The story of Kido Kazama: A TIMER prologue- Chapter 1

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At the beginning, no- before the beginning of TIMER- we have to go back to the childhood of Kido Kazama. We start with the life of a six year old boy with an IQ of 143, who was a genious for his age and was feared among the demon world as one of the most powerful demons from the Kazama family. Tasked with assignments even an overlord would find exhausting, Kido undergoed a powerfully dark life as a small child and was mentally changed from a child to an adult. Thinking of no one as equal to him, he rarely spoke to anyone except his small four year old servant Triniken. He was imensly feared by the capitol he resided in, and was thought to be a normal assasin and soldier to his mother. Overall, Kido was the same as he is in TIMER at age 20- incredibly intelligent, a fast learner, and a mysterious demon in general.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The story of Kido Kazama: A TIMER prologue- Chapter 1

Submitted: June 28, 2010

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Submitted: June 28, 2010



Kido kicked at the door, which was fastened tightly to itself and had no intention of letting anyone in. He grimaced and turned around to look at the small blond boy behind him with huge cat ears and a furry, long tail staring at the sky absent mindedly.

"Triniken, open the door." He hissed.

The small boy behind him awoke from his day dream and shuffled up to the door. He pushed it gently, and it shuttered.

"It won't open, Master," He said sadly.

Kido sighed angrily. "You have to try harder than that, you stupid kid."

"I don't know how." He stuttered.

The red haired boy growled and shoved the other aside, examining the door once again. It was bolted shut, and the handels were clamped together.

"Let me in, goddamn cowards! I am your supirior!" He yelled to the capitol residents.

There were a few mutters, and the door twitched a little.

"Do you want to discuss this with my mother? I am sure she will be displeased with such stupidity hiding among us."

The doors slowly opened, and the gate keepers were lined up on either side of the door. They all stood straight up and saluted the six year old boy.

"We are sorry, sir! The door would not open!" The head in charge answered.

"Don't lie so freely. I am in a hurry." Kido said, and walked quickley into the capitol, with Triniken following behind him. They walked through the streets, up the long metallic stairs, and into the palace at the top of the capitol. Kido pushed the doors open, and strode through the long, narrow hall to the throne room. His mother was sitting on the large throne to the left, and glanced at Kido and Triniken walking in. She sighed, and threw her staff to the floor.

"Look how long it has taken you to get here. I have been waiting ten minutes."

"I am sorry, mother. I tried to get here as quickley as possible, but the gate keepers slowed me down. They refused to open the gates for us."

"Don't blame the gate keepers for your mistake! I am ashamed of you for your arrogence." She snapped.

Kido glared at her. "What is you called me for?"

She calmed herself, and sat back in her seat. Triniken ran up and placed a foot rest under her feet.

"I am in need of a child. I am lonely here by myself."

Kido looked confused. "Am I not enough for you?"

"I cannot call you my son. You are already six years of age, and you are boring me with your adultness. Bring me a child."

"An infant?"

"Of course! Not one as old as you! I need a daughter."

"Yes. I will find one." He said a bit sadly.

"Wipe that disgusting look off of your face, child. Someone of your ability shouldn't act like an infant. No soldiers of mine cry."

"Yes, my lady."  Kido said tightly. He turned around, and started walking out of the throne room. "Triniken, come." 

The boy scuttled over to Kido, and ran behind him.

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