Time Castaway

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Solomon Oda wants to get his dad back. After a police officer messes up his time machine and they are transported to an unknown future. Not to mention an unknown character following them from their own time. What else could possibly go wrong?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Door Of Time

Submitted: November 24, 2012

Reads: 60

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



The dark laboratory was lighted every few moments by sparks of light and fire. This laboratory was hidden from any public view of course. The inventor in the lab was doing something unspeakable. He was committing a crime outlawed about fifteen years earlier.

This crime is space tripping; better known as time travel.

Who was the mysterious, dangerous individual who challenged the law? That person is Solomon Hitachiin. Solomon is currently 23 years old.

Solomon’s tall figure was working on an item that was a large egg like structure. It was chrome and the inside could not be seen. His tan skin had oil and grease smudged on most of it and his raven black hair fell in front of his face but he could still see his work so he didn’t brush it away. He was focused on his machine. He had to work quickly; it was not much time before he would be found out. If he was found out, his work would be lost forever and he would never be able to get his dad back again.

To understand the situation a little bit better, there must be some explanation of the past. Fifteen years ago, there was a war occurring between two nations. One nation had a huge advantage over the other. It had a large army, navy and air force. Their weapons were high tech and their morale and support by their country was through the roof. The other country was having internal problems, their army was growing smaller and smaller by the minute and their own citizens were beginning to turn on them.  The whole world was watching and it seemed there was a clear winner.

It seemed.

That was the thing. Everyone believed they knew exactly what was going on. Not a single person would ever expect that the weaker nation was developing a machine that could change the war in such a drastic way. They used that machine and suddenly their army numbers grew by the thousands and they had weapons that no one had ever seen that were far too advanced for the present day and age.

All of the other countries of the world met in secret to discuss the sudden threat. How could a force that was previously weakened and crumbling become such a world power in a night? It didn’t seem logically possible. So, they gathered a spy from each country and sent the team into the threat’s territory.

Within a week or so, the team returned.

They had found the machine. It was a time machine. The other nations united were able to storm the headquarters and take the machine, but not before some members of the public had discovered blue prints to the machine. Suddenly people became billionaires, other people completely disappeared over night and events in history became changed. Time travel was outlawed and the police in every country destroyed every single time machine in every home.

But, how does that relate to Solomon in anyway? When Solomon was 8 years old, his father was one of the first to hack the system of the nation with the time machine by the help of a computer savvy friend and receive the blueprints. His father was an engineer in Japan before they moved to their new country. He was able to build the machine quickly.

His father was not a greedy man. He was not traveling back in time to get money or power. When Solomon was a baby, his mother had died in a car crash. His father was going back in time to stop her from ever leaving the house to save her life. His father had told him that if he didn’t come back within the next day to press a red button connected to the external control system and it would transport his father back since his father had a watch on connected to the system.

Then his father was gone. Solomon was too young to understand at the time but he saw the numbers that his father had traveled to.

400 A.D.

That night though was when the police invaded homes. They found the machinery and destroyed it. Being that he no longer had any parents, Solomon was sent into foster care. He had been working on the time machine ever since. He had realized his father had miscalculated the time slots and sent himself back over 2,000 years in the past.

He was almost don’t, but he had heard his neighbors talking about how Solomon was defiantly doing something odd and he knew there wasn’t much time.

Solomon was connecting the last few wires when he heard the banging from upstairs. He finished up when the door was kicked in and the police came charging down. He climbed in and started it up. He saw an officer around his age come racing at him.

“NOOOO!” the man yelled and launched himself at him. The officer’s hand hit the time button and the time was changed. They jetted through the time hole not to the past but to the future because of his apparent new companion.

Solomon realized that this would suddenly become much more difficult.

The time hole closed within moments after their departure. Solomon did not realize that one other shady character was able to slip in.

The machine stopped in a run down, but high tech compared to his own time, alleyway. He saw dismantled robotics and other technical junk. He climbed out and dragged the passed out officer with him. The officer was not used to the exhaustion of time travel and Solomon supposed he was already over worked from earlier in the day or something so he just passed out. He didn’t notice the dark figure duck into the shadows.

He heard a loud metallic screech and turned just to see a metal sign fall onto his machine. He grumbled under his breath. He took the officer’s handcuffs and handcuffed him to a very sturdy pole in the alley. He hid himself and the idiot that got him into this situation from the view of anyone. Who knows what kind of future this is? At least it has technology. Maybe he could rebuild it and get his dad soon. But it was very dark, so he would wait until some sort of light came around.

He leaned against the wall and rested his eyes.

Sorry Dad. Looks like there will be a dely. But don’t worry, I will get you soon.

Solomon had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He brushed it off. He was stuck in an unknown future with a police officer after breaking the rules. Plus he had to rebuild the time machine. What else could go wrong?

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