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Chapter 4- Dance fever
Said It's cool, you're touching my hand
Yeah its cool, it’s cool, where we riding too?
So come on sugar, you're touching my hand
Yeah it's cool its cool, where we riding to?
--Boogie Down; MGMT
School was dragging on like it always does. I was currently in English and completely tuning out my teacher and doodling pictures in my sketchbook. I was currently working on the drawing of a sleeping puppy with a bow around its neck. I really wanted a puppy of my own and since I had yet to have one I decided to draw myself one. My friend Nina Hart leaned over to see what I was doing.
“Awe, it’s so cute! You’re so talented at drawing Aurora!” Nina squealed.
“Thanks, Nina.” I said quietly. I didn’t think I was that great. I mean I’m okay at drawing but, everyone thinks I’m some sort of expert at it.
Nina was very tall with long chestnut brown hair and pretty amber eyes. She was pretty in that natural way with thin winging eyebrows. The artist in me always looked at people and how the light played on them. People’s eyes were always my favorite. I loved looking at the colors that make up the whole. I shook myself out of my thoughts and tried to concentrate on what Nina was talking about.
“…I mean sure I can kind of draw but, it always ends up looking really bad. My best things are easy flowers and stick people. But you, you have some raw artistic talent there, Hun.” Nina’s high voice drawled.
“Oh? Well thank you. I’m planning on being a psychologist though but, maybe I’ll work on my art on the side.” I told her
“That’d be pretty cool…” Nina started but, was interrupted by our teacher the mega bitch.
“Ms. Hart and Ms. Night?” Estrada growled.
“Yes?” I answered rudely.
“Is there something that you would like to share with the rest of the class? You seemed very interested in your conversation!” the bitched barked.
“Well it’s not something that I would particularly like to share with everyone but, if you insist?” I asked her and waited for her to tell me to go on. She nodded.
“Oh alright. Nina and I were just discussing how that dress you were wearing makes you look rather dumpy. And you can’t get mad because you asked for me to tell you.” I say sweetly.
The class roared in approval while Ms. Estrada glares at me before turning back to her whiteboard with a huff. Tyler James turned to me his blue green eyes alight with mirth.
“Way to go Ro!” he said smiling his floppy black hair falling over one eye.
“Hah it was nothing. She deserved it. Bitch can’t teach at all and expects us to pay attention to her? I don’t think so.” I said smugly.
He just smiled and then glanced over at Nina who was still doubled over with laughter. The sight caused both of us to laugh. Nina was usually really quiet and reserved so seeing her like this was different. The class soon calmed down and then it was time to go for lunch. I checked my phone and had a text message from Carter asking if I wanted to do something with him and Kelsey. I thought about it and decided I’d take them out for lunch though I’d rather have Kelsey not there at all. I texted him a quick reply telling him to meet me at my car. I stopped off at my locker and grabbed my purse before heading out to my dark silvery-grey Maserati Spyder.
Carter and Kelsey reached the car before me and were patiently waiting. Well Kelsey wasn’t that patient she was bouncing on the balls of her feet and checking the time on her cell phone. She was just so hyper. Kelsey saw me before Carter did and her silver eyes quickly took in what I was wearing before nodding slightly to herself with approval. She was quite the fashion fiend and if you weren’t up to par she would let you know. Luckily my high waisted poufy skirt in black, gold juicy couture ballet flats, frosted gold tank top with black mesh tank top underneath, and black coach bag did the trick. My super ray bands probably helped too.
Kelsey bounced over to me and pulled Carter along with her.
“Hey Aurora, I like your outfit it’s very chic. I hope we go to McDonalds for lunch. I’m in the mood for something greasy.” Her voice trilled out happily.
“All right that sounds good.” I unlocked the doors and quickly slid into the driver seat and patiently waited for Carter and Kelsey to get in the car. They seemed to be playing rock, paper, scissors for something.Kelsey jumped up and down happily and Carter gave her a quick peck on the lips. When she slid into the passenger seat my confusion must have been showing on my face because she laughed and said:
“Wondering what was taking us so long, Ro?” She asked smugly.
“Yeah, kind of actually.” I said slightly interested.
“Well we decided to play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets shotgun! And me being so amazing I, of course, won.” She bragged as I pulled out of the parking lot and sped away, her silver eyes shinning brightly.
I looked at her and smiled even though my mind was elsewhere. Her hair caught a flash of sun and the light blue blazed like the sky. She reminded me of a mermaid, if only she had a tail. I felt a pang of something in my chest as I realized that I could never hope to compare to her. She was beautiful and graceful and interesting and of course she had no flaws in her like a habit for booze and drugs. I was her opposite. I was only striking, clumsy and I lacked personality sometimes. I also liked my alcohol way to much and had a tendency to take drugs when I was bored. The only thing Kelsey and I had in common with each other was our short stature and good sense of style. Also I guess our love for Carter too but, she didn’t know how I felt. No one did, it was a secret I had never revealed afraid that if I did tell someone and he found out that our friendship would be ruined forever. To me, friendships were as frail as glass flowers and when they broke they were destroyed beyond repair. A million shattered pieces of memories, feelings, and the pretense of being close with someone else are all that’s left over after the destruction of a friendship. Sometimes you could fix it but not ever to the beauty that it was before.
The thoughts were racing through my mind and then I caught a glimpse in my rearview window of Carter and my thoughts stopped and exploded all at the same time. The sun had caught his fair hair and turned it the color of burnished gold. He was so beautiful and it sometimes caught me off guard. My heart ached just to be able to be close to him but, sometimes he seemed so far away and it was at those moments that I realized I could never really have him. Kelsey had him though and for that fact alone I hated her more than anything. I was a good actress though and not like I could be hostile towards her because it’s not like she or he knew how I felt. I pulled myself away from my thoughts and fought the urge to physically shake my head to get myself to concentrate. I was driving after all, and I did not want to get into an accident though if only Kelsey were to die, I think I’d be okay with that.
My mind was getting off topic again but we were almost there and hopefully I could think my thoughts without being worried of driving into a huge truck or bus. I pulled into McDonald’s parking lot and quickly found a place to park. I got out of the car and began walking to the entrance when I felt an arm being casually swung onto my shoulder. I looked up into Carters mismatched gaze and smiled before looking away. I didn’t notice the slight frown that appeared and then disappeared in the span of a second.
“Hey Oreo, is something wrong?” I heard him ask me.
“Hmm no, why?” I lied.
He saw through me though like always but, he played along for some reason.
“Oh you’re just really quiet and for a second while you were driving it looked like you wanted to cry…” he trailed off.
I turned to him with blank astonishment on my face. How had he noticed that? I was an expert at hiding my feelings. He shouldn’t have been able to notice how upset I was. I quickly mumbled something about getting a bug in my eye. His eyes probed my face, knowing that I was lying and debating whether or not to let it go. He opened his mouth to get me to tell the truth when Kelsey came and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers. She successfully turned the attention away from me and onto her and when Carter wasn’t looking she gave me a wink. Finally Kelsey was good for something.
I was super hungry and I ordered myself chicken nuggets and fries. With sweet and sour sauce and orange pop, of course. I sat down at a table and waited for the two love birds to join me. It wasn’t long before they sat down and started chattering aimlessly about some stupid school dance that they wanted to go to tonight. I wouldn’t be caught dead at a dance because I have two left feet and they are also very lame. Another reason to avoid school dances is that I don’t want to see Carter and Kelsey getting all close and personal. Almost as if reading my thoughts Kelsey turns to face me with a sly look gracing her delicate features.
“So Aurora, are you going to come to the dance?” She asked with a weird expression on her face.
“Err, no I don’t think I will be attending. You know me, I can’t dance at all.” I said worriedly.
“C’mon it’ll be fun right Carter?” she said smugly.
“Yeah for sure. Please come Ro” He said with those puppy dog eyes that I can’t resist.
“Fine, fine I’ll come.” I sighed out.
“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” Kelsey said excitedly.
“I said I’ll come! Happy now?” I exclaimed loudly.
“Yes! I am! Let’s get ready together okay!” Kelsey screeched.
“Uhmm Okay. Come over around 6” I mumbled.
Kelsey couldn’t answer me because her mouth was stuffed with food so she just nodded excitedly. I sighed softly and wondered what I had gotten myself into this time.
The rest of the day passed in a blur and before I knew it I was at home debating on what to do before Kelsey arrived. I ended up deciding to take a quick nap and as soon as I was under my covers I was out.
I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm going off. I groaned and smacked it before groggily climbing out of my bed. I stumbled into bathroom and turned the shower on. Soon the bathroom was filled with steam and I climbed into the spray of water. It was scorching hot and I sighed in content. I stayed in the shower for as long as I possibly could and when I finally got out I realized that Kelsey would be arriving any minute. I quickly tossed on a robe and ran into the room and almost had a heart attack.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry I scared you! Rachel let me in and just told me to wait for you to finish in the shower.” Kelsey exclaimed nervously. She was perched on my bed bouncing in excitement.
“Don’t worry about it, just let my heart restart and I’ll be good to go.” I gasped out.
My heart was beating wildly and I could feel the blood pounding in my skull. I quickly fought to calm myself down. I would probably need to go see a psychiatrist soon because for a minute there I thought it was Jesse sitting on my bed.
“Shall we get started?” Kelsey asked as she hoped off my bed with ballerina grace.
“Sure but, you kind of already look ready to go.” I stated cautiously in case I was wrong.
Her hair was straightened and back combed perfectly giving it a nice oomph. It was sparkling lightly too and I could tell that she had put some glitter in it. Her eyes had a thick stripe of black eyeliner on the top that ended in a point past her eye giving her that cat’s eye look. The black also made the strange color of her eyes stand out more. She had dapped sparkly white eye shadow in the corners of her eyes and used a tinted moisturizer underneath. Her lips were a pale pink gloss and she looked more like a mythical creature than ever. She wore tight black skinny jeans and a flashy gold tank top. On her feet were snakeskin ballet flats also in gold.
“That’s because I am. I decided that I would just do your hair and makeup and then we’ll go pick up Carter, if that’s okay with you?” she mumbled.
“Yeah that sounds fine.” I said trying to muster up excitement. I hated makeovers.
“OKAY! Sit down at your vanity and close your eyes. I’ll start with the hair first and no peeking until I’m finished.” She screeched. Her voice was getting higher with every word. Oh god please let me make it through this alive, I prayed.
Kelsey moved fast she prodded and pulled my hair and I could feel her using my curling iron.
“It’s not going to work.” I warned her.
“Oh please, I put some curl activator in your hair and I know all the tricks. Trust me it’ll work.” She exclaimed.
I sighed and then yelped when she accidently burned my ear.
“I’m sorry Ro! Geeze you have a lot of hair!” she groaned out.
I smirked at least my hair was not going to let this makeover be easy on her. A few minutes later Kelsey proclaimed she was finished with the hair and was going to start on the make-up. She spun me around in my chair and started with what I think was toner. I stopped paying attention to what she was doing and started thinking about what Carter would be wearing tonight. I was yanked out of my day dream though when Kelsey yelled. I opened my eyes startled to see her face inches away from mine.
“Finally Aurora, you were really out of it. What were you thinking about?” She asked rapidly.
“Oh this and that.” I said distractedly.
Up close her eyes were even prettier. They sparkled with their own light and I saw that the silver was flecked with gold.
“Well you better hurry up and get dressed. I threw the outfit on your bed and remember no peeking! Call me when you’re dressed.” She said before skipping out of my room and into the hallway.
On my bed was my dark wash William Rast skinny jeans and a low cut silver tank top. There was also my favorite black leather jacket and the shoes were my black open toe Jimmy Choo stilettos. I quickly pulled it on and yelled for Kelsey to come back into the room.
“Now for me to reveal my creation! Close your eyes once again please.” She chirped.
I closed my eyes and let her lead me to what I assume was my gigantic mirror. She stopped and whispered in my ear.
“Okay now you can look.”
I opened my eyes and almost fell over in shock. She had tamed my hair! It fell in ringlets down my back but half of it was back combed and pinned up giving me a refined Snookie bump. She had given me eye make-up like hers but she had put liner on the bottom too. The effect made my eyes glow in an almost eerie way. My lips were a pale neutral and there was a light pink blush along my cheek bones. The outfit she had put together made me look tall and sinuous rather than short and skinny. I liked it a lot. So much that I spun around and gave her a hug forgetting about the fact that part of me hated her.
“I take it you like it?” Kelsey asked me happily.
“Of course I like it. I look beautiful” I told her smiling.
“Psshh don’t act like you didn’t already know you were a stunner.” She kidded.
Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.
“C’mon were going to be late picking up Carter. I said we’d be there at quarter after 7 and it’s already 7:10.” She said as we hurried to her car.
We got in and when Kelsey heard what song was playing on the radio she cranked up the volume.
“And if you want me girl, I will be your man. And if you want me girl I will be here forever.”
Kelsey sang along to Down with Webster’s “Your man” in perfect tune and I listened silently. We were at Carters in no time and Kelsey grabbed my hand tightly, pulling me to the front doors as quick as she could. For a tiny twig like her she was sure strong. She didn’t bother knocking; instead she just charged on in and stopped at the bottom of the stairs and bellowed for Carter come on down.
“In a minute, I just need to pull on a shirt.” His voice floated down.
I licked my lips before I could stop myself luckily Kelsey was too busy paying attention to Max to notice. I started thinking about how horrid this dance was going to be when suddenly I was knocked over. I shrieked and started twisting in the air to try and land on my stomach when a cool hand grabbed mine and with stunning speed yanked me back up right. I gazed at the silver eyes that were brimming with mirth and caught myself.
“You should’ve heard yourself scream.” Kelsey managed to gasp out before she was over come with laughter.
I directed my gaze to the cause of my fall- Max. He was sitting innocently by my feet, gazing up at me with adoration. I sighed and picked him up, I couldn’t be mad at the little guy, he was just too cute. I looked back over at Kelsey and wondered how in the hell she had gotten so strong. She was still chuckling quietly to herself so I decided to just ask her.
“How are you so strong? You’re so tiny.” I asked her.
“Yoga and Pilates.” She flexed her arms and grinned at me “you’d be surprised at how much stronger you’ll get from doing them. Along with the strength comes lots of balance and grace too.”
Max whined in my arms then directing my attention back to him. He squirmed and then lunged for my face attacking it with kisses and then biting my ear.
“Gross Max, you’re going to ruin my make-up!” I squealed.
Suddenly his attention was else where and he flew out of my arms and started bouncing around in excitement.
Carter came down the stairs and Kelsey gave a loud wolf-whistle. I just stared but, it wasn’t because he looked any different. Truthfully he looked the same but when it came to him, he would always leave me breathless. He stopped on the stairs and I saw his eyes darken slightly as he looked at us. Well he was probably just looking at Kelsey but a girl could hope. Carter shook his head slightly and continued on down stopping in front of Kelsey and kissing her on the forehead. Jealousy flared up inside me but, I squashed it down. Now was not the time to tango with the green eyed monster. He stepped back and gave me a once over, smirking slightly.
“Looking good there Oreo, you too Kels. I think maybe I should be the one wolf whistling.” He sighed.
Me and Kelsey looked at him curiously. That sigh held the weight of the world. Seeing our befuddled gazes Carter told us what was on his mind.
“The boys are going to be all over you tonight. I’m going to have my hands full beating off the competition and horn dogs.”
I started laughing and pretty soon they both joined in then I stopped abruptly as I realized something. If someone I didn’t trust tried to make a move on me I’d freeze up and panic. I shook it away I could handle that if it happened. I realized that Carter and Kelsey were both staring at me. I grinned at them but it probably looked more like a grimace. Carter whispered something in Kelsey’s ear and she nodded before leaving the room. My eyes followed her and then snapped back to Carter who was approaching me. He gathered me up in a hug and I held on tightly pressing my face against his chest. I breathed in his warm scent and my worries and fears were quickly chased away. Whenever I was in his arms I always felt so safe like nothing could touch me.
“Ro, you know I won’t let anything bad happen to you so just relax and try to have fun okay?” He asked me.
“Okay and don’t worry you know I can take care of myself.” I answered him.
“I know you can but I still worry anyways.”
I reached up and pecked his cheek.
“Love you.” I said smiling.
“Love you too.” He responded.
I knew he only meant it in friendly way but, it still sounded nice to hear it. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and started guiding me to the door.
“Let’s go, Kelsey’s waiting and you know how impatient she can be.”
We walked out to find Kelsey sitting on the hood of her car and looking up at the sky. She looked so peaceful and serene it almost seemed like a sin to disturb her. Suddenly her head whipped around to stare at us. Her silver eyes were glowing, no that couldn’t be right. People’s eyes didn’t glow like that so I closed my eyes and when I opened them again her eyes were back to normal. She slid of her car gracefully and when Carter made a motion to hop in the passenger seat she held up her hand.
“No Carter it’s hoes before bros, right Aurora?” She asked me.
“Right!” I stated firmly grinning. I slid past Carter and into the car. I heard the back door open so he must’ve taken defeat in good grace. Kelsey hopped in and started the car. She revved the engine and then flashed me a sly smile before shooting forward and out of the crescent. No wonder we arrived at Carters from my house faster than normal, she had a need for speed. We arrived at the school in record time. Carter opened the doors for both of us and then offered us each an elbow. Kelsey giggled as she slipped her arm in his. I was trembling just a bit and Carter who notices everything pulled me closer to him.
“It’ll be okay.” He whispered.
I just nodded and let him pull me along. The gym was dark with pulsing lights in every color flashing and whirling around.Mike Posner’s Cooler than me was playing loudly. As soon as I could I ditched Carter and Kelsey and went in search for Nina. I did not want to see the two lovebirds dancing together. I soon found Nina and began dancing with her.
“You look great” Nina shouted above the music.
“So do you.” I yelled back. It was true, she had put on more makeup than usual and it was working for her. She was also wearing a tight tank top paired with a high waisted black skirt and ankle boots.
Tyler joined us after a few songs and asked for a dance with me. Since, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me I said yes. I was having a lot of fun I realized and I was doing it without Carter. I was a little shocked but pleased, I was happy that I could have fun without him. A Day to Remember came on with their song If it means a lot to you and before I realized what I was doing I had wrapped my arms around Tyler’s neck and he had put his around my waist. We swayed gently to the music and I stared into his cerulean eyes. He was very good looking I realized with a jolt and then a pang of sadness as I realized that I only thought of him as a friend and as long as Benji was around that was all I would ever view anyone as.
“You know you can’t give me what I need and even though you mean so much to me I can’t wait through everything. Is this real happening? I swear I’ll never be happy again and don’t you dare say we can just be friends. I’m not some boy that you can sway; we knew it’d happen eventually.”
I smiled as my favorite part of the song came on and Tyler smiled back.
“You know you’re very pretty Aurora. I’d probably try and get you to go out with me if I didn’t know that you’re heart was already with someone else.” He smirked knowingly.
My eyes widened in shock as I stared at him.
“Don’t worry most people can’t tell but well I’m a little different. He’s blind that he can’t see it and he’s lucky to have you.” He whispered warmth and affection glowing in his gaze.
“Maybe, but he has Kelsey and I don’t want to get in the way of that.” I responded warmly.
“You’re selling yourself short there Ro but hey all the better for me if he never finds out. I’ll have a better chance of sweeping you off your feet that way.” He said smugly.
I rolled my eyes and swayed to run by snow patrol.
“I’m serious here. Any guy would be so lucky to have you and the one guy who does doesn’t even know it.” His gaze was indeed serious.
I pulled him in for a hug and whispered in his ears.
“Thank you. If things ever change with my feelings for Carter you’ll be the first person I call.”
He smiled brightly at me and kissed my cheek. I continued dancing with him for a few more songs and then left to go fix my make-up. On my way to the bathroom I saw Carter with his arms wrapped around Kelsey, dancing quite provocatively. I suppressed a shudder and pushed the hurt into the back corner of my mind. I sped up and once in the bathroom I ran inside of a stall so that no one could see the hurt and pain painted on my face. I tried desperately to hold back tears. Why couldn’t it be me that Carter loved? I put my hands over my eyes and tried to calm myself down. I was almost ready to go back out and face the world when I heard an all too familiar nasally voice. It was Millie DeLarosa and her bitch squad; I decided to stay in the stall until they left. Millie the hateful bitch with the huge boobs. She could be pretty I’d decided long ago if she wasn’t always giving out the stink eye. A perpetual frown marred her face and her dark indigo eyes were always narrowed in a glare. She had strawberry blonde hair and a light spattering of freckles. She was a mega whore and her pretty exterior hid a heart made of stone. I tried not to listen to their nasty conversation but when I heard my name I just couldn’t help myself.
“…Aurora she’s such a fucking slut.” Millie was snarling.
“I know did you like see her all over Tyler? It was like fucking with clothes on. And her and Carter? No way that those two are just friends. I bet they hook up behind poor Kelsey’s back all the time.” Her friend Lily Gian replied.
Lily was Millie’s second in command. She was tall and curvy with dirt brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. She was definitely a follower and had no back bone. She was also the dumbest person I’ve ever met.
Katrina Di’all decided to put her two cents into the conversation as well. Katrina was short with ebony skin and slanting hazel eyes. She was short and stick thin and while she still hung out with Millie she was almost smart.
“She thinks she’s so hot but really she isn’t. People only talk to her because they feel sorry for her. I bet that’s why Carter talks to her because really without him then she has no one.” Katrina’s high soprano added in.
“I know I mean she walks around like she owns the fucking place. Just because she dated Jesse Osparino the hottest male to ever grace this earth doesn’t mean she’s hot shit. And then with her whole sob story about how he tried to molest her. Like what a bitch. Everyone knows she killed him because she’s psycho.” Millie ranted on.
“You’re totally right.” Lily simpered.
“And when Kelsey and Carter break up, Carter is mine. I’ll take him away from little Miss Aurora just to spite the bitch. Plus he’s damn sexy. I’ll turn him against her and everyone else too.” Millie hissed.
“Oh you’re quite devious.” Katrina praised.
I had heard enough. I stood up and stomped out of the stall. I was pissed the fuck off and these bitches were going to pay. Millie and her cronies spun around when the heard the stall fly open their eyes widening to almost comical surprise and shock.
“Listen here Millie, don’t be such a jealous slut because Jesse dumped you for me. Obviously he dumped you because you’re the psycho bitch not me. And I’m a slut? That’s funny because I’m not the one who’s slept with almost half the student body. Girls included.” I seethed out.
“Oh shut up and just leave.” Millie spat out.
“And Lily, me and Carter are just fucking friends. He saved my life so of course we’re close so get a fucking clue.” I turned my attention to her seeing her mouth open in shock.
“You guys are all fucking sluts and bitches and for the record Jesse actually did try to rape and kill me” I hissed.
I whirled around and pulled up my shit showing the scar that Jesse had given me. I heard a high pitched gasp; probably Katrina.
“Carter has one too although his is much bigger. So don’t go around praising Jesse because he was a horrible and messed up person. I guess you wouldn’t know anything about him Millie because you were only a couple of fucks to him. Maybe if he stayed with you, you’d be the one to almost die.” I spat out venomously before spinning on my heel and marching out of the bathroom.
Before the door closed I heard Millie’s shriek.
“Better you than me, whore. Maybe if you weren’t such a tease he wouldn’t have snapped.” Her voice rang out behind me.
I walked towards an opposite wall and leaned against it. The adrenaline was pulsing through my veins and I was shaking. She was such a horrid person. What did I ever do to deserve such cruelty? I had calmed down and the dance was almost over. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall before pushing off and heading towards the exit. I had only taken a few steps however before the opening notes of the next song caught my attention. I stopped and sang along when the first words began.
“She said baby don’t leave, be home, stay close, be close to me. Boy don’t be gone, boy don’t be gone.” I whispered.
“He said baby you know I gotta run, I gotta go. I won’t be long girl, I won’t be long.” A warm voice whispered in my ear.
I spun around and there was Carter, smiling at me. He put his arms around my waist and I twined mine around his neck. He pulled me close and I leaned my head against his chest while continuing singing.
“She said boy don’t you flirt, and baby please just don’t get hurt and if you feel alone than here take my shirt.” I sang.
“He said forever girl. I know you hate the weather girl, so maybe you should hold onto my sweater girl.” His warm breath blew across my cheek as I raised my head to look at him.
“You weren’t going to leave without saving me a dance, were you?” he teased.
“Of course not. You came at the perfect opportunity. It’s our song.” I smiled at him before singing “she ran picked up the phone, said babe I miss you come back home. It can’t be long boy, it can’t be long” I trilled outas my eyes locked with Carters. I couldn’t look away and finally shook myself free to hear him.
“He said I hate this place, I miss your smile, I miss your face. I wrote a song, girl I wrote a song.”
“She said you make me better boy. I just mailed you a letter boy and oh just so you know I’m still in your sweater boy.” I sang happily.
I was elated that he came and found me when he heard our song playing. It was Hedley’s Sweater Song. We swayed around lazily just gazing into each others eyes.
“He said girl don’t be hurt. I’ve sweat a lot and smell of dirt and I think I’d feel naked without your shirt.” He whispered.
“Naa naa naa, na na na naa na na. Naa naa naa, na na na naa na na.” We harmonized.
“He said you’re looking great, I’m home, I’m back I couldn’t wait. Girl way too long, that was way too long.” His voice rasped out.
“She said get over here. I crave you close, I need you near. Now play that song boy play me our song.” My voice complimenting his as we whisper sang the song.
“He said back to forever girl, hope you endured the weather girl. Now all I wanna do is get you out of that sweater girl.” We sang together.
“She said I love the way you flirt, I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt. Now let me see you naked without that shirt.” We finished.
We swayed around until the last notes rang out and then Kelsey bounded over.
“Ready to leave?” She asked.
“Yeah I am.” I said happily. Dancing with Carter had chased away all my anger and hurt and left me feeling content.
We started walking towards the exit and Kelsey grabbed Carters hand and swung it back and forth. She was humming quietly to herself and her silver eyes were far away.
At that moment, I had an epiphany. Although I loved Carter so much, he loved someone else. And I realized today that she was a good person. Most importantly she made him happy and that made her perfect in my eyes. All I wanted was for him to be happy so from now on I’d try to get over my feelings for Carter. I knew I’d always love him though in some part of my heart but sometimes love means letting go. I would still love him secretly but I’d stop hating Kelsey. I thought about Tyler with his ocean eyes and realized that maybe there was more to life out there.
Another epiphany knocked some more sense into me. Who was I kidding? There was no one else for me out there but Carter.
What if I could be what you wanted me to be?
What if I could see what you wanted me to see?
Come on and show me.
--Travelling; Paper lions

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I know how she feels about the drawing, im bad too, maybe thats why i like writing :)
"the bitched barked." should be bitch.
"Her lips were a pale pink gloss " um change were to 'shone with' or 'had' :)
Also (me being aussie and all) what is orange pop? is it like soft drink? lol
OMG is she still gunna get carter?
overall great chapter
update me with the next!

Sun, July 25th, 2010 4:45pm


You're Aussie! Lucky! I wanna live there so bad! Orange pop is like orange juice just fizzy and sweeterso yeah it's a soft drink. Yeah she is still gonna get Carter perhaps mwahaha and for sure :) Thanks for the pointers on my grammer, I need to proof read better aha.

Sun, July 25th, 2010 2:17pm

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