*21* Things I Love About You

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16 year olds Jessica and her best friend Gracie call themselves nerds. They are in all the top classes and actually CARE what their marks are, unlike most the people in their year at the local public high school. Jessica has never had a boyfriend before, and the only guy she's ever liked moved away. She's never even been asked out. Gracie, on the other hand, has found Mr Perfect. Descpite not really caring about appearance and guys, Jessica can't help be a tiny bit jealous. Enter the Football Jocks. In each chapter Jessica discovers something new she loves in the new captain. But how can a crazy nerd be with a stupid footy jock?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - *21* Things I Love About You

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A/N OK, so you've already seen the first half of this chapter in the character pictures, so if you don't want to read it again, scroll down a bit… :") Also, I know nothing about American football, so yeah… I decided to change it to AFL. I asked my friends to name a team that played AFL, and they just sighed, like when I asked what sport the Manly Sea Eagles played, because I'd written that I wasn't sure what sport they played, but I was sure it wasn't rugby. Turns out they play rugby. Typical. So I decided he can play AFL/Footy/Aussie Rules, whatever you want'a call it. And I know NOTHING about it, so yeah… awks… and I googled some stuff and decided that he can be the be the Centre-half forward, whatever that means, but apparently that and the centre-half backward or whatever it is, are the hardest places to play… though I thought that half forward and half backward were the same thing. Oh well… Also, now that I know that the Manly Sea Eagles play rugby, I'm just gonna make up a random team, because I don't know any other teams, except the Central Coast Mariners, and I just don't want to go there...

So yeah, I'm really clueless when it comes to sport… anyway, enough rambling from me!!! Let's here from ME instead. Sorry, just realised that that didn't make sense. oop. Fine then, we'll hear from Jessica. Or however you want to think of it.

Ps, Sorry there's no image yet, my laptop's being fixed and this stupid laptop won't recognise when I've plugged in my external hard drive, I don't have any pictures... ya, thanks guys! enjoy! 


Chapter 1 - Your stunning brown eyes

As I stood up from my spot on the concrete stairs outside the office entrance to school, the sun shone straight into my eyes. I blinked and looked down.

"Jessica!" Called a familiar voice, causing me to turn around. "Guess what I just found out?"

"What?" I sighed, looking up into Gracie's bright red, large framed glasses, knowing she was probably going to tell me that rhinoceroses drank through their horns or that all the rocks on mars were perfect cubes. Though she wouldn't say that because it's not true, but that's irrelevant. Grace was way too obsessed with animals and geology. It was her life, I swear.

"I was talking to Miss Milain and she told me what our marks were for the English test!" Her brown bob and front fringe jumping up and down as she ran on the spot with excitement.

"OHMIGOD! Really? What did she say?" Now I was excited. Come on, I liked English. What of it?

"You got full marks, as usual, but guess what I got?"

"112%?" I asked. This would be an amazing boost for Gracie's morale, even though she was amazingly smart, she has some strange warped view of herself and thought that she was really dumb.

"No," She scolded my stupidity, but her face brightened considerably as she announced "I got 68 out of 70!"

"YES, GRACIE! YES!" I exclaimed, hugging her as we danced around, jumping up and down.

"We'd better head home before the football jocks turn up and get jealous of your Nathan miss Cee Cee." I said in mock concern. Nathan was her boyfriend. And if I might say so, they were perfect for each other. I was so totally jealous. She was 16 and had already found Mr Perfect. Me? 16 and never been kissed. Never even been asked out, to be honest. But I mean, the only guy I'd ever had a crush on moved schools. Lucky me huh? Not like I would have ever asked him out anyway though.

"Well I'll just strut along in front of them and tease their butts off!" She replied, pretending to do a catwalk along the top of the stairs.

"You go girl!" I laughed.

Unfortunately our giggling lost us precious time, and before we knew it, the jocks had turned up. We carefully stepped aside, heads down, trying to blend in with the walls. Jocks and nerds don't mix. When they were all gone, we slowly looked up. First thing I saw was a maroon football jersey. Then I felt a cold finger under my chin, lifting my head for me until I was looking into the cutest pair of brown eyes I've ever seen.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked in a slightly seductive voice. It totally broke the spell. I raised an eyebrow and snorted slightly. What an idiot.

"OK, so you must be new here. For starters, nobody speaks to the nerds, secondly, I don't talk to players, and finally-" I slapped him, "Get your hand off my face, you dumb idiot!" He took a step back as I glared at him, trying my hardest not to laugh, but I failed miserable, cracking a grin and laughing at the poor guy. Not his fault he was born dumb. Me and Gracie were leaning on each other for support we were laughing so hard.

"I… um… better be, uh, going…" The guy said, pointing to the door and walking off as fast as he could. This just made us laugh harder until we were rolling on the ground.  Literally.

Twenty minutes later, still giggling occasionally as we remembered the look on the guy's face, we were walking towards my house, stopping to buy some essentials on the way. When we arrived home to an empty house, which was no surprise as my parents were always at work and my sister was always out on dates, none of which gave birth to very long relationships, 2 weeks being her record. We switched the channel to ABC3, always the best channel for stupid kids shoes. By kids shows, I mean kids of about 11 or 12. We began digging into our recently purchased bag of essentials. Me going straight for the chocolate bullets, and Gracie diving for the skittles.

Two hours, 3 weird shows about girls living in households with no mother and a heap of brothers  and 1 show about some fish who was in love with a 10 year old later, we switched off the TV and helped ourselves to some dinner. Neither of our parents seemed to mind that we were always at each other's houses. It seemed that the only time we spent apart was when we were in separate classes.

Through mouthfuls of spaghetti bolognaise, we discussed the hilarious incident with the football jock.

"I still can't believe he had the nerve to talk to a nerd like that! I mean, everybody knows that we're off limits." Gracie said, between mouthfuls.

"Ah! We're not off limits, it’s just nobody in their right mind would  want to date me!" I  said, though I've no idea how Gracie understood what the hell I was saying due to the copious amounts of spaghetti spilling out of my mouth.

"OI! Let me put this straight! Firstly, you are the most gorgeous babe on the planet. Second, if we are off limits, what's Nathan-" Here I cut in.

"Dude, Nathan's a nerd too!"

"Yeah, whatever. Thirdly, this guy clearly wanted to do something too you, showing that you are indeed a man monster."

"A WHAT?!?!?!" I exclaimed, spitting spaghetti all over Grace.

"Well thankyou very much, but don't mind if I take a shower?" It was more of a statement than anything, but she made it sound like a question.

"Oh, yeah, sorry…" I say, following her upstairs.

After changing into my pyjamas and sitting  down on my side of my double bed, I thought about those amazing brown eyes. What can I say? I'm attracted to brown eyes! I lay back on the bed. I don't even know if he was hot. All I can remember are those eyes. Ah! So beautiful. If only they were attached to the face of some gorgeous Doctor Who fan. Not a stupid football jock.

15 minutes later, Gracie came in, wrapped in a towel. I turned my back, so I was staring at the wall as she got dressed. Yes, she owned half my closet. Just as I owned half of hers. And she also owned half of my king size double bed, just as I owned the second bed in her bedroom. OK, yes, we slept over at each others house practically every day. Got a problem with that? I don't think my parents even know which one us is their biological child anymore. I even get confused about that too sometimes. Very rarely though…

"What 'cha thinkin' about, sister?" Asked Gracie.

"Those eyes…" I said wistfully.


"Yeah, that guy who tried to hit on me today had the most amazing brown eyes I've ever seen. I think I'm in love with them."

"Whatever, Trevor. Goodnight." But I did catch Gracie smile a small smile to herself.

"Nighty night, dear. But you do realise it's only 7:30. Up for some She's The Man?"

"OK!" One of our many favourite movies. We sat and watched She's The Man until we fell asleep.



At some stage during the night somebody must have arrived home and turned off the TV, because when I woke up to the sound of my door handle being turned and the door creaking open, it was no longer on. I looked up to see my mum smiling at me. I glanced over at Gracie. Sound asleep as per usual.

"I'm going to leave now, darling. I've made you breakfast. It's on the table. Just the usual." Whispered my mum into the silence. Mum and I looked nothing alike. Mum had straight blond hair, whereas mine was wavy and a pale-ish brown. Her eyes were a bright green, but mine were a boring grey colour. Her nose was small and button-y and then mine was just kind of average and straight. Her lips were big and red and mine were pale and fairly thin. Even her skin was different. She was olive coloured and covered in freckles, and I was pale and had not a single freckle, save for two moles on my neck which looked like vampire teeth marks.

"Thanks, mum." I replied, truly grateful for the effort my mum actually put in for us. As she left the image of those two beautiful eyes flashed up in the front of my mind. I sighed. Only wishing for the millionth time that the guy wasn't a football jock. Then again, he could be the worlds ugliest guy for all I knew, I'd only seen his eyes, after all. Not that I was that shallow or anything. I mean, I'd never date this guy unless he was the last person on Earth, because apparently, or so my science teacher tells me, you're natural instinct to keep you're race going would kick in and I want to breed with him. Eeew…

I sat up, pulling back the sheets. I dressed in my school uniform - black skinny jeans and a white blouse with a navy blue jacket - and went over to the bed to attempt to wake up Gracie. A feat which I had terrible difficulty pulling off every morning. I remember one time I gave up and left her there, and when I came home, she was lying exactly as I left her, fast asleep.

Today I hopped up onto the bed and began jumping up and down. It took about 7 jumps before Gracie rolled of the bed and onto the floor.

"JESSIE!" She shouted, "HOW DARE YOU!"

"You wouldn't wake up!" I said innocently.

"Did you even try to wake me up before jumping on me?" She scolded.

"Well…." I bit my lip and twirled my hair, keeping up the innocent face.

"Eugh. Honestly! I'm going to go have a shower. See you downstairs." and she marched off to the shower connecting to my sister, Ella's, room.

I leaped down the stair 2 at a time, my feet making a fair racket, which probably woke Ella up if mum or the shower hadn't already.

I walked into the kitchen, greeted by the smell of breakfast. Bacon and eggs. Mmm… I sighed, breathing in the scent. I saw those eyes again in my minds eye. Great. They were everywhere I looked. I couldn't get them out of my head. Not good.

I took the two slices of toast which were sitting in the toaster out, put them on a plate and popped two new slices in for Gracie.

I took the tomato sauce out of the fridge and drowned the bacon in it. Mmm. I couldn't see how mum hated the stuff. And I really couldn't see how Ella managed to miss breakfast everyday. Insane child. As I sat down to eat, I heard Gracie's phone going off up stairs. Of course it'd be Nathan. I thundered back up the stairs, as quietly as I could, but failing miserably. I grabbed her phone off the bedside table and answered it.
"Hey Nathan!" I said without even looking at the caller id.

"Sup? Where's Cee Cee?" He asked, without even waiting for me to answer his first question. Only he called her Cee Cee. Well, I also called her that when I was teasing her, but otherwise, I called her Grey or Gracie.

"In the shower. NO! Don't picture that!"

"Too late." I knew he was grinning at the other end.

"What did you want to say to her anyway?" I asked, always the nosey one.

"None of your business, missy!"
"Oh yes it is! Eveything to do with you and Grey is my business! Tell me!" I demanded, quite rudely.

"No." he replyed stubbornly.

"I said no!"
"Well I said yes!"
"And I don't care what you say, because I said no! OK?"
"Why not?"

"Because why?"
By now we were yelling again. Typical. We were always doing this. The other half of the time, however, we got on wonderfully.

"What on Earth are you shouting at?" Gracie wondered aloud as she walked in in nothing but a towel. Having grown up together, I didn't mind. We were both girls anyway, and it was not as if she was naked.

"Nathan…" I said like a little girl being scolded by her mother, eyes to the floor, pout turned up on full.

"Give me the phone," she sighed. "Hey babe,  you weren't being mean to my bestie again, were you?" I didn't hear what Nathan replied, but I presumed it was something along the lines of 'Of course not, she started it.'

I walked out of the room to eat breakfast, though it was already cold.

My cold bacon and eggs sure weren't one of my better breakfasts.

Gracie came down, fully dressed, just as I was leaving the kitchen.

"What'd he want?" I asked huffily.

"Oh, nothing," She said waving it off with a change of topic, "Does bacon go gross if you microwave it?"
"It probably goes chewy and horrible, but there's only one way to find out!"

I went to find my books for the day, before I remembered I'd left my history book at Gracie's place. I packed the rest of my bag and then packed Gracie's for her, as she was running late.

"Do you have any spare mascara?" I jumped at the sound of Ella's voice and turned around. What did she take me for?

"Why would I have any mascara, let alone any I'd ever lend to you. I don't wear makeup, dummy! Hey, are you gonna give us a lift today, or are you going with one of your boyfriends or something?"
"What am I going to do! I've only done one eye and I've run out of mascara! It's the end of the world!" She wailed, completely ignoring me. I rolled my eyes. Typical Ella.

"YEAH, SURE! COMING!" I heard back. A few seconds later, Gracie ran into the room laughing. Pulling out some mascara, she handed it to Ella.

"I'll be needing that back, thanks. You're lucky it's the right colour."

"Thanks." She replied rather sheepishly. I rolled my eyes again. 18 year old drama queen. I wasn't even allowed to open the door or answer the telephone in case it was for her. I mean, was she really that embarrassed to be near me? The answer was an obvious yes.

When I started high school, she told everybody I was adopted and that mum and dad were thinking of taking me back to the orphanage. Then I had to try and explain to everyone. I mean, I don't think orphanages even exist anymore. But since then, I just took it as given that Gracie would always be my only friend. Not that I minded or anything.

"Hey, Jessie?" I snapped my head around, realising that Gracie was still in the room.

"Hey Gracie?" I replied, copying her.

"You can't get that guys eyes out of your head, can you? Do you- do you recon it could have been Jason?" About a year a ago, I like this guy, I had it bad for him for about 6 month, until he left the school. I'm totally over him, and haven't seen him since, unless you count being friends on Facebook. Which I don’t. But I mean, he was the only guy in my elective history class. He was totally gorgeous. Crazy and always smiling. Like me. I'm pretty sure that could possible be the only time I've ever actually like somebody.

"Doubt it. What would he be doing back at school? And since when did he play football?"

"You serious? He was the most sporty person you'll ever meet. Just because he wasn't on the footy team, doesn't mean he couldn't start. I mean, our footy team was pretty full when he was last here."

"Oh yeah… You make a good point," I said thoughtfully, nibbling at my pinkie nail.

"Come on, bus leaves in 20 minutes." Said Gracie, dragging me out of the room. How time flies when you're not paying attention to it. Then again, I never pay attention to it.

"Hey Grey, I left my history book at your place…" I mumbled, as I searched through my closet, trying to find my sports uniform.

"Oh darn. I'm pretty sure my parents'll have left for work by now. Just do it in the back of another book and copy it in later, I'm sure Mr Stewart'll never know."
"But what if he does know?"
"Then you'll get in trouble. Duh. I mean, all he can do is mark you down slightly on your report for 'beings equipment to classes'  and that'll be it." She explained matter-of-factly
"I don't want to be marked down!" I protested.

"Well there aint much I can do about it sonny!" She said in an American hillbilly accent, "I'm sorry!"

Laughing, but biting my lip at the same time with worry about being caught without a book, I shoved my sports gear in my bag and headed downstairs with Gracie following behind.

"OI! Ella!" I shouted back up the stairs behind me, before we left the house, "We're leaving. You'd better be out of the house within the next 5 minutes, or you'll miss the bus and mum sure as hell won't be happy if you miss it again, because it's your feet that'll be walking you to school and you that'll be explaining to the office ladies why you're late!"
"Uh huh!" Came her annoyed reply. 



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