’t happen. She laughed a bit. “Wow. That is an adorable accent you got there. Well, I would love to. But I am not from here so maybe you could explain to me what a ‘do’ is” she said smiling. She wrote down her number and handed it to him. “I think your mate is in shock over there. Give this to him when he is functioning again” she said referring to the frozen in place male. With a laugh, she quickly left.

Finn walked over and punched him in the arm. Elliot winced and held his arm. “Sorry old chum, she is American” he said with a shrug. He was about to crumble up the number when it was snatched away from him. Elliot smiled softly. “It is quite alright. I still think she is stunning” he said. The paper had her number and it was signed with: ~ Melody ;)

Finn shrugged and sat in a chair. Elliot put the number in his pocket. There was something about that girl. She was different. There was no doubt in his mind. But, maybe different is a good thing.

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