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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




"Alyx, run! Get out of here!" Dillian yelled as he fended off the few Bloods that were still alive from the large group that had ambushed us.

I stepped back covered with a mixture of the blood from the hellish creatures and my own. I didn't want to run; not again. We both knew what the Bloods were capable of. They hunt to kill, and show no mercy when they fight, which is always to the death. They're savage monsters. I can't bear the weight of a death on my shoulders. I would break. Not only that, but I am not letting my best friend and the son of the caring family that took me in despite the risks be slaughtered and killed before my eyes.

I growled and lurched forward, shifting to the winged, light-gray wolf I am. I landed between him and the Bloods noiselessly. I was their size, twice that of a large timber wolf, but I had a twenty foot wingspan they didn't.

I jumped up on my hind paws and flapped my wings in warning, landing again. I flashed my now razor sharp fangs growling, doing everything I could to get them to back away, but they didn't falter. I folded my wings beneath my thick fur while Dillian leaned against the large oak tree behind me, gripping his bitten shoulder. He stared at me with disbelief in his snowy gray eyes while his short golden-brown hair stuck to his sweaty and bloody face, nearly framing it. his exhausted breaths slowly drifted to rasps as the poison from the Bloods began to spread, while they circled us like we were their prey, which in fact we were. Their bottomless crimson eyes with serpent-like pupils flickered at every movement, whether it was the winter breeze through the branches or the rise and fall of our chests, with their furless charcoal pelts quivering and glistening in the evening light. Their growls were low and deep as they chatted amongst themselves, taking turns to smell the air.

But something amongst their pattern of movement changed.

One Blood leapt from behind to attack. Dillian spun gracefully on his heel to face the attacker, despite his visible pain, ready to continue fighting. As he did so, I jumped from behind and clashed with the demon in midair, clasping my jaws around its neck. Our impact sounded like distant thunder mixed with the shrill shriek of the Blood as we landed. It struggled in my grasp, jerking and twisting, using it paws to try to scrape me away. Its bitter blood gushed in my mouth as I clamped down harder, its sharp shrieks and shrills slowly turning into muffled gurgles as it slowly went lifeless. I let it fall to my paws as I let out a sharp bark with flattened ears and revealed fangs drenched in blood. The Bloods' tails dropped as they flattened their own pointy ears against their skulls. They had begun to whimper and slink across the ground on their bellies. Feeling triumphant, I stood straight with my head held high. But, I made the careless mistake of lowering my guard.

All at once, the Bloods dog piled Dillian and me without warning. Their frenzy of growls and sickening smells of redolent burnt flesh filled the air choking us. Over the clash of teeth and my own yelps and growls, Dillian's cries rang through my ears. A new burst of determination jolted through my tiring body and I begun to nip at every black body to work my way through the fray. Finally out of the horde, I ran in a limp back a ways, spun around and shifted back. I looked for Dillian, but his cries had ceased as the Bloods jumped over each other barking and growling as if there was something they wanted. I gasped as the worst had hit me along with a new surge of pain and fell to my knees with a hand on the left side of my face where the Blood had raked its oversized paw across it. There wasn't any sign of him or his body anywhere. My tattered breath caught in my chest.

Broken and battered, I screamed his name...

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