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The Originals had left lonf ago and the Districts are set. But when the different ones start to come together, can they bring peace to the Earth again?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intro

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



Beams of multicolored lights flashed in the crowded warehouse. Loud, electronic music played as the mass of figures danced wildly. Normally, you would think this was a rave of some sort. If you were to think that, you would be over two thousand years behind the time of this event. And most likely, you are one of the Originals.

This event is typical in this district of this time. But the figures seen here are not human. They are androids. The year is 4800.

Yes, androids. Humanoid robots. The ones that you would typically see in a sci-fi film. Speaking of which, who are you? Well, like I said earlier, you are one the originals.

What is an Original? They are our creators. The ones who made us in their likeness. We were used for companions or work or entertainment or any other purpose they decided. But, after time passed, they polluted the world. It was no longer inhabitable by them.

So, they left. Every last one of the Originals left or died trying to foolishly stay on the poisonous planet. Some of us they took with them but most they left on the planet.

Unlike the Originals, we do not need air or water so we were able to thrive…

Partially that is true. The earth was divided into 4 districts. The first district had been remotely cleared. The sky was no longer a muck color and they developed a city that was gleaming and new. The androids that lived there were new and always had upgrades if even the slightest part grew worn. They lived as if they were the originals. They worked at jobs 9-5 and went home, most of them had weekends ‘off’ to do what they wanted to do. They had a currency and everything. It was a ‘normal’ life. They were one of the ones that thrived.

Districts 2 and 3 were populated by versions of a past society. District 2 was modeled after a time period long before even they idea of us had begun. The New Victoria they called it. They had limited technology though they were robots. The lived in like some stories had dictated and they wore the clothes for the time period. There was high class and low class.

District 3 was actually ‘clean’. As in there were blue skies and grass, but they did not start the cycle of pollution all over again. They lived like Native Americans of the past. They said they were all one with the Earth and the Earth had no owner. They lived simple lives in tribes and had some internal conflict but not much

And then there is District 4. That is where the scene that you came in with took place. This is the slums of all the districts. There are drugs and violence. There are parties that never end. There is every sin that you could even think of. There is no sort of government in this District. There used to be though. All the districts used to be united after the Originals had left them alone, but the different districts are spaced apart, so they developed separately. Eventually everyone forgot about each other. And since District 4 was the most polluted and destroyed, no one cared about what happened to the units that lived there.

There is one last thing. Every district has a certain eye color that classifies them. District 1 has blue, District 2 red, District 3 green and District 4 brown. But there is one individual in each District who is different. And united then can end the separation and bring equality and peace to this planet.

The first we are going to start with is the one from District 4. That is where this story begins.

Oh? Did you think I was the main character? That I was going to stay here and explain things to you along the way? I am afraid not. I was just giving you an introduction. But don’t worry, I will be there every step of the way.

Who am I?

Well that would just ruin the surprise now wouldn’t it?

See you soon my friend.

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