A Little Thing Called Love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - What Watching A Scary Movie Leads Too

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




"Maya, Cam is here," Katie said leading the Ice Hound into their living room. Maya looked up and gave Cam a small smile. "Hey, how was practice?" Maya asked. Cam sat down beside her and got his History binder out. "Hockey was tough and I am so glad it is over for the week," He replied leaning back into the couch. Maya noticed how close they were and her heart started to speed up. "Uh, how about I get us a snack then," Maya stuttered out. Before cam could answer she got up and bolted to the kitchen. "Do you need any help," Cam asked from the doorway. Maya not realising that he followed her jumped at his voice. "No I'm good," Maya said going back to getting the drinks.

After a few cookies and half their drinks they finally got started on their work. "So have you actually read Romeo and Juliet," Maya asked curiously. "Actually I had to do it in English last year, so yeah I know it," Cam said opening their question package. "It says here we have to write about why Romeo and Juliet couldn't be together and how their deaths could have been prevented. Then we have to say how this story could relate to different fights that happened in the past,' Cam read. "Well the parents didn't get along and they told their kids they could never be together. Romeo and Juliet died so they could finally be together, but it all could have been prevented if both the families just talked," Maya answered.

"Exactly, so how do you think this relates to the wars?" Cam asked looking over to Maya. As Cam's eyes focused on her blue eyes, Maya blushed. "Well maybe if the different countries just talked it through then they wouldn't of declared war," she answered gazing back at Cam. The room was filled with silence. Maya and Cam just continued to stare at each other. "I don't hear talk of history in there," Katie hollered from upstairs. Both teens jumped at the older girl's voice. "Uh, we should probably write this all down so we don't forget," Cam said blushing and turning away. Maya just nodded her head and wrote it down.

After an hour of looking at different ways Romeo and Juliet could have gotten their parents to talk, Katie came to tell Cam it was time to go. "I'll see you tomorrow then," Cam told Maya before leaving. Maya tried to get to her room before Katie could interrogate her. "Not so fast," Katie frowned leaning against the couch. Maya rolled her eyes and turned to her sister. "What now, don't you have your own life to be dealing with," Maya asked. "Maya, I know Cam looks sweet and probably is being super nice but he is going to hurt you. I know you don't want to hear this but you can't date him, he is an Ice Hound and all jocks are jerks," Katie said, a sad smile graced her face. "Katie, I don't like him like that, and if I did you can't tell me that I can or can't date him. It's my choice who I date so just back off," Maya hissed before leaving her sister alone in the living room.

Maya checked her phone before going to sleep. She had a new message from Tori.

T – So how was your date with the super adorable NHL star 3

M- It wasn't a date Tori, we did homework.

T – That is a boring date

M- It wasn't a date; anyways Katie was home so nothing would have happened. Cam doesn't even like me like that.

T – But do you like him?

M – Tori we just met…and maybe

T – Yay! We could double date. Zig and me, you and Cam. It'll be so fun! 3

M – I am going to bed, ttyl

T – Night, and I am so telling Trist 3

Maya groaned and flopped down onto her bed. After an hour of thinking of cam, Maya got ready for bed and fell asleep.

Maya woke up nervous. She came to the conclusion that yes, she was falling for the Campbell Saunders. "Maya hurry up," Katie called from down the hall. Letting out a slow breath, Maya got up and got ready to face the day. The car ride to Degrassi was quiet and awkward. Katie wanted to say something about how the Ice Hounds were bad news but she didn't want to upset Maya. The car stopped at the front steps of the school and Maya scrambled to get out fast. "Hey Maya, you know I am only trying to look out for you," Katie said. Maya turned to her sister and smiled. "I know Katie, but I can take care of myself now," Maya said turning away to go find her friends.

She found them all at her locker whispering. "Hey guys," Maya said coming up to them. The whispering stopped immediately and they all turned to her. "So did you guys kiss?" Tristan blurted out. Maya's eyes widened, "What?" "You know Maya, lip and lip action, or lip to cheek," Tori explained. "Should I be hearing any of this," Zig asked stepping back ready to flee. Tori gave him a look and he stayed put. "There was no kissing! We just worked on our homework," Maya informed her nosy friends. "Well that's boring," Tristan said pulling out his phone. The group of friends split up and went to class.

Lunch came quickly for Maya. As she sat down at a table with her friends she spotted Cam. He looked a little bit hesitant to go sit with his team. Maya was about to call out he could sit with her but Dallas came up and dragged him away. Maya's heart fell. "Don't worry, you'll get to talk to lover boy in History," Tori said giving Maya an encouraging smile. The group of friends spent the rest of lunch talking about their plans for the weekend. They all decided to go shopping and have super at Little Miss Steaks.

Heading to her History class Maya overheard Dallas and Luke talking to Cam. "Rookie practice is at seven don't be late," Dallas warned before walking off with Luke. Maya turned the corner to see an upset Cam. "Hey, are you okay?" Maya asked walking over to him. Cam's head turned to face her. His face looked exhausted and sad. "I'll be fine. Hockey is just really exhausting and I wish I could just have a break," Cam said taking his seat in the classroom. Maya followed him. "If you want you could come with my friends and I too Little Miss Steaks this weekend," Maya suggested. Cam smiled but declined saying he had hockey and homework.

The last two classes of the day flew by and it was time to go home. Katie and Maya got home and both went right to their homework. Katie told her that she was headed to Jake's once seven came around. Maya felt really lonely. Her parents were on a trip and Katie kept leaving to see Jake. Maya would call Tori or Tristan but they were busy with their families tonight. A buzz came from her phone. She picked it up to see a text from cam.

C – Hey are you busy tonight?

M – Nope, what's up?

C – Do you think we could hang out?

M – Yeah...do you want to come over now? We can order pizza!

C – Cool and I'll be over in ten

Maya smiled down to her phone. She couldn't help but feel giddy about Cam coming over. Maya quickly put her school stuff away and ordered the pizza. The pizza man came at the same time Cam did. When Maya went to go answer the door she saw Cam paying for the food and bringing it in. "You didn't have to pay," Maya told him with a goofy smile written across her face. "No guy should let a girl pay for supper," Cam informed her. "Well let's eat, I am starving," Maya said.

After eating all the pizza and flicking peperoni at each other they both went and settled into the couch. "What do you want to watch?" Maya asked giving Cam the remote. Cam's hand barely touched Maya's but she still felt a spark. They held each other's gaze for a second before he turned back to the TV. Maya blushed and faced the TV again. "Do you like horror movies," Cam asked. Maya stiffened at the mention of the movie genre, she hated anything scary. "Yeah," She lied through her teeth. Cam looked over at her and she just gave him a fake smile.

Cam chose to watch The Grudge. Half way through the movie Maya had enough of acting tough and finally hid her face with Cam's arm. "Please turn it off," Maya squeaked. Cam laughed to himself before turning the TV off. "I thought you liked horror movies," Cam said with a knowing smile. "I don't, the scare the hell out of me," She said. Cam nodded his head and said, "I can tell." Maya's face heated up when she realised how close her face was to Cam's. Maya tried to put space between them before things got awkward. Before she could pull away Cam placed his hand at the back of her neck. His puppy brown eyes flickered to her lips and back to her eyes. He held her gaze for a moment before closing them and leaning in.

Maya's heart was dancing in her chest. Her breath was short, and she felt herself shaking. She followed his movement and closed her eyes as well. His lips pressed softly against hers. The kiss was short and sweet. When Maya pulled away blushing she saw Cam was sporting his lop sided grin. Using that as a good sign Maya went to kiss him again. This time before their lips met a cough came from the door way. "I think it is time for Cam to go home," Katie said. She was standing in the arch way glaring at the young hockey player. Nodding his head Cam said goodbye to them both and left. "Thanks for ruining the moment Katie," Maya mumbled before going upstairs to bed.

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