I Want Somebody To Love Me

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Axel and Demyx are about to graduate from highschool and they both want one thing. For the person they love to know that they love them. Both boys just want somebody to love them.
This will only be a few chapters like 2 or 3 and in the last 2 chapters there will be 2 songs
song 1 = Introducing me - Nick jonas
2 song = Who I am - nick Jonas
I OWN NOTHING!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Want Somebody To Love Me

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




Graduation was quickly approaching and the grads were getting all prepared. Except for two miserable teenage boys. It wasn’t that they weren’t excited to graduate it’s just that they had a lot on their mind. “Demyx, it’s time to go!” Axel called from the bottom of his friends stares. “COMING!” Demyx hollered back. Axel rolled his eyes and headed back out to his black sports car. Right before he got in he saw the love of his life walking to school on the opposite side of the street.

Roxas was the bond’s name. He had short-spiked sun-shine blond hair and crystal blue eyes that always sparkled when he was happy. Axel remembered the time him and Roxas dated, it was the happiest time of his life. It almost lasted three years but Axels bad habits got in the way.


Axel was lying on the floor in front of the wood stove while Roxas played with his boyfriends long red spikes. Axel emerald eyes flicked to his pocket when he felt his phone vibrate. “Hey, what’s up Larxene?” Axel said into his phone. “I need a little favour.” Larxene told him. “Like what,” Axel asked now curious what she would want him to do at nine pm. “Meet me down at the bridge, I’ll give them to you there.” She said before hanging up. “Sorry, Roxy gotta go. I’ll text you later.” Axel said before swiftly kissing the blond on the cheek.

When Axel left Roxas called his friend Zexion. “Are you busy Zexion?” Roxas asked into the phone after his friend picked up. “Nope why?” Zexion asked slowly a little worried on what was going on. “I need you to pick me up and take me down to the bridge.” Roxas told him. After Zexion agreed Roxas got his coat and shoes on and went outside to wait for his friend. It only took Zexion a few minutes to get to his friend’s house and just ten minutes to get to the bridge.

Roxas saw Axel light a plastic chair on fire. Roxas didn’t know he was out of the car until he heard Zexion call his name to come back. Roxas didn’t though he kept walking up to Axel. “Axel!” Roxas shouted stopping halfway to Axel. Axel walked the rest of the way to Roxas. “Um, Roxas what are you doing here?” Axel asked his blond quietly.  

“Axel what the hell do you think you’re doing? You could get in so much trouble; I thought you were done with setting everything on fire for people’s entertainment.” Roxas hissed at his boyfriend.

“Look I have a rep to protect. Just go home I’ll be fine. I’ll text you later.” Axel said smiling down at Roxas. “No you won’t text me later because you will get drunk go home to sleep and forget about me. I am done with this worrying about you and having to cancel any plans we have because you’re meeting up with these people just to set things on fire and to drink. Were over.” Roxas said the last part with a shaky voice.

Roxas turned and left the pyro there in the middle of a dirt circle. “You don’t need the little kid Axel you got us.” Larxene said laughing and going to her car to get the alcohol.


“Axel, he’s gone.” Demyx said coming up to his friend’s car. “I know Demyx, but I love him so much,” Axel said before starting his car. “So how has the plan on getting Zexion to notice you worked so far?” Axel asked his best friend Demyx. Demyx fixed his mullhawk before answering with a frustrated growl. Axel burst out laughing as Demyx rubbed his face with his hands.

“I told him that I liked him but he said that we knew nothing about each other. So I listed off everything I knew about him and he turned around and said well that’s nice Demyx but still I know nothing about you! THEN HE WALKED AWAY!” Demyx said agitated. “So what are you going to do?” Axel asked knowing that Demyx had something planned. “You have to wait. I am going to talk to him when he is sitting under the tree at lunch.” Demyx said smiling to himself.

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