The Girl Who Lived

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Rosalina Potter has never played a sport while flying on a broomstick. She's never worn a invisibillity necklace, befriended a giant. All Rosa knows is a wonderful life with her aunt Cassandra. Rosalina's room is medium and a lavendor purple, and she has had a birthday party in 11 years. But all that is about to change when her Hogwarts letter arrives by owl messenger. There she finds not only friends, aerial sports, and magic around every corner, but a great destiny that's been waiting for her...if Rosalina can survive the encounter. See how her life is like in the future.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Girl Who Lived

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RosalinaLilyPotter: I don't own Harry Potter.  That is in the work of J.K Rowling. I also don't own Once Upon a Time, or Glee. I do however own Rosalina Potter, Danielle Jones, Angel Jones, Grace Moore, Jessica Everdeen, Natalie Sparrow, Anna Sparrow, Alexandra Berry, Sam Cullen, Micheal Cullen, Isabella Cullen, and Melody Granger. Enjoy. I will start out with the characters appearences.


Harry Potter: black hair, emerald green eyes

James Potter: black hair, brown eyes

Albus Potter: black hair, emerald green eyes

Lily Potter: red hair, brown eyes

Rosalina Potter (Rosa): red hair, emerald green eyes

Rose Weasley: red hair, blue eyes

Hugo Weasley: red hair, blue eyes

Scorpius Malfoy: blonde hair, gray eyes

Ginny Weasley (Potter): red hair, brown eyes

Hermione Granger (Weasley): brown hair, brown eyes

Ron Weasley: red hair, blue eyes

Henry Swan: brown hair, hazel eyes

Emma Swan: blonde hair, hazel eyes

Danielle Jones: black hair, blue eyes

Angel Jones: brown hair, blue eyes

Grace Moore: blonde hair, brown eyes

Jessica Everdeen: brown hair, brown eyes

Natalie Sparrow: black hair, blue eyes

Anna Sparrow: brown hair, blue eyes

Rachel Berry; brown hair, brown eyes

Alexandra Berry: brown hair, brown eyes

Sam Cullen: blonde hair, blue eyes

Michael Cullen: blonde hair, blue eyes

Isabella Cullen: brown hair, brown eyes

Melody Granger: light brown hair, brown eyes


RosalinaLilyPotter: what do you think about the characters: Please Review and ask questions if you like.



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