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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



(Later) Roxanne came back. She was walking into the living room when Shadow pushed her against the wall, \"What the hell-\" Shadow silenced her with a kiss, \"Hey, baba!\" Roxanne punched him, \"What the fuck's your problem?!\" He rubbed his jaw, \"Ow! It's not like I haven't done that before!\" \"Yeah, but you really pissed me off!\" \"Can you just give me one more chance?\" \"I gave you a chance! You screwed it up!\" \"Please!\" \"No! You broke my heart! I didn't even see you after that, until me, Silver, and Mephiles had to move in with you guys when we got thrown out of our house! Like I fucking said, I'm not a hit and run!\" Silver was only a few feet away, hiding from the two arguing hedgehogs, 'Holy shit! They went out! Without anyone knowing! OMG! No wonder Roxanne didn't wanna move in here! So from what I've heard in the last few minutes, they went out, they slept together, and Shadow must've left afterwards... That sounds about right... Anyways I'm SO getting them together! And hopefully Shadow won't screw up twice!' Silver ran off without being noticed. Roxanne was getting really pissed, \"Shadow, for the last fucking time, no!\" He sighed, \"Roxanne, I made a mistake. Please, give one more chance, I promise not to screw it up.\" She crossed her arms, \"If you really want me to go out with you, then make me fall in love with you again!\" \"How the hell do I do that?!\" She smirked and walked off, \"Figure it out.\" \"B-but-\" \"No buts. If you want me to love you, then make me.\" \"Dammit! Do you have to make every-little-thing so damn complex?!\" \"Yep!\" She walked off.

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