The Red Kiss Mark

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011




MUST READ BEFORE READING CHAPTER: WARNING THIS HAS SEXUAL CONTENTS but they can't be too bad I never had sex so this is not personal experience OK? this is from reading other people's stories and the idea I have and no i'm not a perv... lol I just don't mind anything romantic that's my soft spot... ROMANCE~!



I heard siren from outside and I smiled. The man I loved lay on the ground dead, and on his face was a red kiss mark. I whispered a soft goodbye and left. Disappearing into the night. I had to kill him. He was going to hurt me. He was going to throw me away like others did. So I killed him. I am Scarlett Rose. Scarlett Rose Williams. You can say I am serial killer, but I have no intention of just killing I never have. I don’t kill because I want to. I kill because I have to.
I finally arrive at my house and I wipe my red lipstick off my lips and take that lipstick and throw it away. It’s only been used once but still. I dare not use it again. I open the drawer with over 20 new lipstick in it and smile at what I see. Right where I left it, a picture inside with all those lipsticks. The picture was of my first boyfriend. The one who make me kill all these other men. He cheated on me with my best friend. After that she wasn’t my best friend anymore and he never spoke to me ever again. He put me through hell. So I decided anyone who ever does that again or almost does that shall be killed. Then I won’t feel the pain. Actually I would have much preferred to have them feel the way I felt. Feel the pain. But no. How can I hurt them from the hurt if 1. I love him and 2. They were going to hurt me anyway? So the only way I, Scarlett Rose could hurt them in anyway was to kill them treacherously.
The next day the police came to my house and said the same thing as always. “I’m sorry last night your boyfriend was killed but the red kiss mark killer.”
I already knew this... because I was the killer but of course I said nothing. They asked a me a few questions and then it was done. They continued on their leads on who was the red kiss mark killer. I do not know why truly that they have never suspected the lover. A tragic story always ends with a tragic ending. Tonight I go to the club and find myself a new boy. I go through my closet and find my shortest and sexiest dress. I feel like a slut. I wear boots and put a gun in one and a pocketknife in the other.  My dress is read and checkered. When  I am satisfied with how I look I walk out the door and and wait for my limo. Yes, a limo. I’m a killer and I am rich. “You’re late!” I say to the driver.
“Sorry ma'am there was traffic.”
“OK, whatever just get me to a club,... how bout the hottest club this year?”
“As you wish.”
About 30 minutes later I arrived at Hot&Spice. Hot&Spice is the hottest club and has been for 3 years in a row but then last year it got over rated by Neon love. Now they upgraded it and it’s number 1 on the Hot List again. So here I am at the entrance. “Hi Scarlett you’re back!” The guard said.
“Yes, yes I am.” I say dryly but my voice was not loud enough so he only heard the words, and not my tone. He allowed me to go into the club. The club was actually quite boring for the first few hours but then I saw him. He was built but not too built. Oh and advice for you. Never go to overly built men. They may be hot and strong but you never know when they don’t want you anymore and before you realize it you’d be raped or something. He saw me staring and winked at me. I blushed. I was thinking of ways to approach him but he already had a bunch of girls all over him. In the end I didn’t have to think about it cause while I was thinking he had already made his way towards me. “Hey beautiful, you should take a picture, it lasts longer.”

I blushed even more.

“So you want to dance?”

“I would love to!”

So he guided me the dance floor and we started grinding against each other. Not very long later I felt his erection pressing against my ass. I felt aroused. I couldn’t resist it and I touched it. He let out a moan and I blushed. Suddenly I was no longer on the ground. He had picked me up and was carrying me up the stairs. Then he gently lay me on a bed and locked the bedroom door. He walked back and sat next to me and kissed me. His hands pushing under my shirt at the same time. I gently pushed him away and whispered “Let’s stop I don’t plan on having a one night stand.”

“Neither do I” He breathes out.

“OK, well I’m Scarlett, you?”


Just like that I decided to make love with someone I barely knew. Now I don’t know what happens when I fall in love with the wrong man but here goes nothing. I suddenly starts kissing me again and I kiss him back. He moves his hands to the back of my bra and takes it off. He doesn’t take my shirt off yet but I could see that he wanted to. I kissed him and let his tongue enter my mouth. He then took his shirt off and then took mine off.

“Wow Scarlett you’re beautiful.”

I don’t say anything. I just trace my fingers on his abs.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asks me as he pulls off his boxers.

I nod. I touches me in my sensitive spot and I moan in pleasure. He starts going into me and he fills me up. He moans as he enters. For the next hour or so we make love.

The next morning I wake up in a random room and I see Liam next to me. We are both naked but I feel shameless. I love someone I barely know. Liam is not awake yet so I just stare at him. He really is a prize. Just then he woke up. “Hey babe, are you trying to arouse my in the morning staring at me with you not covered by anything?”

I looks down at myself and realize I am naked. I blush and he smirks. Just like this we start our love story.


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