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This story is just a random one that I started a long time ago. But it's funny as hell! And yes Mephiles is Roxanne's biological father, but it's like how Black Doom is Shadow's father.
I also want to explain how some of the characters in this story look.
Roxanne- Black hedgehog with markings simular to Shadow's but instead of having those thingies on her eyes, she has red tipped ears. Her right ear has 2 gold hoop earrings. She's a supersonic psychokinetic that happens to be Silver's grandma! Don't ask how the hell Sipver is white when she's black. She usually wears a lot of red, black, and gray. (She represents me!)
Zenalie- Dark pinkish-red echidna with black dreds and thick bangs with violet eyes and she has the spikes on her fists like Knuckles but she has fingers. She usually wears a lot of black (she represents my cousin).
Reggie- White bat with blue eyes. Resembles an emo G.I.Joe! Wears camo pants and a black shirt. Reggie is flightless but generates electricity, he is kinda dorky and is friends with Sonic and Tails. (He represents an ass... JSYK that means nobody.)
I would also like to say that Mephiles has been excised! He is no longer a demon! So he's kinda just hanging out with everybody!
There also will be more new characters in the future but those are the newest for now...
I only own Roxanne, Reggie, and Zenalie!
SEGA owns the rest!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - GANGSTA!

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Roxanne and Zenalie were in the kitchen. Roxanne was cooking, \"Hey have the guys texted you, Zenalie?\" Zenalie just got a text, \"Oh, yeah! Shadow texted me, 'Unlock the damn door'!\" Shadow kicked down the door, with a couple bags in his hands, \"I'm NEVER buying you girls TAMPONS EVER AGAIN!\" Knuckles tossed a few bags on the contour, \"The cashier thought I was a girl again!\" Shadow smacked him up side the head, \"I can't believe you got us band from Walmart!\" \"He said my boobs were huge, and tried to grab my ass! Besides, you got us band from CANADA!\" \"That guy was hitting on Roxanne!\" Roxanne growled, \"He said 'Have a nice day'! If that's a pick up line, then it's the crappiest one ever! Besides, I'm not even dating you!\" Shadow walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, put his chin on her shoulder, and sighed, \"Some day... So whatcha making?\" \"If I'm cooking it, something uneatable.\" \"True, you do suck at cooking.\" \"Back the truck up.\" \"You talk like you're five.\" \"Ok then, back the FUCK up!\" Knuckles snickered, \"Shadow you'd better listen!\" Shadow glared at him, \"Who asked you?\" Zenalie growled at Shadow, \"Shut the hell up, ya dumb fuck!\" Roxanne felt Shadow's hand inch downward, \"Shadow, if you don't back up, I'm going to file another sexual harassment charge on you.\" He smirked, \"You wouldn't do that twelve times.\" \"REGGIE! SHADOW'S GRINDING ME AGAIN!\" Reggie came down stairs, \"Dammit, Shadow! Stop grinding her and pull up your freaking pants! I can see your damn boxers!\" Rouge came after him, \"Why do you always leave before we get to the good part?\" Reggie looked down at his erected member, \"Oh shit...\" Knuckles and Shadow were, of course, laughing their asses off. Reggie crossed his arms, \"Shut up!\" He poked Shadow's arm (WITH HIS HAND! NOT HIS DICK), \"Cut it out, douche.\" He walked passed Knuckles, and observed him, \"I'm getting you both belts for Christmas.\" Then him and Rouge went back upstairs. Roxanne growled at Shadow, who was still inching his hand closer to her girly-spot, \"Shadow!\" Shadow smirked, \"What?\" \"I can feel that!\" \"Good.\" Roxanne hit him in the head with a wooden spoon, \"Cut it out!\" Shadow slapped her ass, \"You naughty little ho.\" Mephiles leaned in the doorway, \"Ahem, father leaning in the doorway, ready to kick whoever's ass that has their hands on my daughter's ass.\" Shadow backed away nervously, \"Uh... Hey, Meph, how's it hanging?\" \"Have you or Knuckles ever pulled up your pants?\" Knuckles smirked, \"On holidays, but birthdays, bachelor parties, and nothing parties we let it have extra sag.\" Mephiles rolled his eyes, \"So Shadow, who's the ho?\" Shadow blushed, \"Uh... N-no one...\" Shadow just realized Tails was videoing the whole damn thing. He smirked, \"Hey, Tails, make sure you get my sexy walk.\" Knuckles was laughing his ass off, \"Shadow, dude, don't!\" Shadow put his hand on his crotch and strutted off to the stairs. Roxanne grabbed her stomach, \"Shadow, you look like someone kicked you in the nuts, and shoved a stick up your ass!\" (That was NOT a gay joke!) When Shadow was at the top of the stairs, he yelled, \"I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!\" \"Zenalie, who do think is a bigger tard, Shadow or Knuckles?\" Knuckles threw an apple at her, \"I'm not a tard!\" \"Yes you are! You and Shadow are HUGE tards!\" Zenalie smirked, \"Sorry, babe, but it's true.\" \"Oh screw, you guys! By the way, we got the WRONG brand of tampons!\" Roxanne smirked, \"Knuckles, for once, y'all got the RIGHT ones.\" \"Dammit! SHADOW, WE GOT THE RIGHT ONES!\" Shadow looked in the hole of the staircase, where Knuckles was standing, \"Shit! Man, we fucked up!\" \"I know, right!\" \"Well, we'll screw them over next time.\" \"Yeah.\" Roxanne and Zenaile were laughing there ass off at the guys being such dumb fucks. Knuckles started off towards the bathroom, \"I'ma take a fucking shower!\" Zenalie laughed, \"Good to know!\" Sonic just walked in, \"Hey, girls.\" Roxanne snickered, \"Heeeyyy!\" Zenaile chuckled, \"Maaazzzeee!\" \"Kids pay!\" \"They pay with maazzee!\" Sonic laughed, \"What the fuck is wrong with you two? Did Silver slip you guys some weed or something?\" Zenalie chuckled, \"I don't know about Roxanne, but he slipped me some!\" Mephiles smirked, \"Hey, Sonic, can you do me a favor and go get something out of the bathroom?\" \"Sure, what?\" \"Uh... Some... TOWELS!\" \"Uh... Why?\" \"Just do it!\" \"Alright, keep your pants on,\" Sonic walked up stairs. Roxanne raised a brow, \"Why do you need towels?\"  \"To clean Sonic's blood off the floor, after Knuckles beats the shit out of him, for walking in on him.\" \"Ooh! That's E-V-I-L!\" Zenaile giggled, \"Are you sure all the demon is out of you?!\" Mephiles shrugged, \"Hey, it's the best I got.\" \"HOLY SHIT! SORRY, KNUCKLES! I DIDN'T KNOW- WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT BASEBALL BAT?! ARE YOU GONNA HIT ME WITH- AHHHHH!\" Sonic came running down the stairs. Knuckles followed not far behind with a bat in his hand and a towel around his waist, \"SONIC I'MA FUCKAN KILL YO GAY MUTHA FACKAN ASS! COME HERE! I SAID GET YA ASS OVA HERE! REAL TALK!\" \"I didn't know you were in the shower! And why the hell were you showering with the curtain OPEN?!\" \"Cause I thought Zenaile was gonna come in there!\" Shadow came down with a gun, and camera, \"Knuckles! Wait! I'm the one who's suppose to kill him! I was gonna post the pictures on Facebook!\" Sonic glared at Shadow, \"What the hell is wrong with you?!\" Roxanne giggled, \"Besides the obvious?\" Shadow glared at her, \"You're one to talk!\" \"I'll admit, I am a little screwed up-\" \"More like INCREDIBLY fucked up!\" \"Fuck you!\" Mephiles butted in and grabbed her wrist, \"You're 15! You can't say that!\" \"First amendment! Freedom of speech!\" She yelled yanking her wrist back, \"Besides, I've been allowed to curse sense I was like 10!\" \"What the hell?!\" \"Yeah! So back off!\" \"Don't talk to me like that, young lady!\" She put a hand on her hip, \"Then don't yell at me!\" \"I'll yell at you all I fucking want, dammit!\" \"CPS! CPS! CPS! Someone call child protective services! Child abuse! Verbal abuse!\" \"What are-\" Roxanne screamed, \"CPS!\" Mephiles hit her in the back off the head, \"Cut that out!\" \"HE STRUCK ME! I AM A BATTERED WOMAN!\" \"What?! No, you are not!\" \"He struck me!\" \"Why do you always have spaz attacks when people get within two feet of you?!\" \"I'm not a spaz!\" Shadow smirked, \"Yeah, ya kinda are!\" Roxanne glared at him, \"It's hard to believe that I share a bed with you!\" \"Would you rather be on the streets?\" \"Ah hell nah!\" \"Then stop your bitching! Is something burning?\" \"Ah shit!\" She went back to cooking. Then the smoke detector went off, \"Why can't I catch a break?!\" Sliver walked in, and used his powers to turn it off, \"Oh, yeah! I forgot it was Roxanne's night to cook.\" \"Y'know what? All y'all get your asses outta here! Now! Dinner'll be done in a hour!\"

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