Try To Choose he Path less Choosen...

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Every oneknows who Lilly and James Potter are 9especially if you love J.K.Rowling's books0 if you dont then keep reading. james and Lilly are harry Potters parents that died at the hands of Voldemort himelf. Harry is the Boy ho lived but what made his parents get together in the first place alot of people thought they hated each other or Lilly hated James but in my own words this is what happend!!!! 7th year hogwarts! Oh and his makes e sad that I need t say i do NOT ow the characters except Emma and sam oh and the rest belong to the greatest J.K.Rowling ... u are amazing J.K.Rowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Try To Choose he Path less Choosen...

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



“James are you awake?” I can’t believe it I want his company. “Why Lilly flower?” he asked opening his eyes to see me looking right into his lovely hazel eyes. As my emerald green eyes and his hazel eyes locked I answered his question. “I am bored.’ I of course answered lamely. And why was he frowning he isn’t supposed to be frowning. He should be happy I came to him out of all people. He furrowed his brows and said “What does it have to do with me?” “It’s a nice day out and I was going to see if I could take you up on one of those walk around the lake offers!” Well now he looks way to happy, this kid needs to stick with one emotion or I will have to hit him. “Let’s go!” he jumped up off the couch and pulled me from my crouching on the floor position. “James put a shirt on first!” wow he looks really muscular. LILLY EVANS STOP THINKING RIGHT NOW! “Fine wait right here.” he grins and runs into his head boy dorm. Well I guess I will regret this later. As James came back down the stairs his hair of course all messy as if he just got off his broomstick he took me by the hand and pulled me out of the portrait hole. “Oi! Potter get your hand away from mine this walk is so we can get to know each other so we can work better this year.’ I say stubbornly pulling my hand from his. Once my hand was loose he looks at me with that stupidly CUTE smile and asks “So this isn’t so we can be alone and have another kissing fest?” he pretended to look upset. “Oh my James no I was bored so I asked if you wanted to join me for a walk not a Kissing fest you lunatic.” but of course I can’t help but smile. He just has to notice, because before I know it I have his hands on my shoulders and he is looking into my eyes which is what are messed up Diviation teacher calls the gates to our soul.” what are you doing?” I ask when he doesn’t release me. “trying to do what are Divination teacher does.” of course he is. I frown and he smiles. Wow. Then with out me even noticing he steps right into my personal bubble some more and his lips are so close to mine I feel his warm breath tease me. I don’t really want him to kiss me or do I. I really don’t know so I make up my mind. I shall kiss him and that’s exactly what I do. It’s short but sweet and really GOOD! “I said you weren’t allowed o kiss me James!” but I ruin my mad look with a smile!” Well then why did you kiss me back?” “’Cause .I.-!” but I was cut of because he loves hearing his own voice (that’s what I think0 “You like my kisses Lilly you mind as well just admit it.” James leans in and invites his lips onto mine. I really need to stop him but I don’t really want to or do I. No it’s is a definite I love him. Great!

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