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Chapter one: Meeting an unknown person

Dear diary,

Today I just studied, studied and studied. It’s the second week of school. The Fabulous Girls [Cindy, Layla, Micky, and Shenna ] which was famous/popular here in school still calls me “Ugly Freaky Nerd” and trust me, I didn’t like it. Yes, I’m a nerd, I wear glasses and Braces, but that doesn’t make me ugly nor a freak. Ugghhhhh! BTW, I just watched paranormal 3, it was scary, but I like the plot. Also, the new transfers arrived at school today. It was quite interesting to see new people.  So , the principal told us to check our lockers to find our new arrangement of it. You don’t know how UNLUCKY I was! My locker was in between the FG (Fabulous Girls). But the thing that made me smile was when I saw my First Love.

I still don’t know his name though, cause his a new transfer. We met when we were walking in the hallway and we bumped each other. He said “sorry” in a kindly man way, he was the first boy who did that, the others just push me away and shouts “Get out of our way NERDY!”. See what I mean? They always treat me like a joke, except that boy. :”> We were in the same class, so I was happy. He was sitting right next to me, while Rose, my best friend sits at my left side. Rose was my only friend here, she is beautiful but with braces too. Chelsea was my other best friend but she went to Canada. When were grade 6 we used to laugh, eat and cry together, but Rose and I was left when Chelsea went away, it sadden us.

Anyway, Rose and I were usually called “the freaks” or “Nerd girls”. It was very hurtful, at first, but when time passed, we got used to it. By the way, I told Rose about my First love, I thought she would only say “ok, fine.” But she said “How lovely, OMG!” and she was so happy, I don’t know why, but she just blushed. “Well, maybe your growin’ up.” She smiled. Ok, classes are starting, it’s really boring. Studying socials, it always makes my classmates fall to sleep. I was staring at the window when I noticed my crush the boy was listening. So I was dedicated to do so.

Then the bell rang! Atlast! I took my book that I was reading, it’s title is ‘KISS’, I couldn’t stop reading books, ok ? Then suddenly I pushed my pen accidentally and it fell to the ground. I reached to get it but then my crush the boy reached it. I looked at his emerald eyes, as he ran his fingers through his brown hair.

“here’s your pen.” He smiled while giving my pen to me.

“thanks.” I smiled back.

“My name is Nathan… what’s yours?” he asked.

“mine? It’s.. Suzie.” I smiled again, my heart is pounding.

“Suzie? Cool name. see you around then.” He smiled running toward the canteen.

“ok…..” I whispered. But deep inside, OMG! So Nathan was his name huh? Cute name. I won’t use this pen for the next 2 weeks! Joke! :)) xDD emoticons hits me again huh ? xDD whew! This book is giving me luck! Of course thanks to my pen also! :”> ok? xD So yeah, our principal announced a tryout for the sports, wanna know why? Because next month is our sports fest, isn’t it great? but, before a week after the sports fest is our school’s festival. AAGGHHH! Here come booths, restaurants, stalls and cafes again. I wonder what will we do this coming festival. But I’m really going to focus on entering the sports fest first! Because I know my class can come up with an idea. I’m going to try volleyball and badminton.


Ok, it’s really late right now, it’s 9:00 pm now, gonna sleep for tomorrow. My birthday is coming soon, it’s October 28 :D then…. Yeah.. wait October 28?? Wwhhoooppss! I forgot my own birthday xD  my birthday is on October 30, October 28 was my crush’s , I mean Nathan’s birthday. You’d be wondering how I knew, right? Easy ! FACEBOOK! :D



Submitted: June 03, 2013

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