A Little Thing Called Love

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Cam is a future NHL star
Maya is a band geek
Can love be found

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Little Thing Called Love

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



Got Guts

“OM to the G, Maya can you believe it? Degrassi is hosting a charity pageant show.’ Squealed Tori as she read the poster. Rolling her eyes Maya turned to their other friend Tristan. “So Trist, any plans for this year? Well besides suffering Tori’s pageant talk with me,” Maya asked. “I am actually thinking of volunteering with the making and choosing of dresses and tux for the pageant,” Tristan proudly replied back. “Maya you should sign up to help with entertainment, you could even get Zig to play guitar with you,” Tori said getting more excited by the mere thought of it all. Maya gave her friends a smile before excusing herself for class.

Maya wasn’t looking where she was going and ended up being knocked over. “Watch it,” a tall older boy said. He was wearing plain old jeans and a fancy shirt with a tie. She then noticed the symbol on the jacket he was carrying. “Sorry,’ she stuttered out. Grabbing her books, Maya tried to leave as fast as she could. She always hated being around an Ice Hound without her friends, the boys hockey team somewhat intimidate her.

Maya’s first two classes were boring and slow. She hated being separated from her friends. Once the bell for lunch rang Maya was out the door and headed to her locker. Tori, Zig, and Tristan were all looking at their lockers with a questioning look. “What are you guys doing?” Maya asked standing beside them. “We can’t get to them because the Ice hounds are standing in front of them.” Zig mumbled. With a random gain of confidence Maya walked over to the hockey players.

“Excuse me, I need to get to my locker,” Maya said trying to be heard over the rowdy boys. After a few failed attempts, Maya finally just pushed a few boys out of her way. “Come on boys, let’s go find a more attractive scenery,” a tan skinned boy said. He walked away with the others trailing behind him. Before they got too far one of the members with sweet brown eyes and a boyish smile looked back giving an apologetic look.

Maya fumbled with her lock. She tried really hard to keep the tears in. Tori walked up and gave her a small smile. Tori gave her the ‘don’t believe them because their asses’ look before opening her locker as well. Tristan and Zig also silently went and got their lunches before following the girls into the cafeteria.

Maya sat there in her own little world as the others chatted away. It seemed as if a war was ragging on inside her head. One side was saying she could try to put a little more effort in looking good but the other side said she was perfect. Having enough Maya went to go get fresh air. She tried to avoid anyone in the halls as she sped walked to the front doors. The crisp air felt good on her face. The voices in her head seemed to vanish as well.

Maya took a deep breath and tried to get control over her emotions and thoughts before going back in. A hand came out of nowhere and touched her shoulder. She jumped a little at the sudden touch. “Sorry did I scare you,” a concerned voice asked. Maya looked back to the hands owner and was met with the sparkling brown eyes.

“Uh, yeah a little,” she said hesitantly. “Sorry about that,” he stumbled out, “I just wanted to say I am sorry about what my teammates said earlier. To be honest I think you are uh really pretty.’ Once the words left his mouth Maya found herself blushing. “I’m Cam Saunders by the way,’ He added after an awkward silence. Maya gave a shy smile before replying, “I’m Maya Matlin.” Giving one last lop sided smile Cam walked passed her. He accidentally bumped into her when he went to pass and he quickly mumbled a sorry.

Maya spent the rest of lunch in a daze. She couldn’t believe a boy just called her pretty. Maya never had a crush before but she instantly knew she was starting to feel something for the boy. “Maya, where have you been?” Tori asked coming up to her. Tristan and Zig were down the hall putting their names on the lists of people wanting to help with the pageant. ‘Oh, I was getting a bit of fresh air. Have you signed up for the pageant yet?” Maya asked wanting to get the attention off her. Tori instantly went off on different colours and dresses for the show.

The end of lunch bell rang and the group of friends rushed to their next class. Maya, Tristan, and tori had French together while Zig had Math. The teacher handed out different review packages and let the class try to jog their memory. Maya was on the second page when the door flew open. In the doorway was a panting Campbell Saunders. “Campbell it’s nice of you to join us,” Madame said with a disapproving look. Cam blushed and started to mumble apologies. “Just take your seat and don’t let it happen again,” she instructed. Cam let out a sigh of relief and sat at the back of the class.

“Alright there is only twenty minutes left, so I want you to get into groups and try to have conversations in French,” Madame said. Tristan and Tori both turned around to face Maya. “So Maya, are you going to try and convince Whisper Hug to play?” Tori asked. “That would be totes cool,” Tristan exclaimed. “We’re supposed to be talking in French,’ Maya reminded them. Tori and Tristan rolled their eyes. To their left they saw Cam all by himself. “He looks lonely, maybe we should ask him to join us,” Maya said. “Don’t worry about him Maya. He is an Ice Hound, they all are jerks,” Tristan huffed fixing his hat.

“Cam could be different,” Maya said becoming defensive. “Maya, sweetie, you don’t need to get mixed in that group. They love ya then leave ya,” Tori soothed. Maya looked back over to Cam and felt bad that he was by himself. To her, Cam looked like he was a really great guy.

After French, Maya split from Tori and Tristan. They had Science and she had History. Maya looked around for a familiar face but she didn’t know anyone. She quietly made her way to a double desk at the back of the room. Opening her binder she started to doodle music notes. “Hey, can I sit here?” a voice asked from above. Maya’s head jerked up in surprise. “Hey, yeah make yourself at home,” She joked. Cam gave her a smile and set his stuff down.

“To start the semester off I am handing out a project that will be done in pairs. Stop looking to your friends that are across the room because your partner is the person you are sitting beside.” Miss. Lott said. Packages of instructions were passed back as the groups traded names and numbers. “So partner, when should we start working on,” Maya glanced at their topic, “Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.” “Well I’ve got hockey tonight, are you free around seven?” Cam asked. Maya said yes and gave him her address for later. They spent the rest of the class talking about different clubs they wanted to join this year. At the end of class Cam gave Maya a smile and headed for practice. Maya could feel the butterflies as she walked to her locker.

Maya turned the corner to her locker and instantly she was forced backwards. “Watch it, I don’t need a niner throwing herself at me,” a gruff voice said. A few chuckles came from behind him. “Oh please, me accidentally running into you is probably the only action you’ll get, Maya hissed. She grabbed her binder from the floor and pushed pass the jocks.

As she reached her locker Tori ran up to her looking shocked. “What<” Maya asked worried. “OMG Maya, you are my new hero!” squealed Tori. Confusion replaced Maya’s worry. “I heard what you said to Dallas,” Tori said smiling. Maya rolled her eyes before saying, “He got what he deserved.” “You have got guts Miss Maya Matlin,” Tristan said coming up to them. “Trist it is so not that big of deal,” Maya groaned. Maya hated having the attention on her.

The three friends made their way to the front of the school to wait for their ride home. A black car pulled up in front of them. “Ready to leave niners?” Katie asked from the driver’s seat. Tori and Tristan climbed into the back as Maya got in the front. Maya noticed Katie kept glancing at her on the ride home. “If you keep taking your eyes off the road you’re going to crash,” Maya snapped. Katie frowned at her sister’s temper. “Calm down little one. I am just making sure you are the same Maya that I dropped off this morning,” Katie joked.

“Why would I be different from the Maya this morning,’ Maya asked. Katie caught Maya’s eye and replied, “I heard what you said to Dallas today Maya. Talking back just isn’t you,” Katie said. “Well what’s wrong to standing up to a stupid jock? “Maya asked.  “There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just that, they aren’t afraid to play dirty. Your new found courage just might get you hurt,” Katie told Maya. “Katie I will be fine. They don’t scare me anymore,” Maya proudly boasted. Katie nodded her head and left Maya alone to get her work done.

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