Manga Life

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By an otaku, about an otaku, for otakus. Something I began and decided to see if I would do anything with it

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Manga Life

Submitted: November 23, 2012

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Submitted: November 23, 2012



Episode 1 ~ Switching Realities

The otaku girl sat at her computer. Her name is Scarlet Jones.  Her hair was messy and frizzy but she didn’t care. It wasn’t like she had anything important to do. Her homework was done. Her friends were all offline and busy. She sighed. She was playing otome games, reading stories online and the usual. She fixed the glasses on her pale nose. The room around her was relatively clean except her cluttered desk, messy bed, disorganized closet, over flowing manga and anime shelf and a few items on her floor.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT clean but she is an artist so her mind is elsewhere and she doesn’t have time for things like that.

Anyway, she was waiting for something to load when she was bored and decided to flick through her school website. She pulled it up and in huge letters it said Prom! The biggest night of your life! Coming in only a few months! Buy your tickets now!

Oh, Right. Prom was coming up and did she have a date.

The answer to that would be a big N O.

She looked into the mirror.

She was fair skinned and had big violet eyes. Not to mention slightly bushy eyebrows, thick glasses, pink chapped lips, a few pimples and of course her messy, untamable, frizzy black hair. She was average height. She had a bust (C cup) and wasn’t too thin, she wasn’t a stick and she did have curves but was not chubby. But in short…

She was ugly.

At least, that was what she thought and that thought had been verified when she confessed to her crush and gotten the response ‘I hate ugly girls’

She sighed and picked up one of her mangas and looked at the screen of her computer. The guy from her otome game, his name is Takeshi, was smiling. Her favorite anime theme played, shimejis played around her screen, a character named Kyo smiled at her flirtatiously from the manga cover. As anyone could guess, Scarlet was single girl who loved anime.

But she leaned back in her chair. “Why can’t my life be like a manga? So I could get to be the girl I actually want to be?” she said aloud. She got the sound of her brother playing his video game next door as an unhelpful response. She sighed again. Right. Like something like that would happen.

She sighed.


The lights in her room started flashing and her computer screen was getting fuzzy. It felt like her house was shaking and she fell into her dresser. Suddenly, the room was consumed in a white glow.

She fell to the ground and her world went black.



“Is she ok?”

 “I don’t know. I just found her here knocked out”

“Uh. Shouldn’t we get the nurse?”


 “I hope it isn’t anything…fatal”


 “Quiet down! You will wake her up!”

 “She is kind of cute”

“Really? I don’t see it”

“So, what are we going to do?”

 “Like I said before. Get the nurse”

“Maybe bring her to the closet and hide the body”



“I am surrounded by idiots”

“Shh. Everyone be quiet. She is waking up”

Scarlet stirred. Ugh. What a wild dream. Wait. Are those voices I hear? Am I in my room? Where am I? She opened her eyes and her vision fixed itself.

Above her stood seven people. Two were girls and five were boys. One girl had long dark brown hair with a bright red streak in it and chocolate brown eyes. She seemed to be tall. Another girl had baby pink hair and green eyes. She was pale and slightly smaller.

The boys however…

They were hot.

Really hot.

One boy had dark brown hair and vibrant green eyes. He seemed lean and fit. Next to him was a blonde with silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He seemed like the type of boy that girls would fall for in an instant. But, not her. Nope. No guy would ever win her heart again. That is what she had vowed.

Anywho, back to how the boys looked. One boy had white hair and a dark green streak in it with dark green eyes to match. Another one had dark purple hair and black irises. He looked very dark. And finally one had fiery orange hair dark brown eyes.

It was silent and she was in awe when one of them spoke. The blonde spoke. “Hello there darling! May I ask what you are doing on the floor?” he asked.

Then Scarlet remembered the situation.

She was in a place he didn’t know, on the floor, surrounded by complete strangers.

So did the natural response.

She screamed.

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