Nicole at Hogwarts

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Nicole is a normal girl, well as normal as a demi-god can be. This daughter of Hades is sent on a mission to help (without Harry knowing) our favorite black haired wizard destroy Horocruxes. Fem!Nico/Draco Malfoy GENDER BENDING!! PG for minimal cussing

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nicole at Hogwarts

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I melted into the shadows as my necklace turned ice cold. My father had gotten me the necklace, shaped like a skull and crossbones, as a sorta birthday present. It was more so he could contact me at any time. Whenever the pendant turned ice cold I knew I had work ahead. The shadows surged forwards to consume me and I let them. The darkness was comforting; it was cold, and quiet, the best in the world.

All to soon I arrived in my father's throne room, as I arrived I knelt and said, \"Father?\" he looked down at me, in my dark clothing and my long hair, I couldn't tell if he was pleased or not. \"Rise,\" he said in a demanding voice, \"I have a quest for you Nicole, it involves a mortal, and he has cheated death for fifty plus years now\" I scoff, running away from Thantos himself? Ridiculous, not anyone, let alone a mortal, has ever done that. \"You need to go to a wizarding school in England, to track him down. He has these things called horocruxes (sp?) that allow him to die more than once and still come back\" My eyes go wide, I mean sure wizards, why not? But dying over and over and still coming back? \"I accept the quest sir,\" he nods in approval and I think I see a twinkle of pride in his eyes, but it could have just been a trick of the light. \"Hecate, you may approach\" A young woman in her early twenties comes forward, she is cloaked in dark purple and gold, with a staff with one of those glass balls filled with mist on the top. She looked just like a stereotypical wizard. She stared at me and a mischievous smile comes into play, she grabs my arm suddenly and pulls it forward, \"Hey!\" I yelp and she looked at me strangely, and glared before tapping my arm in three spots, all the sudden a strange, powerful tingling went up my arms and sparks danced on my fingertips, \"Thanks?\" I said questionably, she nodded in agreement and handed me a… stick? Hades quickly shooed her off, \"That is your wand Nico, eleven and a half inches with hellhound fur, and popular wood. I nod my thanks and ask, \"When do I start at this school?\" Hades replied \"Right now, nobody knows of your bloodline, your trunk is already there, and you will be in sixth year. Destroy the horocruxes and do not fail me\" \"I won't dad I promise\" with that the familiar sensation of flying that comes with shadow travel envelopes me.

Harry's POV \"Have you seen my toad?\" Neville burst into our compartment, we all stare at him in wonderment, how after six years, has he managed to lose his toad over and over again? We all shook our heads no and he sits down hanging his head. We continue our chats, and yelling matches in Hermione's and Luna's case (something about a purple-headed something or other) when all of the sudden a deep chilling coldness sweeps through our compartment. I thought the dementors had come back but this cold wasn't coming from outside it was coming from inside the cabin itself, from the shadows to be more precise. We all backed away from said shadow and pulled out our wands.

\"What is th-that?\" Ron stammered as the shadows took on a vaguely humanoid figure, all of the sudden the shadows ejected a… teenage girl? Into our cabin, she had long black hair left with her bangs covering one of her eyes and had black tank-top and grey skinny jeans on. She had a lot of day-of-the-dead jewelry on, such as a skull ring and matching necklace with little dancing skeleton earrings, All in all, I think she was pretty hot. She was around my age and collapsed on a seat as soon as she appeared.

\"What's up?\" she asked nonchalantly \"This wouldn't happen to be going to Hogwarts would it?\" we all nodded slowly still in awe, how she had managed to get the shadows to obey her, was anyone's guess. She nodded in satisfaction, and pulled out a yo-yo with a purple butterfly on a black background. We all stared at her until she looked up, \"What?\"

\"How did you get in here?\"Hermione asked, typical \"You shouldn't be able to apperate and anyways what you did didn't look like apperation\" She just grinned and said,

\"Wouldn't you like to know?\" Then she turned to me, \"have you ever died before?\" WHAT? \"Like you know, on an operating table or something?\"

\"No, why?\"

\"You radiate death,\" she then turned to Ron and said \"by the way I sense deaths in your family, at least one will die,\" Ron turned pale as we pulled in to the station,

\"Well, I've got to go, nice meeting you\" What? We all waved as she left then began talking,

\"Who is she, I mean like actually\"

\"Deaths in my family!\"

\"She had wrakspurts all over her\" we all stared at Luna,

Nico's Pov

Well they were pleasant enough, although that black haired guy, radiated death, he also had another soul stuck inside of his body. I don't think he's aware of it though, it is quite evil. Is he the one I came to destroy? I must go deliver my letter to the headmaster, after I get off the train I hear,

\"firs' years ovr' here firs' years!\" A man the size of a small giant appears out of the gloom, I almost draw my sword, almost. I figure since he's giving directions he would be a good place to start.

\"Excuse me sir, but I am a foreign student from America, is there any way I could meet with the headmaster?\" He stared down at me, way down, and said

\"Yeah, I guess yah'd have ta get on the boats\" boats? Oh no! I started prying immediately, 'Dear Uncle Poseidon, please don't blast me to saltwater, I need to do this for my quest. I promise at the next meal I'll give you extra fish' I heard a grumbling in the back of my mind, I didn't take it as an ok though, I took it as we'll see. I hesitantly got on the boat and they lurched forward, halfway through my boat stopped, my heart started racing. Out of the gloomy water rose a head, a naiad, with beautiful blue hair, she spoke and I clearly understand her,

\"You're uncle has let you off this time, but do not expect it to happen again, next time you will be turned into a piece of kelp\" And with that happy message, she sunk back into the water and we started going again. Everybody stared back at me and my ale face flushed. It might be lick uncle P to make a scene but did he really have to do it in the middle of a quest? The sudden stream of water shooting into my face told me, yes, yes he did. Welcome to Hogwarts, I told myself as the humongous castle came into view; Annabeth would have loved it, all the different archways, the spires and towers. It was an architectures dream.

I jump off the boat as soon as it docks and try to stand looking as calm and collected as before but truthfully I was pretty shaken up. Hagrid, as I learned his name was, took me to a weird catlike teacher (who did actually share her soul with a cat) who then, finally, took me up a moving spiral staircase to the headmaster's office. He stares at me and I stare back. So this is the famous Dumbledore? The cause of so many rants from my father, he should have died ages ago, and on top of that he even invented a stone to stop death! That's just unnatural, anyways on the outside I remain quite calm and collected but inside I am steaming. Father would reward me greatly for taking his soul. Anywho I give him the letter, he reads silently and looks up with an air of respect and fear.

\"You aren't an immortal are you?\" he asks nervously, I shake my head no and reply

\"Only half-so Sir\" He nods as if that makes perfect sense, then he turns around and tells Professor McGonagall (cat lady) to kindly leave us to chat.

\"I understand you are on a mission, I don't know what it is, but if you need any help feel free to ask me. Just out of curiosity, whose daughter are you? The letter didn't tell me much\"

\"Hades,\" I say proudly and his eyes go a bit wider \"by the way sir, you are dying. Your hand has already gone and the poison is spreading, your aura is tinged green with sickness\" He nods in acknowledgment, well ok then, he knows he's dying and doesn't give a crap, why not? He walked over to a shelf and pulled off a rugged old hat,

\"You can be sorted before the first years, you will be joining the other sixth years, in whichever house you get placed in\" I think he has a suspicion on which house I was going to be in, \"remember if you ever need anything, come to me, for I am a fellow demigod\" wait, WHAT? \"Albus Percival Wolfgang Dumbledore, son of Athena at your service\" And while I'm standing there doing a lovely impersonation of a fish, he drops the ragged looking hat onto my head.

Hmmm… what do we have here? Said a voice in my ear, whatever it is I might kill it, daughter of Hades, I see… you could do well in Gryffindor with all this courage but let me look a little deeper into your thoughts and memories, all the sudden the worst parts of my memories flash in front of my eyes, there is Bianca as a ghost telling me she was going to be reborn, Hades telling me I was worthless, the war, Kronos coming back as Luke, death, so much death. Oh my! The hat screeched Slytherin, definitely Slytherin! The hat yelled the last part out loud, what the 'h' is a Slytherin?  

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