A Little Thing Called Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Stupid Girl

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




The next morning Zig found Maya alone in the library before their first class. “I can’t believe you let him kiss you,” Zig hissed. Maya gave him a weird look. “Um, hello to you to Zig,” Maya replied going back to her book. “Maya don’t you realise he is just going to sleep with you and leave you,” Zig asked. “Zig I am not going to sleep with him,” Maya snapped. A few heads turned their way and both teens lowered their voices. “When Cam realises this he is going to leave you heart broken,” Zig tried to convince her. “You don’t know him,” Maya whispered, she tried to walk past him but he blocked her. “Maya, you deserve someone who won’t hurt you,” Zig whispered getting a little closer to her. Maya backed up and glared at Zig. “Zig back off, it’s nice your concerned because we are friends,” Maya stressed the word friends. Zig cupped her cheek and tried to kiss her. The library was filled with a slapping sound. Maya pushed Zig away and stormed out.

“May, you will not guess what just happened,” Tori squealed. Maya looked over to her best friend, “Okay Tor, tell me what is so exciting.” “I was chosen to be in the pageant,” Tori gushed. Tori and Maya did a little excitement jump thing before they both started laughing. “What’s going on here,” Tristan asked coming up to them. “Tori will be in the pageant,” Maya answered as Tori spun around. “Om to the g Tori, that is so fab,” Tristan congratulated. “I know! I have the list of recommended dresses and we can get them while we are out shopping tonight,” Tori said.

The first two periods and lunch flew by for Maya. It was now time for her History class with Cam. “Hey Cam,” Maya greeted him. Cam was sitting at their desk and looked totally out of it. Maya snapped her fingers in front of his face a few times. Cam blinked and looked over at her. “Hey Maya,” Cam said. Maya was confused on why Cam didn’t seem to want to be near her.

M – Cam doesn’t want to talk to me now, what do I do??

T - Maybe he is worried you didn’t want to kiss him...

M – Or he wishes he didn’t kiss me

T – Calm down, I am sure he is just nervous

M – Alright J

Maya glanced over to find Cam biting his lower lip. He looked as if he was having a very serious discussion in his head.  “Cam do you think we could talk after school,” Maya asked quietly. Cam looked over at her and nodded his head.

Maya was torn on how she felt this talk would go. She wanted to make sure that they could still be friends if he regretted kissing her. Cam and Maya met at the garden her sister and Jake built. “So, what did you want to talk about,” Cam asked sitting on the bench. Maya nervously sat beside him. “Cam we kissed last night and-,” Maya started but Cam cut her off. “It was a mistake. I have to stay focused on school and hockey, I think it would be best if we just get this History assignment done and just not talk,” Cam said.

Maya looked at him shocked. Tears started to build up in her eyes so she turned and walked away. She felt stupid for thinking something would work between her and Cam. Cam was an Ice Hound, and she was a band geek. What Zig said to her earlier kept replaying in her head. She wished now she didn’t slap him. Instead of walking though the school crying Maya sat at the side of the school.

She kept telling herself how stupid and pathetic she was. After a while someone came around and found her. “Maya?” a voice she knew called to her. Maya whipped the tears from her cheeks quickly. “Hey Zig,” Maya shocked out. Zig quickly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. “Hey Maya, tell me what’s wrong,” Zig said stroking her back. “Cam told me he regretted kissing me, and I thought he might actually like me. You were right Zig, I am so sorry for hitting you earlier,” Maya cried. She hugged Zig as tight as she could.

Zig tried his best to sooth Maya. “He isn’t worth it, you deserve someone who can see that you are such a beautiful girl,” Zig said. He looked down to see Maya smile up at him. “Thanks Zig, to bad there isn’t any more guys like you here,” Maya joked. Zig smiled down at her again. Zig went to take a step back but purposely fell forward a little. Maya found herself pushed against the brick school wall and Zig. “Sorry,” Zig said faking embarrassment. Maya just smiled and turned her head away.

Maya went to tell Zig they should go but Zig kissed her before she could speak. When Maya tried to push Zig away he pinned her arms to the wall. Maya stomped on his foot. Zig backed off and held his foot. “What the hell Maya,” Zig said breathless. “You can’t kiss me Zig! You have a girlfriend that is my best friend. I don’t like you like that,” Maya almost screamed at him. “Maya, you said you wanted a guy like me,” Zig said trying to kiss her again. Maya pushed him away and backed away from him. “I said like, but you are obviously the guy that goes around kissing girls that aren’t your girlfriend, so now I don’t,” Maya said leaving a confused Zig behind.

Maya rushed to the bathroom to make her face look more presentable. After making sure the red around her eyes was gone, she headed to get her stuff for home. “Hey Maya, have you seen Zig,” Tori asked smiling. Guilt filled Maya. She felt bad about what happened, but it wasn’t her fault Zig kissed her. May turned to Tori and lied, “Haven’t seen him since lunch. He probably is out front waiting for us all.” “He probably is. Are you ready for our fun filled night?” Tori wondered. Maya nodded her head and allowed Tori to drag her outside.

When Maya shielded her eyes from the bright sun, her eyes connected with Cam’s.  She felt sad and stupid all over again. She started to think Zig kissing her was her fault. She practically through herself onto him and pretty much begged to be comforted.  “Oh la la, Maya how was your talk with Cam,” Tristan teased. “He said it was a mistake,” Maya told them. Tori and Tristan both gave her sympathetic looks and hugs. Zig just stood there, he almost looked happy about it. “That Ice Hound is so not worth it then,” Tori comforted Maya. Tristan agreed wholeheartedly.

Maya gave her friends appreciative glances. “How about we stop thinking about him and go get dinner,” Maya suggested. They grabbed their bags and headed to Little Miss Steaks for dinner. They talked about all the stores they could go to and talked about outfits for the pageant. Tori decided to go with a deep purple colour. The list she had to choose from also had the options of green, gold, or dark blue.

Super was quiet. They all were way too hungry to stop eating and have a conversation. They split the bill and all headed for the bus that would take them to the mall. Zig seemed to be overly affectionate with Tori that night. He would give her small kisses and hugs whenever Maya and Tori were near each other. Maya wanted to tell Tori what happened but she didn’t want to ruin their relationship. Maya kept quiet and went to see Tristan.

“I heard Whisper Hug was performing at the pageant,” Tristan said over a pile of cardigans. “Yep, we get to play the last song of the night,” Maya replied. Maya found a cute red cardigan. It reminded her of the red from the Ice Hound jerseys.  “You know, Cam is a very stupid boy for hurting you,” Tristan tried to make her feel better. Maya smiled at him and handed him a cute navy blue cardigan to try on. “Thanks Trist,” Maya said.

Tori, Maya, and Tristan left Zig at a game store. They went to go find outfits at Fair Weather for the pageant. Tori found a few cute dresses and instantly tried them on. Tristan found a nice dress shirt and a pair of black slacks. Maya just needed a cheap dress. After a few minutes of looking she found one she loved.

It was a dark red (burgundy if you asked Tristan) dress. It came to her knees and had a fitted top with spaghetti straps. It was made out of a silky material. The bottom of her dress poofed a little, so she had room to move. The dress had a cute flower sparkle pattern; it starts from the bottom and makes its way half way up to her waist. Maya tried it on and came out. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t help but feel really pretty.

“Maya you look stunning,” Tori told her. Maya gave Tori a small smile and turned to face her. “Tori you look gorgeous, “Maya said back. “Aw look at you both, you look so grown up,” Tristan mocked them.  Both girls did a turn and a bow for him. “Wow Tori, you look amazing,” Zig’s voice came from behind Tristan. “Aw, Ziggy!” Tori squealed. Tori walked over to Zig and gave him a big thank you kiss. Maya and Tristan both averted their yes.

Tori and Tristan left Maya and Zig at the music store. Tristan claimed he and Tori needed new shoes and they would be back in a few. Maya tried to ditch Zig by going to the cello section. Zig followed her like a lost puppy. “Maya we need to talk,” he said leaning against the wall. “No we don’t, I won’t tell Tori what you did if you just leave me alone” Maya told him. Zig rolled his eyes and explained how he couldn’t stop wanting to kiss her. Maya turned to him with a stern look on her face. “Well you’ll have to try harder because I am not going to kiss you behind my best friends back,” Maya hissed. Zig kissed her and tried to push her against the wall like earlier but she backed away. “Stop Zig,” Maya hissed before leaving to go find Tristan and Tori. 

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