Love To Hate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happen's when two ex's who where once best friends get stuck in a room together for 2 weeks? Well there's only one answer for that: Drama.
Rose and Danny where best friends, once upon a time. One day they both admitted they had feelings for eachother and those feeling where definatley not "friendly". But Danny made a huge mistake which was unforgettable. Since then none of them where the same. Rose never talked to Danny, and Danny never talked to Rose. Whenever they crossed paths all hell would break loose. 3 years later the senior winter trip to Miami is coming and when an error in reservations gets Danny, the hugest player in school, and Rose, smart, popular, badass, and mostly known for her awesome comebacks in a room together for 2 weeks will they end up having the feeling they once had or just hating eachother even more? This is an unforgettable story with drama, humor, love, hate,and betrayel, that you will never forget.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Fine Line Between Love And Hate

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



Hi people! Well its my first time actually posting a story so please cope with me! :D Well I just want to say that I dedicate this to LunaReader and thank herfor the AMAZING cover! The cover is actually what made me want to start writing. Also, I am not trying to rude or anything but please don't come here trying to promote your stories, it just looks unprofessional. But I will read stories recommend to me by private mssg. So comment,fan, and enjoy!

Copyright 2011© by AllLoveIsSweet

All Rights Reserved


It's funny how fast things can change. How one minute everything's perfect and the next your living your worst nightmare.

The sun was about to set displayig shadows everywhere. The sky was a mix of a beautiful orange and purple. The tree's only rustling when a cold night breeze made it's way through empty spaces. The cold was just setting in making thevibrant greenleaves leave the tree's letting them floating around. Time looked frozen, everything was as if a part of a picture.

"Just leave me alone Danny!" I didn't want to face him. But then I realized the truth Icouldn't face him. If I saw him my guard would go down, I would forgive him instantly, forget everything he did and said, my anger would evaporate as soon as I saw his face, and I would rush into his arms. But not this time.

I soon spotted my house door. A door I had never been so relieved to see. I found myself running not looking back till I got there. I was struggling to find the right key when two strong arms stopped me. I froze instantly.

"Stop running," the voice whispered into my ear, a voice I would recognize anywhere.

I cold feel the warmth of his breath. All I wanted to do was turn around. Not this time. I repapeated in my head.

"Stop following," I shot back.

"Rose, I am sorry I messed up if I could rewind time I would I swear," he said in a pained voice.

That's when rage consumed me. I turned around meeting those memorizing green eyes.

"Oh yeah?" I shouted. Surprise registered on his face.

"If your so sorry then why didn't you think of what you where going to do before you did it?" My voice was getting louder by the second. "You know this is actually my fault! No matter what my heart told me I did it anyway. This was all a mistake and I regret every second of it! Which of course was a complete lie, I just wanted to make him feel the pain I felt. He flinched at my words and I saw how much they had hurt him. As a result a single tear escaped his eye.

"Well, Rose I don't regret any part of it, it was all worth it, every minute and second I spent with you was all worth the risk of loosing my best friend. Rose.... I cant loose you," he said in a voice that was barley a whisper.

The next words pained me so much I could barley hear them myself. "Well, you already have," and with that I turned around as I saw his heart break I was certain my had broken as well.

I went inside as fast as I could shutting the door with my back, sliding down it slowly, sobbing. All the anger, loss, and love escaping. I cried. Something I hadn't done in a long time.

That was the day I vowed to never be vulnerable ever again, never to let anyone else in too much. That was the day I lost my best friend . The day I had lost my first love. The day a made a thin line between my love and hate for him. I was certain nothing would ever be the same..... and sadly I was right,

A/N Well what do you guys think I was thinking of revealing the mystery of what he did but I decided I got to keep you guys on your toys. I know this chapter was a little short but I promise the next one will be way longer and way more funnier :DD that is if I get a response! So pplz if you liked it then comment and tell me what you think and I am all ears for any suggestions you guys have!!

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