The Ultimate Sibling Rivalry

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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My heart jumped into my throat at the sight in front of me, it wasn't so much what I was looking at, it was more so the fact that it was in my kitchen,in my parents house. Cameron was standing in my kitchen full on naked, with only whipped cream covering his manhood. Since the heat was on it was begginning to melt and show off the distinct outline.

"Are you surprised?" He grinned.

I stared at him wide eyed.

"More like horrified! Have you lost your mind?!" I hollered.

His grin fell and he paced toward me, I stepped back and grimaced.

"Babe, whats wrong?"

"Cameron, you are in my house, in my kitchen, naked and your asking me what's wrong?! Do I need to draw it out? In case you forgot this is my parents house and they aren't exactly aware I am sexually active." I whisper shouted.

He made an 'O' shape with his mouth.

"How did you get in here in the first place?" I asked rubbing my forehead.

"Jaz let me in, she said you would love it."

My eyes turned to slits. What. A. Bitch.

The sound of the front door opening made my heart pound, the sound of Mama and Papa's voices sent me into panic. Cameron's eyes grew wide, I yanked his arm and dragged him to the hallway leading to Mama, Papa, and Jaz's room. Since the bitch wants to try and get me caught, she's going to help me hide him. Running frantically we journeyed to the end of the long hallway, I burst open Jaz's room door and pushed Cameron inside-with me in tow.

"What the hell! Joey!" She screeched sitting upright on her bed.

Fuming I rushed over to her and cupped a hand over her mouth, slamming her down on the bed.

"Shut the fuck up or we're going to get caught." I spat, my voice venomous. "You try to get me caught, and I can easily make it look like he's yours."

She glared up at me and tore my hand away from her mouth.

"It won't work." She seethed.

My jaw worked.

"Do you really want to test me?" I growled.

After a long staring match I turned around to Cam, who was standing in the corner covering his crotch with a pillow. I couldn't help but snicker at how ridiculous this scene was, the poor thing only wanted to surprise me. I walked over to him and rose to my tiptoes, kissing him softly on the lips.

"Thank you for the thought, but it was just the wrong room. If you would've went to my bedroom it would be a different story, but since my ass of a sister told you otherwise; you have to leave." I gave him an apologetic look.

His face fell and he leaned down to kiss me again. Jaz clicked her tongue.

"Hurry up and get him out of my room, before I scream bloody murder."

I scowled at her and led him to the window, pushing it open he climbed out and pouted at me. I noticed he was still nude and frowned.

"Cam, where did you put your clothes?"

He scratched his head, smiling sheepishly.

"In my car, when she told me to surprise you with whipped cream, I sort of went back to the car and stripped."

I bit my lip to hold back my laugh.

"I see. Call me when you get home okay?"

He nodded and I leaned in to kiss him again, then closed the window and watched him scurry to the other side of the house. I sighed in relief and turned back around to Jaz, she had a smug look on her face as she layed back on her bed.

I walked stifly over to her and narrowed my eyes.

"You sneaky little twat, if you think I'm letting this go you've got another thing coming. Karma aint' got shit on me."

She snorted.

"I'm so scared."

With that I threw her door open and stalked off to my room, she has no idea what I'm capable of. I can play just as dirty as her.

Don't you just love scheming sometimes? The beauty of a plan falling into place? Ah, its a great feeling and its hard to keep the smile off of your face and the glow from your skin. Well at least for me it is. As usual Quincy, Jaz and I were working as a unit on our project, only the whole time I was grinning like a fool. I'm guessing it was contagious, because Quincy would take one look at me and a wide grin would come to his face, which in turn made mine bigger. I truly loved seeing his gorgeous smile, if only he knew what I had planned.

The doorbell rang and I looked to Jaz to get it, fully aware that she refuses to leave me alone with Quincy. As I thought, she asked me to get it and I was happy to oblidge. With a merry pep in my step I strutted to the door and pulled it open, revealing the guest of honor.

"Joey, long time no see. Did you miss me?" Trent smirked.

Even with that stupid question, my grin didn't falter.

"Sadly no, but I know Jaz is going to be ecstatic about seeing you. Please, come in." I tugged his arm and pulled him into the house.

Overly exicted I hugged him and beamed at him, he smirked and licked his lips.

"Are you sure you didn't miss me?"

I giggled and ignored him.

"Jaz! There's someone here for you!" I called.

A few seconds later she emerged from the living room, Quincy in tow. The expression on her face was priceless, I bit my lip to hold back the manaical laugh threatening to erupt from my throat.

"Trent." Immediately Trent's arms were around her waist, she looked horrified, nervous, pissed and uncomfortable all at the same time.

"I've missed my Jazzy." He drawled staring down at her.

Quincy's eyebrows were high up on his forehead as he watched the scene, I felt awesome.

"I didn't know you invited company over, this is our last day to do the project." I feighned shock.

She glared at me, if looks could kill I'd explode to bits right now.

I shrugged it off and looked to Quincy.

"Quincy are you hungry?"

He nodded.

"I could go for a bite."

I smiled.

"Cool, we could go somewhere to eat and while Jaz entertains."

He chuckled and sauntered over to the door with me.

"Sounds like a plan."

Opening the door, I let him out first and turned around giving a last smug glance to Jaz. She was probably boiling inside, I smirked.

"Let this be a lesson never to cross me, you got nothing on me." With a wink I closed the door and hopped into Quincy's Camero.

I looked over to him with a wide smile.

"Where to? It's my treat."

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