The Twisted Ways of Love

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**Finished** Callie Wilson is a seventeen year old who makes a lot of mistakes one which ends her to stay with her father for the summer a man she hated with every part of her. He has remarried and she now has a two step brother's and a step sister and while she is there. There is another guest who seems to be playing mind games with her but tells her self no because she is in love with some one else. The summer seems to go so fast and well when she gets home her perfect life seems to be coming undone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Twisted Ways Of Love

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



okay so my spelling and grammar is not amazing so you can tell me where is need to fix it just leave a comment and well i started to write this about a year ago and now i am going to finish it off and here is the beginning.

“So where is my mom?”

“she went out I guess, so you’re stuck with me.” he smiled his one million dollar smile, which always made me want to kiss him, but I have to pretend I hate him. I can’t be with him; I just have to face that fact. He is my Mom’s boyfriend and he is twenty three. So he six years older than me he has honey coloured hair and slightly tanned, he kind of looks like a surfer and he dose surf a lot and keeps asking me if I wanted to learn. I always say no and well I hate looking at him because his eyes are bright blue. which always made me think of sapphires which are my favourite jewel and that so does not help. I’m seventeen and my mom is thirty five she was seventeen when she has me although my parents don’t say it I know I was a mistake. I have an older brother who is nineteen and again he was a mistake. My mom and dad got married at sixteen then divorced at twenty three. I haven’t seen my dad since I was about six and I hate him because he just ran off. I have no idea where he is and I don’t really care. Any way my mom’s boyfriend for the moment it never last is well hot and I pretend to everyone including myself that I hate him he called Jason by the way.


“Yes.” I said snapping back to reality and realising that I had been in my own world for a while. I looked at Jason and he was looking a little concern of me.

“You okay.”

“I think I must have been Daydreaming.”

“You seem to do that a lot.” He gave me a smile after he said these words and winked at me; I rolled my eyes and said.

“Not that much, I guess I would rather be in a land of fantasy when I am home. So to you it seems like a lot.” I smiled at him and then the phone rang and Jason got it.

“hey … hey babe what’s up… um I thought you said… that’s great… but you have to go for two months that’s kind of a long time… I’m not sure… but I’ll stay for you so want me to look after Callie.., love you too.” He hung up and looked at me I said.

“Why are you with my mom, I mean you could be like her son?” I demanded he looked a little taken a back but said in a low calm voice.

“She only twelve years older than me, there are people who are together with twenty years between them okay.” He looked a little angry know and he had raised his voice in the last sentence.

“but that is them to me it is sick. I wouldn’t date someone who was six year older than me” I lied, I felt my eyes go all across the room and then finally landed on him he said again in a calm tone.

“So you wouldn’t date me.” He flashed his a million dollar smile again and raised his eye brows I rolled my eyes.

“You wish.” I spat at him and he seemed to smirk.

“Then why are you always staring at me and then say you’re daydreaming, is it about me.”

“I don’t stare at you.” Again another lie and I try to be a good person, I loved that fact he made me angry.

“The truth is I don’t really care about you mom only stayed around for you so let’s cut to the chase and have sex.” He winked at me and I felt like I wanted to throw up, although he was cute and I really like him. The way he thought everyone would fall in to his arms is something I don’t like.

“What I… no I don’t want that.” I stuttered I felt his eyes on me and they were examining me. I also had the impression that I had never considered that of course I had, but he my mom’s boyfriend and of limits.

“Then what do you want.”

“Can you please stop dating my mom?” I shouted at him and hand slammed him in the face he smiled and then with a smirk replied.

“So you’re jealous then.”

“You wish.” I snapped at him again. Although I was glad I was angry because I could feel my cheeks heating up, I was blushes he is making me blush.

“Come on, I know you want me your just too nice to me to hate me. Sometimes I think it is all an act and you’re just lying to yourself and everyone around.” I stopped myself because he just got me in one line that is exactly how I was but I said.

“I don’t have time for this my friends will be here is a bit.” I stood up and ran up the stairs and I slammed my door shut.

I opened the door to see my best friend, Amy and I glared at her.

“You said you get her early.” I moaned this line but all she did was smiled and I couldn’t be mad at her. She had bright red hair and was pale, she had big green eyes and her talking would make anyone do what she says she has an Irish accent.

“I’m sorry but you know I had to be late I don’t like being the first at a part no matter who throws it sorry babe.” She was still smiling, but she was looking over my shoulder, guessing she was looking for Jason.


“So is Jason here.” Her eyes light up she has a crush on him so do all my other friend and me but not going to say that.

“Yes, good thing is my mom’s away for the next two months.” I gave her a smile and she looked really happy about that, I think she was going to explode she just lives for parties, I love them but sometimes I just think there are too many people at them so I tend to just disappear from them.

“So you can have a part every day.” She said and she was jumping up and down clapping her hands together, did I mention she is totally crazy.

“That is not going to happen.” I heard Jason’s low voice from behind me it had authority in it something which he never used over me. I mean I heard him have it with my mother when they were having their little fights which never meant anything but he never used it on me. I guess he was really mad about something, well maybe the fact he can’t have sex for two months I said in a calm tone.

“Jason can you please just relax, okay.” I grabbed a pillow from the sofa and chucked it at him, he caught it a place it back on the sofa.

“Hey that’s not nice.” I knew he was just joking because he smiled at me after and I found my cheeks go a little warm.


“bitch.” He muttered as he walked away I knew Amy had been looking at him and she said in a much spaced out voice.

“God he hot.” She was bright red and I have mention how much a crush she had on him, just like every girl in this freaking town they could go after him. I couldn’t, even if they did break up I can’t take my mom’s ex that just be weird and well sick.

“He is my mom's boyfriend.” I reminded her she rolled her eyes and then said.

“Yes but I mean so.” I walked away from her and walked through the people dancing I needed some air. I walked outside and saw Jason on his own smoking and I walked over he said.

“So are you going to throw another pillow at me?” He joked as I approached him I stopped and decided to sit down next to him I asked in a board tone.

“I don’t have one with me can I have a fag.”

“Since when have you smoked?” he raised his eyes brows and I guess of me looking like an innocent girl not only worked on my mom, but was working on Jason as well. I guess everyone did think that I was the perfect daughter.

“A while but not like I can smoke in the house my mom would freak.”

“Callie what’s the deal with you.” He asked as I watched him blew some smoke out I was unsure what I should say so replied by saying

“What do you mean by that?”

“don’t think this as anything but your hot and well you seems to be really innocent I mean when I say sex you blush, which is so adorable by the way. But you dress sort of well not like a slut but not how you act either and well surly you get hit on all the time.” He voice was a slow pace and as each word was said I felt my cheeks go redder, I really did not want to talk about this with Jason, and he was sleeping with my mother. Although I think it would be easier I mean I can’t keep being the innocent daughter who has no fun, so I took a deep breath and said.

“I do I just not a fan on high school guys there to immature I need a really guy my last boyfriend was twenty five.”

“So you were lying about not dating someone who was six years older that’s an even bigger gap.”

“Your just not my type I was trying to be nice.” I lied

“thanks.” I blew out the smoke.

“I really did love him but well he got this job and moved away so we thought it would be better if we broke up and well started with sex and then he and I fell in love.”

“And I was thinking you were a virgin, so does your mom know.”

“No she doesn’t even know I have kissed anyone, I love that she has a job she cares about and she like never here, which is good. Although this is the first time you have stayed.”

“Well two months, and then your mom will be back.”

“You mean two months of hell.”

“I’m not that bad, kid.”

“I’m not a kid

“Think you are.” I rolled my eyes and blew out again.

“I think this is the nicest conversation we have had.”

“You know your mom only invited me here because she wanted a man in the house.”

“So it’s still gross, so you care.”

“No not really just an act.”

“So why is it an act for me?”

“so your mom wanted to make it seem like she was okay dating, and she thinks you’re so pure of heart got that wrong and so your never try kiss her boyfriend so that’s why I said I’d date her without really dating her.”

“You make me sound like I’m a slut I’m not that bad.”

“So your mom works long hours on the three days, and well a different guy dropped you off and then the same one to you to school every day.”

“That’s Nate we are just friends, although he has asked me out a few times. Anyway the all offered not going to say no and my mom knows Nate. Look I’ve only got past second with my ex okay.”

“So you’re not a slut just look like one.”

“I hate you.”

“I don’t think you do I think get a few drinks in you and you will be begging for me.”

“In your dreams.”

“No it will be in yours. Okay I’ll wait I’ll come find you later.” He walked way.

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