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Chapter 3- Ecstasy
Empty house far away
Lost in lonely space
You know you've felt the same
From the shallows in love
To the depths of your scars
You know you want to change
-Fearless (250 and dark stars);; Falling up
“RO!?” Carter yelled from his room.
I sigh and run from the basement to his bedroom with Transformers 2: Rise of The Fallen clutched tightly in hand. I push my hair back from my face and glare at Carter.
“Yes?” I ask sweetly.
“Make sure you remember to make some popcorn. Add butter too.” He says slyly.
I bite back a scream, practically throw Transformers at him, and turn on my heel, marching angrily towards the kitchen. He was taking the whole “slave for a day” thing way too far. So far, I had made him a sandwich, walked his dog, cleaned his room and bathroom, fed his cats; done his laundry and now I had grabbed him his movie and was going to make him some popcorn. I was exhausted and in the worst possible mood. If Carter wasn’t careful he was going to find my hands wrapped tightly around his neck, very soon. I clomped down the stairs and into the kitchen and readied the popcorn maker adding the seeds. I groaned and leaned wearily against the counter. Something butted against my leg and I looked around. There was Carters German Shepherd, Max. He was just a little puppy and the cutest thing ever. I loved him to bits and often plotted ways to make him mine. I leaned down to pet him and he ended up jumping into my face and giving me slobbery kisses.
“Eww Max! Gross! No kisses!” I squealed happily.
He ignores me and keeps kissing my face anyways so I pick him up and cuddled him for a minute. The sound of popping corn stopped and I sigh and put Max back down on the ground. I put some butter in the microwave and when it was sufficiently melted I poured it over the popcorn and stirred it up. I grabbed the bowl and was just about to head back upstairs when I heard a low whine. I looked around and saw Max staring at me then he sat up on his hind legs just begging to be picked up. So I did and me, Max and the popcorn went back upstairs to the slave master.
When I reached Carters room I noticed that he had already put the movie in but, it was still on the main menu. I put Max down on the bed, where he made himself right at home, and handed the popcorn to Carter. I stood up and crossed my arms and looked down grumpily at Carter.
“So, what should I do now?” I asked him.
He smiles innocently up at me and pats the space beside him. I humor him and sit down, He put his arm around me and I lean into his side.
“You’re next task is to have hot, sweaty, wild sex with me.” He states.
I pulled away and looked at him warily not sure what my face must’ve looked like, he stared back and his serious expression soon fell away and he began to laugh. I soon joined in and he tried to talk but, couldn’t quite manage it.
“Oh god Ro! You should’ve seen your face… it was like… I don’t even know!” He managed to choke out.
“Oh my god! I know, Right?” I said.
And soon we were laughing uncontrollably again. Secretly, I wished that he hadn’t been joking though. We managed to calm ourselves down and Carter started the movie. We were at the part where Optimus had been killed when my phone rang. It was Rachel.
“Hey” I said.
“Hey Ro, we were wondering if you were going to be coming back anytime soon?” She asked me.
“Of course, plotting on what to do with my room if I don’t come back?”
“Yea Braden thought the ultimate guest room but I thought maybe I could use it as a third room for when I get bored with the other two.” She laughed.
“Hmm Braden’s idea sounds better to me. But, I’ll be home shortly so save some dinner for me.”
“Hmm better hurry then, I’m really hungry tonight.”
“Actually I left my car at the house, Wanna pick me up? I’m at Carters.” I asked
“Sure, see you in a few.”
“See ya soon.” I hung up and looked at Carter. He was asleep.
I quietly disengaged myself from Max who was snuggle up against me and gave him a kiss. Then I gently pushed back the hair from Carters face and brushed the back of my hand across his cheek before getting up and quietly leaving the house.
I didn’t notice that Carter had woken up and he was watching me as I left his room.
I walked outside quietly shutting the front door behind me. It was hot outside and I sat on the front steps basking in the sunlight. I loved sunlight; it was so warm and always made me feel so nice and sleepy. I had been sitting there with my face upturned and my eyes closed when I heard the sound of a car approaching. I opened my eyes and saw Rachel turning into Carters crescent. I got up slowly, walked down the driveway and hopped into her silver Audi.
“Hey Ray.” I said as a buckled myself in. Safety is important after all especially when in the car with Rachel.
“Hey yourself, Ro.” She responded.
I turned around and looked at Rachel. We didn’t look like each other at all. She had a very aristocratic face with the straight nose and high cheekbones. She was always a golden brown color like she had a permanent tan. Her eyes were wide, childlike and a very pale blue with darker blue rings around the iris. She has fine white blonde hair that’s always perfect. It has the slightest wave to it and she didn’t have to do anything at all to it. It was like that naturally. All of these features gave her a very Californian or Australian look and to make her even better she was taller than me; about 5’7. She had large boobs and nice sized hips while the rest of her was thin. I was her opposite. I had an aristocratic face as well with the nose and cheekbones but where she was golden brown I was ghostly pale with long straight blue black hair. It wasn’t thin but, it wasn’t thick either. I usually lightly curled it to make it less boring. I had leopard eyes. You know eyes that were green but also dappled with yellow. They changed with my mood like when I was scared or angry the yellow would be more dominant but when I was happy and relaxed the green would show up more. I had long, thick black eyelashes and the eyes that were cat eyes were also bedroom eyes. Those features made me look less human and more like an animal given human form. It was weird and I found it unsettling to look too closely at my face. My family and people I knew didn’t seem to mind they told me to go out and become a model with my strange looks. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that though. I was also short only about 5’3 and where Rachel was thin but curvy I was just thin. I was very thin sure I had boobs but they were only about a 32 C. I had almost no hips and I had decided long ago that I wasn’t beautiful. I had a face that was hard to forget but, it wasn’t because of beauty it was because it was interesting and different than everyone else’s. The correct word to describe me would be striking.
Ray and I didn’t talk much on the way. She was thinking about food and I was thinking about sleep. I did ask her what was for dinner though and her face lit up the way it always does when she’s talking about food or eating.
“Oh Ro it’s your favorite! Steak, garlic mashed potatoes and bruschetta!” she burst out excitedly.
Even I was excited. Marcus always made my steak exactly the way I liked it; rare and spicy. I could live on steak if I had too. That was how much I loved to eat it. Braden said that I was really a cat that had been turned human. I could just imagine what my face looked like now. My pupils had probably dilated a little with the yellow swallowing the green and a dreamy expression would have overtaken the exhaustion. I could hardly wait to make it home.
The drive from Carters house to mine was only about 10 min so we made it back soon. Our house was a huge multimillion dollar mansion located in Kingswood. It was a cool grey color with black trim. It kind of reminded me of a castle because it had kind of turret looking things on it. I loved it.
As soon as we pulled into the drive way, Ray and I were out of the car and into the house as fast as we could. We raced into the dining and sat down at the table. We didn’t have to wait long. I smelled the food before I saw it. Marcus came into room carrying a plate that had huge steaks on it. Then he left and returned with a bowl full of garlic mashed potatoes and left again. This time he came back with bruschetta and a pitcher of lemonade. I studied Marcus Night when he sat down. He looked so different and yet so similar to his children. He was the same golden brown as them and had the same pale blue eyes but he was very tall. Like 6’7. Also his long wavy hair was jet black and his face had permanent lines of sadness etched into it. He also had an Italian accent where his children had none. His eyes were heavy lidded and an aura of despair always circled him. He was a good father though and he really did try to be the very best for them. I hoped that one day soon he would find someone new who would help him forget all about his beloved and deceased Mary Ann.
“Would one of you please go and get Braden for dinner?” His voice was quiet and sad as always.
“I will.” I offered since Ray was looking at the food like she was a starving dog.
I pushed away from the dinner table and ambled along through the huge house with its lovely décor. I walked into Braden’s bedroom without knocking and quickly closed his door behind me. I loved Braden’s room. It was done in dark gray, silver, and pale blue. His bed was huge with a bunch of pillows. I closed the door behind me because Braden was smoking a bowl. Marcus didn’t know about some of Braden’s hobbies including this one.I sat down on the bed and Braden offered me a hit which I gratefully took. I watched Braden thinking on how much he looked like his twin. They had the same eye color, same skin color and same hair color although his was dyed black at the moment. Braden was about three inches taller than Ray though and his hair was shorter and styled in a scene cut. With bangs over one eye. I started talk as we passed the bowl around.
“It’s time for dinner, so don’t act too high. Your dad is eating with us tonight.”
“Oh, alright. What’s for dinner?” he asked. His voice was rough and hoarse. Very masculine.
“Steak, bruschetta and garlic mashed potatoes. What type of weed?”
“Sounds pretty good. And the kind laced with coke.” He responded.
“Alrighty. Let’s get going then. Marcus will be upset if we take too long.” I said standing up and moving towards the door.
I followed Braden down the halls and through the rooms to the dining room. I remembered that we once tried to date but, it had been too weird. Since I moved in with the Nights I had become part of the family in every way but, blood. So it makes sense that Braden and I dating would be odd and just slightly awkward. It didn’t last long.
I have a nice buzz going on as we arrive at the table the smell of food making my stomach rumble appreciatively.I sat down and piled food onto my plate. I took the first bite of steak and groaned in ecstasy, sooo good. I quickly wolfed down the meal. Rachel ate just as much as Braden and I and she’s didn’t even have the munchies. I wondered for the ninth billionth time where she put it all. She was like a black hole for Christ’s sake.
Marcus didn’t say much at all as we ate dinner he just sat there looking all sad and gloomy. This made me laugh but, I quickly covered it up with a cough. Ray looked at me weirdly and Bray stifled a giggle. As soon as I was finished I excused myself from the table and rushed out of the room. I couldn’t be in there any longer. Not with Marcus being all emo, Ray morphing into her alternate ego the black hole sucking up everything in sight, Bray looking so out of it that he looked brain dead and me probably looking like a starving cat. That was enough to send me into hysterics and I tried to make as little noise as possible as I clutched at my sides gasping for breath. Damn the shit I smoked was good. I put my dishes in the dishwasher and went to my room.
My room was huge with the walls done in an antique gold color. The blinds were crimson as was the rug on the floor and some of the pillows on my bed. My bedding was done in cream. The colors blended well together making my room stunning. Not to mention that it was a dream room, there was a mini bar complete with fridge, a huge flat screen television, a macbook air sitting on a glass desk, a big walk in closet and a huge attached bathroom. If I wanted to I could practically live in my room. I was kind of bored at the moment though so I texted the twins to come downstairs as soon as they could. It didn’t take long, the two of them arrived in under five minutes.
“What’s the problem?” Bray drawled.
“Oh no problem I was just wondering if the two of you were up for a little fun?” I ask with a mysterious smile gracing my face.
“What kind of fun are we talking about here, Ro?” Rachel asks excitedly.
“Hmm, I was thinking red Buddha’s.” I announce going to a drawer and pulling out a small baggie.
“Oh, the family fav. I’m in.” Braden announces.
“Me too.” Ray says.
“Perfect. Let’s get started shall we?” I purr and handing out a small pill to everyone and going to the bar to get myself a glass of water.
Rachel and Braden follow my lead and we turn the TV. I flip through channels as we wait for the action to kick in. It doesn’t take long, only about 45 minutes and then we’re lounging on my bed in dazed stupor. I glance at Braden and Rachel, looking at their eyes, noting how the pupils have dilated until the black swallows almost all of the pale blue. I laugh feeling just so happy, loving and alive. Ray starts petting my hair while Braden rubs the skin of my arm. It feels good.
“Ro, your eyes look so cool when you’re twacked.” Braden announces suddenly.
“Cool how?” I ask stupidly.
“They turn pure yellow and you look even more like a cat. A cat that has spotted prey and is on the prowl. It’s wicked.”
“Huh. Sounds cool. I’ll investigate it later.” I say as I pet Braden’s face. His skin is so soft.
We lounge around like that for a few hours and then Bray and Ray leave me to go to their own rooms. I try to sleep but, I get paranoid. It feels like someone’s in the room with me. I know it’s just the drug but I can’t help but be afraid. What if Jesse didn’t actually die and is in my room planning on killing me tonight. I freak out and run to Rachel’s room but she’s already fast asleep and I don’t want to wake her up so I flee to Braden’s hoping he’s still awake. I burst into the room and crawl onto his bed beside him.
“What’s wrong with you?” he asks unkindly. His pupils are still very large.
“I’m afraid that Jesse is still alive and going to kill me!” I gasp out my eyes filling with tears.
“Awe Ro, he’s dead don’t worry. It’s just the drugs getting to your mind.” He says softly wrapping me up in a hug.
“Can I please just sleep here for tonight? You can move me to the couch or something if I turn into the bed hog.” I plead.
“Sure Ro, its fine. Just try to calm yourself a bit and relax. Nothings going to hurt you ever again.” He soothes.
I nod my head, feeling much better and burrow myself under the covers. Sleep finds me easily here like it always does when I’m not alone.
I pray that the happiness ecstasy induces will keep away the nightmares that plague me.
I'm calling from the back of your mind
From the places you'll never reside
Where your thoughts collide
See places and thousands of faces
All at the same time
Look, everybody close your eyes
Travel to the place in the back of your mind
The place you'll never reside
Where thoughts combine
See places and thousands of faces
All at the same time
All at the same time
All at the same time
-Fearless (250 and dark stars);; Falling up

Submitted: July 06, 2010

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this is great but the first few dialogue lines are in present tense "says" and "say" rather than the rest of ur story in past tense? and other parts of this chaper are in present tense too haha
but good job i like the introduction of the family

Mon, July 12th, 2010 4:25am


Haha yeah I know, It's probably because i'll stop writing for a few weeks and then start again. I am trying to make it all in past tense but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the head up though :)

Wed, July 14th, 2010 8:36am


ohh i forgot to add- the lines in italics at the beginning of each chapter are they from songs? coz they are really nice little touches!

Mon, July 19th, 2010 4:23am


Haha yeah they're from songs and thanks :)

Mon, July 19th, 2010 1:37pm

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