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I can just see this happening... Especially the thing with Silver 'coming out of the closet'! Lol!

Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



(Next morning) Knuckles yelled sliding down the stair railing, \"GOOD MORING BITCHES!\" Shadow walked down, \"Dammit, Knuckles! That's suppose to be my thing!\" \"No, yours is, g'morning mutha fuckas!\" \"Oh... G'morning mutha fuckas!\" Zenalie walked down too, \"Has anyone seen Roxanne? She's usually the first one up.\" Shadow shrugged, \"All I know is that she left the house around 6:00.\" \"I wonder where she went.\" Mephiles came down, \"She went to a job interview.\" Silver started banging on the closet door, \"Will someone let me outta here?! Knuckles and Shadow locked me in here last night! And I have to pee really bad!\" Shadow and Knuckles were laughing their asses off. Shadow calmed down a bit, \"I forgot we locked him in there!\" Knuckles unlocked the door, \"Now, are you gonna call me a pussy again?\" Silver walked out, \"No...\" Shadow started laughing again, \"FINALLY! Guys, Silver came out of the closet!\" Roxanne walked in to here that last part, \"He admitted it?! It's about damn time!\" Silver grabbed his jacket, \"I'm not gay!\" He walked out. Shadow glared at Roxanne, \"Where the hell were you?!\" She glared back, \"Trying to get a job!\" \"You're 15!\" \"You say that like it means I'm handicapped!\" \"I'm just saying!\" \"Fuck you! You don't own or control me!\" She started towards the door. \"Where the hell are you going now?!\" \"None off your damn business!\" She walked out, and slammed the door. \"Why that little bitch!\" Knuckles giggled, \"You just got told off by a girl!\" Shadow stomped back up stairs, \"I'm taking a nap!\" Mephiles sighed, \"I swear sometimes it's like those two are married.\"

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