Love To Hate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 10, 2011

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



"Just Make Him Fall For You"

You know those moments when you could literally kill someone? Well this was one of them.

" Jessica, Gaby, Macy, Mia, Nina, Natasha." I pressed the pillow I had put on my face 20 minutes ago harder trying to block out the sound of Danny's annoying voice. He had suddenly decided that if we where going to sit next to each other we had to catch up so he thought the basic way to do it was to tell me the name of every single girl he dated. Trust me that list was long.

"Marissa, Kaily, Alex." I couldn't take it anymore because I was positive if he said one more word I would do something that would get me stuck in jail. I took the pillow off my face.

"Can you shut the hell up for like 2 seconds?" I yelled earning a few looks from people who where actually still awake. Danny smiled at me seeming satisfied about my out bust.

" Sure," he said putting his phone away,"Its always a pleasure to annoy you . But..." he said as he faced me and dropped his voice to a whisper "What do you say we head to the bathroom?"

"Eww! Not in a million years!" I said disgusted.

"Huh," he said looking confused "that's a first no girl has ever refused a chance with this," he said wavinga hand over himself.

"Your such a poor excuse for a guy," I said looking away toward the window.

I could almosthear the grin on his mouth when he said "Ditto."

I decided to ignore him as the flight attendant announced we where about to land inMiami shortly. I soon forgot about the annoying jerk next to me and got all jumpy. We where really here!

I felt gravity take it's toll as we landed. Mr.Gross soon appeared holding a clipboard.

"O.K! So listen up! You will grab your things, get off the plane, and go through security, after thateveryone will get on the bus waiting outside!"

Everyone started moving, getting off the plane, and going through security. As I entered the bus I saw Rachael waving me over. I sat next to her as she started giggling."Can you believe where actually here?"

"No," I said grinning at her.

"So.. how where those 12 hours withMr. Hotty?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows.

"Torture," I signed dramatically "don't even remind me." I soon started telling her about his "game" and when I finished she had a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. I think she was about to say something when Mr. Gross soon appeared.

"Once we get to the hotel everyone is to meet in the lobby and wait to be assigned their roomate and be given their room key and no people their will be no girl boy roommates!"

The bus soon started moving. It waslate afternoonbut peoplein bathing suits where roaming the streets heading towards the warm beach. Palm trees where everywhere moving along to the soft warm breeze. The bus stopped in front of a breathtaking hotel that had palm trees surrounding the main street accompanied by a huge fountain that could have been a pool. Everyone got off the bus and headed toward the lobby.

Mr.Gross started calling out names giving people their room keys and giving two people a set of keys to a rental car. The group got smaller and smaller. I suddenly realized Rachael was still next to me. Maybe I was going to get paired up with her I thought excitedly.

"Heather Garcia and Rachael Johnson," Mr. Gross said holding out a set a keys which Heather took.

"Don' even dare to ruin this for me," she said coldly to Rachael.

"Don't dare to ruin this for me," Rachaelshot back using the same cold tone. As soon as Heather turned away Rachael looked at me frantically but her eyes went wide when she saw who was behind me. I turned around and found myself looking at Danny. That's when I discovered that there was no more people in the lobby except for him.

"Mr.Gross," I said worried "there's no more people here exept for Danny." Mr.Gross looked up looking confused.

"But that's not possible there's only 24 student's, and 12 rooms" he said.

"No there's 26 student's," I said

He took off his glasses and went to speak with the front desk.

"Look's like where going to be roomies," a deep voice said. I looked back to see a smirking Danny.

"No where not," I said desperately. I turned to Rachael.

"What the hell am I going to do?" I said.

"Just stay calm."

"What about his game?" The mischief that she had on the bus returned.

"Well I was thinking about that just-" she was interrupted by Mr.Gross.

"Well the good news is there was one room available, the bad news is that you," he said pointing at me " and Mr. Smith will be sharing it."

"What?" I yelled "I thought you said that wasn't allowed!"

"Well there are no other rooms available and I cannot let you get a room elsewhere. But," he said in a serious voice coming close" If you do anything please use protection." I was left open mouthed as Mr. Gross left. I heard Danny laughing nonstop.

"Rachael!" Heather screamed coming back to the room. But she didn't stop by Rachael she stopped by me.

"If you even lay a finger on him you will suffer I swear," she said as she walked out once again out of the room. I ran to Rachael.

"What am I going to do about him?" I whispered.

"Play his game but in complete different way."

"What do you mean,"I asked slowly.

"Rachael!'I hear Heather scream.

"Make him fall for you," she said as she backed away.


The ride up the elevator with Danny was quiet. That is until we got to the room.

I screamed as I looked around the room. It was all white with splashes of green tones. It hada view to the city. It had billowing white curtains, a flat screen, a double rainfall shower, a desk and couchin the corner and.... one king sized bed.

"Your sleeping on the couch," I said automatically.

"Yeah right," Danny said as he jumped on the bed "that thing is meant for an elf." I left the room before he could get to me leaving my things on the floor. Once, I was outside I looked for a Starbucks taking my time to drink the hot, rich coffee. I walked for about an hour before I went back to the room. What I found was nothing I'd expect.

Danny and some chick making out on the couch. They hadn't heard me come in. Disgusted I was about to say something when I got a better idea. I took my phone out and took a picture. Putting it away, I cleared my throat. Startled the girl jumped off of Danny who really looked pissed off.

"You know Danny I don't think Heather would be to happy about this," I said.

"Who's Heather?" the girl asked looking at Danny.

"Oh Heather is just his girlfriend," I responded for him.

"Jerk!" She screamed slapping him across the face exiting the room. As soon as she left I started laughing. Danny just glared at me as he got on the bed and started watching t.v.

"What happen's if Heather finds out," I asked smiling with my hands on my hips. He shrugged.

"She won't," he said. Oh this is fun I thought.

"You sure? What if someone I don't know took a picture?" I asked waving my phone. His eyes went wide.

"You wouldn't," he said standing up.

"Oh I would," I laughed. He was next to me in an instant.

"Delete the picture."

"Fine but on one condition."

"What?" His eyes calculating.

"You sleep on the couch."

"No," he said and in one swift motion he snatched the phone away from my hand.

"Hey!" I yelledbut I was only responded by his chuckling. I did the only thing I could without thinking. I jumped on his back. Which was useless because he just pinned me on the bed hands over my head.

"Never do that again because you will loose," he said smirking. I desperatley started thinking of a way out of this coming up with one which was insane. I turned on the most womanly charm I could.

"Please?" I asked in a flirty voice. His grip on my hands loosened. It was an opening but not enough to get my phone back. I put a hand on his cheek tracing his jaw, nearing my head to his. He just stood there frozen and all I could think about was the things I did for my phone. His grip on my body loosened even more and just as our lips where about to meet I got my phone back and pushed him away leaving his shocked face laying against the pillow. I couldn't help but laughing. I grabbed my bag heading towards the bathroom.

"The couch is that way," I said smiling as I closed the door.

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