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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



(Later) Roxanne stomped out of the bathroom in a towel, into the living room, where Shadow, Mephiles, Silver, and Knuckles were. She threw a videocamera at Shadow, \"You pervert! Stop putting videocameras in the damn bathroom!\" He smirked, \"How the hell else am I suppose to see you naked? That is, if you won't show me willingly.\" \"Arg!\" She stomped off. \"Thanks for not breaking this one! They're freaking expensive!\" Mephiles threw the camera on the floor and stomped on it, \"You bastard! You look at my daughter naked?!\" Mephiles put Shadow in a choke hold, \"PEDOPHILE!\" \"You so owe me 500 freaking rings!\" Knuckles sighed and walked off, \"He had it coming...\" Silver ran off, \"I'm not getting pulled into that again!\" \"Pussy!\" \"I now what you are, but what am I?!\" \"You're a gay rod, and if you ever call me a pussy ever again, bitch, I'll throw you out the God damn window!\" \"Got it... You and Shadow skipped some of your anger-management classes, didn't you?\" Knuckles smirked, \"Hells yeah.\" Mephiles still had Shadow in a choke hold, \"What the hell is wrong with you?!\" Shadow pushed him away, \"I'm attracted to your daughter, what's the big deal?\" \"You're three times her age!\" \"Ok, technically I'm around 70, but consciously I'm only 18.\" \"That's three years!\" \"Yeah! For me to be a pedophile, I'd have to be consciously 30!\" \"I ever find out that you're sleeping with my daughter, I'll kill you! And it'll be on purpose this time!\" \"Alright, jeez...\"

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