Starlight-renesmee and jacob

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Jacob and Renesmee and her family are making a big move. When Renesmee starts to feel more for Jacob she doesn't know what to do or how to do it! Will Nessie finding out about him imprinting change anything? Good or bad?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Starlight-renesmee and jacob

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012






I was laying in my bed staring out the window. Tomorrow was a big day. We were making the move from Forks to West Virginia. I swallowed still staring out the window of the cottage I had lived in for the past nine years. I had been full grown for two years and when we made the move I would be starting high school. It had been difficult being a secret for nine years, but now that I thought about it… becoming exclusive might be even more difficult. I was used to being hush hush. The only people who saw me were my family and some of the Quileutes. Nobody in Forks but Charlie knew I even existed.


During the times that I found it unbearable to be quiet and alone… Jake was there. Ever since I was a child he had been there. Right now though, he was at his house on the Rez spending time with his father. He was coming with us to West Virginia. I didn't know why Jake felt this need to be with me at all times…but I wasn't complaining.


My thumb ran over the threading of the bracelet Jacob had made me all those years ago. I bit my lower lip and tucked a lock of auburn hair behind my ear. The moonlight streamed in onto my bed and made my face glow. Not supernaturally. Just glow. 


"Tap! Tap! Tap!"


A rhythmic 'tapping' noise was coming from my window. 


Confused, I slid out of bed and slowly walked over to the window. Outside on the ground was Jacob. Jacob throwing small rocks at my window. I pushed the window up and leaned out of it.


"What are you doing here? You should be with your dad!" I whispered.


"He fell asleep! Can I come up?" he called back.


Seeing Jacob Black stand beneath my window, shirtless was one of the best things I could have imagined. Yep, that's right. I was in love with my best friend. Jacob Black. If my mom was busy hunting. Jacob was there. If everyone was out hunting. Jacob was there. If I was bored without anything to do. Jacob was there. He was always there. I NEEDED him there. Always.


But did he know that I loved him? More importantly, did he feel the same about me? A nine year old vampire/human hybrid who looked nineteen years old. Technically twenty one. Him, technically twenty five or twenty six. It was hard to imagine him seeing me as an adult. Then again, I had looked like one for two years. I had slim figure but it was curvy enough to draw his eye. I had big brown eyes and white skin with oval shaped lips.


I nodded and stepped aside. There was a 'whooshing' noise and Jacob was sliding through my window gripping the top of it and pulling himself inside. He turned around and shut the window. I sat on the edge of my bed. The moonlight providing just enough light for us to be able to see one another fairly clearly. He lazily took a seat beside me. We both stared out the window at the forest and night sky.


"Everyone still out hunting?" he asked.


"Yeah. Getting ready for that long drive," I sighed.


My stomach was being eaten away by nervousness. I took in a breath to cool the raging fire of anxiety within me.


"There's nothing to be nervous about," he said nudging me with his elbow.


I laughed softly. He could always read my mind. He didn't need any super powers to figure me out.


"I feel like there is PLENTY to be nervous about," I replied with a grim smile.


"Well, you would be wrong. It's just moving," he shrugged.


"What about your dad? Aren't you going to miss him?" I asked.


Jacob looked from me out the window and sighed.


"A little. But he has people here. Charlie. Sue. The Pack will take care of him. Plus, I got you."


I smiled and felt myself blush.


"And you got me," he added softly.


I wanted to hear that all day everyday. Did he know that? Did this guy who had been my best friend for years know that I was madly in love with him? That he was on my mind from the second I got up to the moment I fell asleep. I wished with my heart that he would say something of that measurement to me one day. I had eternity…but did he? I mean, he never seemed to age…but would it be that way forever?


"Will I always have you?" I asked.


"Well, yeah. Whether you like it or not," he laughed.


"You'll live forever too?" I questioned.


Jake's eyes moved to me and the concern in them was tangible. 


"Well…yeah, Ness," he replied softly.


"How? I mean… you aren't a vampire…" I asked.


He pulled me closer to him.


"That's true. I'm not. But, I am a Shifter. As long as I shift into a werewolf on a regular basis then I will be able to stay immortal. Me continuing to shift symbolizes that I am dedicated to protecting humans and am willing to stick around forever to do it," he explained.


His free hand cupped my chin and he turned my face to his.


"Look at this face…" he said a small smirk growing on his lips.


I gave a soft laugh and stared him down.


"This face hasn't changed in over a decade," he said with a comforting nod.


He took one of my hands and ran it down his bare chest. I felt chills run down my spine.


"This body hasn't began to die in over a decade."


He released my hand and it fell limply to his lap.


"I'm gonna be around a long time, Ness. I promise you. I'm not going anywhere," he said with a small smile.


I hugged him and I don't know what came over me…but I kissed him on the cheek. It was a quick peck, but it was a kiss on the cheek. Usually it was Jacob who kissed me and it would be on the top of my head. He looked at me, his eyes intense. Whenever Jacob was shocked his eyes didn't widen, they narrowed and his brows furrowed. His jaw would drop ever so slightly. That was the look I was getting right now. I smiled a little and let out a sigh.


I felt such undeniable attraction towards Jacob, but did he feel the same. I knew he liked to be around me. I knew he loved me…but did he LOVE me? Like I loved him. I wondered if this attraction was normal. This magnetic pull I felt towards him. Like gravity wasn't the center of the universe… HE was.


"Alright, well, I'll stay with you until you fall asleep. I gotta get home so my dad will wake up with me there. Your dad said we will leave at eight in the morning, right?" 


I nodded as I began to slide back under the covers. Jacob scooted beside me and began to comb my hair away from my face slowly. I sighed contentedly. My hormones were getting the best of me. I grabbed his hand and pulled his arm around me so he was hugging my waist. His body tensed and then relaxed as his warm hand slid from my waist to my shoulder. Jake caressed it in slow circles with his thumb. My heart pounded faster than usual. So wonderful. So relaxing. So right.


Jake's had stopped suddenly and he sat up. Did he think I was asleep? I propped myself up on my elbow and saw him push the window up, getting ready to descend to the ground and run through the forest to his house on the rez.


"You out of here?" I asked groggily.


"Yeah…" he whispered.


Jake turned to go out the window.


"Jake wait…"


For some reason it felt like now or never.


He paused, still facing forward… looking at me out of the corner of his eye.


"There's something between us. Something bigger that you know and I don't… what is it?" I asked.


Jacob's whole body tensed and he gripped the window frame. He sighed and remained facing forward, peeking out the of his eye at me.


"Meet me at First Beach tomorrow at six thirty," he said, no emotion in his voice.


I nodded.


"Yeah, sure."


Something wasn't right. I didn't know what…but something wasn't okay. Or something was about to go amazingly right. It was hard to decipher right now… but I was sure that Jake would tell me tomorrow morning. He swung out the window and I ran to it watching him jog into the forest and disappear. I slowly shut the window and went back to bed. All I could do tonight was rest. There was no way I would be able to sleep.


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