A Little Thing Called Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Start of Camaya

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Cam ran to the dressing room trying not to be late. “Rookie where have you been,” Dallas asked from the other side of the room. Panting Cam replied, “Sorry just had to talk to someone.” The other team members laced their skates and headed for the rink. Cam was left alone with Dallas. “Today we are working more on getting the puck away from the other team, so hurry up and get out there. We’ll be waiting,” Dallas said exiting the change room. Cam watched him leave before bending down and taking his shoes off.

Cam did the usual warm up. He skated the rink ten times, he weaved through the pylons, and he tried to shoot on the goalie for ten minutes. It was finally time to play a mini game. During the game Cam couldn’t stop feeling bad about what he said to Maya. After their talk Maya was the only thing he could think about. The conversation with Zig this morning popped into his head.

Cam got to school a little early, he wanted to find Zig and ask him a few questions about Maya. He found Zig sitting at the garden a few seniors built. Zig heard Cam’s footsteps and looked up at him. “Hey Zig, uh I was wondering if you could help me,” Cam asked nervously looking around. Zig raised an eyebrow and told him to continue. “I want to ask Maya out but I don’t know where to take her,” Cam admitted. Zig gave him a sad look. “Cam, Maya doesn’t like you,” Zig said with sad smile. Cam looked at Zig confused and asked, “Then why did she kiss me.” Zig stood and gathered his things. Turning back to Cam he replied with his own question, “If she really liked you, than why did she kiss me.”Cam looked crushed as Zig shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

Anger filled his body. Before he could take it out on anything a body smacked him into the rink’s wall. Cam and the body both crumpled to the ground. “Rookie, get your head in the game,” Luke said getting up. Cam brushed himself odd and went back to trying to steal the puck. For the rest of the practice he played terribly. When they got off the ice Dallas pulled him aside to talk.

“Alright Cam, tell me what the hell that was. Usually you are great but today you sucked,” Dallas said. “Sorry, I just have school on my mind. I need to get my grades up,” Cam half lied. Cam knew it wasn’t a complete lie; he did have to get his Science mark up. “Cam I know that isn’t why you were distracted today. Just tell me the truth and I will go easy on you for your punishment,” Dallas tried to joke. Cam looked around, he just wanted to go home and sleep. “Fine, I thought a girl liked me and when I asked her friend were I could take her if I asked her out, he said not to because she didn’t like me, and when I asked then why would she kiss me, he said well if she liked me so much why would she kiss him,” Cam rambled.

Dallas looked at Cam and saw how crushed he looked. “Did you talk to her about it,” Dallas asked. “I told her that we should just get our project done and just go back to not talking,” Cam told him. Dallas placed his hand on Cam’s shoulder and squeezed it. “Sorry to hear that, but you can’t let a girl get you down,” Dallas said wisely. Cam nodded his head in agreement. “Who was the girl anyway,” Dallas asked curiously. “Matlin, Maya Matlin,” Cam told him. Dallas raised his eyebrow and muttered, “The girl with the dragon tattoo’s sister.”

Dallas and Cam both went to the dressing room to get changed. Dallas quickly changed and left leaving Cam all alone. That night Cam couldn’t sleep so he looked at contacts in his phone to text. He found Maya’s number; he quickly sent a text asking if they could meet and work on their homework for History.

M – Sure

C – Where do you want to meet?

M – The Dot

C – Okay, I will meet you there for lunch

M – Cool

Cam was relieved for two reasons. One was that Cam got to see Maya, even if he was upset she kissed Zig, and two, because he could get this project done so if she really didn’t like him they could go their separate ways. Cam dreamt of Maya, it was them just sitting on a bench laughing. He couldn’t hear what they thought was so funny but he knew they were happy.

The next day, Cam didn’t get out of bed until he had to go meet Maya. He left a note for his host family saying he would be back later when he was done doing a project. Cam took his time walking to the restaurant. He was trying to get the courage to ask Maya if it was true she had kissed Zig, but then he also remembered something important. Zig had a girlfriend; more specifically his girlfriend was Tori, Maya’s best friend. Cam quickly picked up the pace and got to The Dot panting. He found a back booth that was private so he could talk to Maya about Zig and what was going on.

It felt like forever but Maya finally showed up. Cam waved her over to the booth. She took a seat opposite from him. They both ordered lunch and started doing their rough draft for their assignment. It was almost three when Maya said she had to go. Before she could move Cam got up and switched sides. Maya was now stuck between the wall and Cam. “Cam, I have to go,” Maya said not looking at him. “May I know we don’t know much about each other but I like you and when Zig told me that you and he had a thing I was mad. I want to still be your friend because I would rather be that then not have you in my life at all,” Cam told her.

Maya finally looked at Cam; she had a confused look on her face. “Zig and I don’t have a thing as you put it. He is with Tori,” Maya said. “Zig said you kissed him though,” Cam asked now also confused. Maya looked at Cam with a shocked expression. “He kissed me,” Maya argued. “So you and Zig are just friends,” Cam wanted to be reassured. Maya smiled and nodded her head. Cam hesitantly leaned closer to Maya. His hand went to behind her neck and softly pulled her closer. Maya shyly bit her lip before leaning in closer to Cam.

“Maya just so you know, kissing you was probably the best thing I have ever done since coming to Degrassi,” Cam admitted. “It wasn’t a mistake,” Maya asked teasingly. Cam just gave her a small smile before kissing her. This kiss lasted longer than their first. It was slow and meaningful. Cam’s arm went around her waist and pulled her closer to him. They both pulled back for some air. Their faces were flushed and smiles were plastered on their faces. “Monday I have a game, do you want to come? We can get fires after,” Cam suggested. “I’d love to,” Maya said. Maya frowned and said she actually had to get going.

Cam walked Maya home and then took the long way back to his house. No one was home yet so Cam just went up to his room. Picking up his phone he saw a text from Dallas.

D – Ready for the game?

C – Yep... Do you have any more tickets for friends?

D – Yeah, who’s the lucky lady? ;)

C – Maya, she told me her and Zig didn’t have a thing

D – So Zig lied about them kissing

C – No, Zig kissed her, but she tried to make him stop and he wouldn’t

D – Does Zig’s girlfriend know this?

C – Don’t think so. I think Maya just wants to forget it happened. I have to go see yaw Monday

D – K bye

Cam had a quick super and went right to bed. He was tired and just wanted to sleep the rest of the weekend away. He also just wanted it to be Monday so he could see Maya again.

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