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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



(A hour later) Everyone was sitting down at the table. Shadow smirked, \"Wow, Roxanne, you actually cooked something that looks good!\" Roxanne mumbled, \"Shut up!\" Shadow took a bite, \"And it's eatable!\" Knuckles smirked, \"Yay! We won't get food poisoning this time!\" Roxanne giggled a little, \"If y'all like it that much, the number for the restraunt is on the fridge.\" Zenalie laughed, \"I knew this tasted familiar!\" \"Yeah, I can't cook shit!\" Knuckles laughed, \"Remember the time you burnt cereal!\" Roxanne sunk back in her chair, \"Shadow told me I was suppose to put it in the microwave...\" \"Of course...\" Silver snickered, \"Or the time you-\" \"Silver, if you even think about finishing that damn sentence, I'll come over their and kick your cracka ass!\" \"You caught SHADOW on fire!\" \"Yeah! You screamed, 'IT'S THE IBLIS!' Besides, you can't cook either! The last time you burnt your hand on the stove you screamed, 'THE IBLIS IS BACK! WE'RE ALL SCREWED!'\" Shadow mumbled, \"I still can't believe you caught me on fire...\" \"Let it go! It was an accident!\" \"You treatened to do it before you did!\" \"That was a coincidence!\" \"Like hell it was!\"

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