Till Death My Cousin

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At her own party she find out she is being forced to marry a man she could never love. With hate flowing through her veins bella seeks out her parents. The night ends with a fight between Bellatrix and her parents. Storming to her room bella packs for her last train ride to a place where her family problems seem to dissapear. But with her disowned cousin Sirius there attending his last year aswell, will Bella fight this marriage or will she find a way or someone that makes it all worth it?

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Till Death My Cousin

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012




I looked up at him as he towered over me, begging him in my head to kill me.

********************Many Years Earlier ******************

“BELLATRIX GET DOWN HERE NOW!” hollered Druella Black. It was August thirty-first and the Blacks were throwing a party. Tonight they were celebrating Bellatrix’s last year at Hogwarts. Groaning a young care-free Bellatrix sat up in bed. Her massive mane of black curls stuck flat to her back. Her dark eyes flicked over to the clock on the wall, it read eight am. Bellatrix stood from her bed and slowly made her way to her dresser where her wand lay. Grabbing it Bella used it to make her bed magically.

“BELLATRIX GET DOWN HERE!” came her father’s voice. “COMING<” Bella yelled back. Bellatrix made her way quickly to her bedroom door and down the stairs to where her parents were waiting.  “Bella, as you know tonight we are throwing a huge party for you. Your father and I are giving you some money so today you can go buy a new dress to wear and so you can get your hair and make-up professionally done.” Druella said handing an envelope of money over to her eldest daughter.  “Thanks mom, father.” Bellatrix turned quickly and ran back up to her room to get ready for shopping.

“Where are you going Bella?” Nacrissa asked walking into her older sister’s room. “Shopping Cissy.” Bellatrix answered walking to the ancient fire place in the living room. “I will see you later tonight Cissy.” Bella grabbed some floo powder and threw it into the fire and shouted “Diagon Alley!”

Stepping out of the fire place Bella was slightly blinded by the sun. The streets of Diagon Alley were crowded with last minute shoppers. Pushing her way through the crowds Bella went first to the most expensive dress shop. Silk Design’s was very popular for pure-bloods to shop at. When Bellatrix opened the French glass door a bell gave a ring to signal for an employee.  “Hello Miss, welcome to Silk Designs what are you looking for today?” a short blonde girl asked practically skipping over to Bellatrix. “I am here for a dress to wear at my party tonight.” Bella said looking around the room. The blonde smiled and beckoned for Bella to follow her.

“Today we got a new order of party dresses, all colours, lengths, and styles I think you might like.” She said showing Bella a rack of dresses. “By the way my name is Willow, so if you need any help just ask for me and I will gladly help you.” Willow gave another smile and pranced off to the back room. Bellatrix rolled her eyes at the girl’s cheeriness and went back to looking at the gowns. Bellatrix had no clue on what type of dress she wanted. She didn’t even want to go to the party.

Skimming through the dresses Bella picked a few to try on. The first one was a forest green halter dress that went to the floor; Bella hated it on herself and quickly changed into the next one. It was a gold sweet-heart dress that went to her knees. Bella did like it but decided the gold looked to Gryffindor-ish. The third one was a dark purple with a lighter purple band that went around her waist that came to a bow at the back. It was a strapless dress that went to her knees like the last one.  Bella walked out of her change area and called for Willow.

Willow’s eyes went huge when she saw Bellatrix. Squealing Willow rambled on about Bella looking great in the dress. Willow grabbed a pair of shows and shoved them into Bellatrix’s hands telling her to put them on. Bellatrix put on the matching purple shoes that gave her a few more centimeters in height.

Bella looked at herself in the wall length mirror and couldn’t help but think of how great she looked. “How much?” Bella asked looking back to Willow. “That should come to five hundred gold pieces.” Willow said smiling. Giving the girl the money Bella changed back to her normal clothes and left with her new outfit. Walking down the street Bella went to get her hair done.

“Miss Black it is so good to see you!” Mrs. Carmel gushed, hugging Bellatrix. “Good to see you to.” Bella politely said to the owner of the saloon. “What are we doing with your hair today?” asked Mrs. Carmel who sat Bella down into a chair. “Today I want to do something drastic to my hair. Can we trim it and straighten it?” Bellatrix asked leaning back in the comfy chair. “Anything you want Miss Black.” Mrs. Carmel answered. A half hour later Bellatrix had shoulder length hair that was pin straight. Bellatrix paid and left.

Harriet’s was the last place to stop.  The place smelled of flowers and cheap perfume. Bella also smelt a little bit of alcohol. A young adult came over and showed Bellatrix to a booth. After Bella described her dress the lady went to work on the make-up. Bellatrix had black eye liner and mascara on. Her eye-lids where painted with a deep purple with a lighter purple near the top to make it less harsh on the eyes. The woman also put a shiny nude lip gloss on Bella’s already deep pink lips. Bellatrix was happy to pay and leave.

Apparating back home Bella sat in the lounger out back. “Is that you Bella?” called her mom. “Standing Bella went to her mother. “Yes mom?” Bella asked. “Good your home. Now go upstairs the guest will be arriving soon.” Her mother demanded before leaving to the den. Marching up the stairs Bellatrix noticed that it was six already. Hurrying into her dress and shoes Bella made her way down to the ball room. There were already loads of people there dressed in gowns and suits.

“Ready Bella?” Cissy asked from behind her. “I don’t think I have a choice.” Bellatrix said looking over to her younger sister.

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