The Kingdom of the Dark Grail

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Malak Book

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The Kingdom of the Dark Grail

Chapter 1

It was Tuluk 3rd Of Mayfire. (For those not knowledgeable of The Kingdom of the Dark Grail the date is Thursday 3rd Of March) I (Makrog, an Orc) was at The Bawd's Theft, in the Province of the Barbarian's Flame a town called Broken Steel to be exact, drinking and laughing with friends; women winked at me but I waved them away as they would steal your wages at a finger snap. I laughed and drank some more, we all danced and chuckled with great merriment. But the inn closed at midnight; I wandered out of the inn drunk into the freezing winter night, the snow crunched underfoot as I walked. I heard the beggars croak out to me “Help us, please sir!?” I walked on. A masked thief jumped out and stabbed at me. But I jumped back and drunkenly punched him in the face, he squeaked and scampered off. I continued home drunk and stumbled into my house, I staggered over to the kitchen and drank some mead and went over to my mirror, my scruffy neck and face and tight brown hair was under shadowed by my wide strong shoulders, muscular frame and dark brown skin, I laughed at my now apparent broken nose, wiped off the blood then went into my room and passed out.

As I slept, I had a dream... Of fame fortune and women, but during it all I had an ever growing sense of danger and strength as it all built up to a stop then exploded and with a wheezing breath I jumped out of bed. I looked around then got up and changed into my tunic and dark cotton trousers and went out of my room. The centre room was a mess as I tried to think what I did last night, as my head was pounding and the house was a wreck. I also wondered why my father hadn’t visited as he usually visited in the morning to see how I was doing, I stumbled over to the kitchen and opened my chest as he usually leaves messages in there, I found a note. It read: Makrog, it is time. Go forth into the lower labyrinth use this key and open the chest marked “for the future times” Inside you will find a book. I looked at the key then picked it up and wandered over to the locked door, the one that my father had once told him never to go near. I inserted the key and turned it in the lock, the door opened with a creak and I cautiously walked down, I descended down the dark stairway into the cellar below I lit a torch and crept over to the chest inscribed “for the future times” I opened the chest and light shone all through the cellar and died down. I picked up the dusty old book and opened it, the book bellowed in a deep gluttal voice “WHO ARE YE TO READ THE MALAK BOOK!?” I stuttered “Ma- Ma- Ma- Makrog gro-Bulag, I gulped and the book roared “READ ON THEN...” I looked at the page as writing appeared as he looked. It read: Hello son, by the time you read this I will be dead read on and you will understand. This book will wipe away the Orcish language and shall re-write in the Grailian language I taught you. Ye shall see soon why ye cannot simply read the Orcish son. Along the way ye will use magic, deception and ultimately the hidden power that belongs to all of the gro-Bulag descendants from your great, great, great grandfather Makrog, my son you have thy grandfather’s name. By now son ye must be wondering, “Why did you have to die?” I Malaki wrote this book to tell you about thy legacy as The One True Orc, a title that has been given to many, but taken up by few, thy great grandfather Grugnulf was one of such who took up the mantle, to serve Malakath in anyway... I died protecting you when Malakath’s advisor Turuth went mad and corrupt with power stole The Dark Grail and locked Malakath in the dark abyss of the magical universe. Turuth then detected you and set out to kill you. I however was told of this in a dream by Malakath who give me the words that would destroy Turuth and his soul for if only his body was gone he would return soon after and continue on his reign of terror. So now while writing this I am planning on how to stop Turuth from going further on his path of destruction. If I die, remember the hidden power son... Use the words...

I stopped, puzzled as the rest of the page was unintelligible writing of the Orcish language which I could sort of understand, but when I tried to read it, it seemed to be wiped from memory instantly. “Must be my father’s magic” I thought as I further studied the writing. “Orc magic when unlocked is ancient and almost as strong as elf magic” As I was thinking about this I remembered the gear my father had gifted me a few years back and I grabbed it from the wardrobe close by. The fur lined Steel Armour, old Iron Shield and Steel Sword with cloth sheath. But before I went up, I remembered my blood power (all Orcs develop this) When I was younger I would take anger fits normal as we learnt later, for an adolescent Orc. My father took me to a doctor, an Imperial expert on Orc biology. And he told my father I was just going through the normal growth of an adolescent Orc, anger fits fuelled by the blood rage. I rushed up the stairs, and standing there in front of me was a thief rustling through my father’s chest with a grin on his face as he tried on the emerald rings within. I roared and un-sheathed my sword and ran at the thief. The thief screeched and jumped back, as I stabbed at his chest the broken leather tearing, the thief screamed “STOP AGH!” But I roared “NO!” I punched the thief in the face and a loud crack could be heard. I then bashed him in the shoulder and the thief staggered down and I stood over him ready for the finishing move. The thief looked up and croaked “Stop!” I stopped and looked into the Human’s eyes and I saw who he was, I whispered “Ulfgar? Ulfgar Ice-Veins, it is you!” I proclaimed. Ulfgar staggered up and looked at me. Ulfgar stuttered “Makrog gro-Bulag?” “How did you come to Barbarian’s Flame?” I looked at him and said “I’ll tell you later but now I have to ask... What happened to you Ulfgar? Robbing houses?” Ulfgar stammered “I-I-I lost everything Makrog...” I asked “How?” Ulfgar told me everything; I stood back and grunted “You ‘assaulted’ a noble and he...” “Blackmailed me...” Ulfgar whispered sadly “I lost it all Makrog, my wife, my money. All I owned...” I said quietly “I can help Ulfgar, you could come with me to Methophala, I have a... Quest to complete” Ulfgar moaned “Do I have to?” I looked at Ulfgar then laughed. My mad red eyes twinkled in the candlelight.

Now after this interesting ordeal we two intrepid adventurers walked down the street to what once was my father’s forge, (but as he is dead I suppose it belongs to me now) But as we came closer we saw torch-light shining from the forge. It seems no place is safe in Broken Steel as it was thieves, (three Humans and an Elf). And they were looting all they could find from the forge, I roared “FINALLY, SOME ACTION!” I equipped my sword and ran towards the thieves. I struck the first with a clean slash to the head it stuck in his head and the thief let out a gargle and slumped onto the floor. The second I hit with a strong right hook and then I wrenched the thief’s head from his very body; the blood spurted from the stump I left behind as I tore the head I had ripped off straight in half! Now Ulfgar shocked from the chaos that I had forced upon the thieves finally ran forward and stabbed at the third thief. The sword stuck in the thief’s abdomen and Ulfgar shouted “Yeah, DIE!” Ulfgar then kicked the thief’s knee and a cracking was heard as the thief screeched “AGH... NO!” Ulfgar punched the thief in the face and tore his sword out of his body. The last (slimy elf) was too fast and sprinted away in the direction of Deep Rock “Come back, coward!” Ulfgar shouted after him. I looked at Ulfgar and growled “Leave him, he’s not worth it”

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