Scarlett Dreams

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Clues to a Secret

Submitted: December 19, 2010

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Submitted: December 19, 2010



Silence fell like a blanket over the room as I walked in with Jay. I saw the other man, the mean one, for the first time.

He had short cut black hair and deep red eyes. I thought this might be a trick of my imagination, so I dismissed it. He also had his shirt off, and his perfectly sculpted body was spattered with crimson blood.

“Ah, hell.” Jay muttered from beside me, pushing me into the next room and slamming the door with a thunderous bang. I could hear them arguing, but they spoke in their own language. It was unknown to me; although I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear what they were saying, anyway. Tears rolled down my checks. They came gently at first; rivulets flowing silently down my face. Choking sobs soon shuddered through me, however, and I hugged my knees to my chest.

I had thought Jay would be different. Kinder, somehow. I guess he was just putting on a show so I’d cooperate. Yet I couldn’t help the tiny feeling inside of me that didn’t resent him at all. The one that thought he was kind of beautiful. Maybe it was Stockholm syndrome sped up. Maybe it was just because he spared my life, or seemed gentler than the other man. Either way, I ought to stay away from this feeling as best I could. The door was flung open then, and to my dismay, it was Rick.

“Get up, girl.” His smile was sinister, despite the perfect teeth that produced it. “It’s time for lunch.”

“I…I-I’m not h-hungry.” I stammered through the shaking sobs. His depraved smile never faltered.

“Not for you sweet cheeks.” He grabbed my arms roughly, yanking me to my feet. Screams emitted from me intermittently, but did nothing to aid my situation. Once out of the room, I frantically glanced around for Jay. He met my gaze with almost sympathetic eyes. Almost. Before they changed to something more resembling…hunger.

“Maria!” Rick barked, and the little woman came shuffling hastily around the corner. She looked between us.

“This is dangerous thing.” My heart rate rose significantly with each passing second.

“Yeah yeah.” He shoved me toward her. “Show us what to do.” By now I was scared completely shitless. Small screams broke through the crying. That’s all my life was now. Screaming and crying.

The woman held me, too firm for someone her age and size. “We no share.”

“Fine. We’ll switch off for every meal.” My head whipped around, shocked to hear Jay’s voice participating in this horrible conversation. Rick nodded in agreement and Maria placed her hand on my jawbone, an icy finger finding my pulse.

“Go till pulse change.” Tilting my head up, she bent her shriveled lips to touch just above my collarbone. Before I could even process, there was a stabbing pain as I had never felt before. It was followed immediately by an excruciating burning that spread like wildfire throughout my body. Screams I had never heard before shrieked out of my throat as I writhed in absolute agony, and black spots danced around my vision. After a moment, I felt the fangs retract, screeching as they did so. Maria released her grip on my, and I crumbled to the ground.

“Wow.” I could barely make out the sound of Rick’s voice through the lingering pain. I twitched and screamed.

“Is quite pleasurable.”

“Sweet. Dibs on dinner.” I could hear Jay and Rick arguing as they left the room. Arguing over who would get to torture me.

I lay on the floor in pain, feeling utterly alone and betrayed.

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