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This FanFic is after Breaking Dawn where Bree lives with the Cullen's. Bree tries to forget about her past but when her life takes an unexpected turn back into it, can she handle it? This FanFic is also about Diego and how he's trying to relocate his past.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Spared

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



Three years ago my life came to an abrupt stop. I was sure I was dead as soon as those two sharp fangs bit into my flesh, but I wasn't. I was alive. I had been turned into a vampire who was created to kill. Riley had created many more like me and had formed an army. We lived through each day prepping for the war with the yellow-eyes and not one of us knew that we were all living through a large web of lies that were created by HER, our creator. Even Riley was lied to.

The war ended quick with the yellow-eyes ones and the howlers winning. I was sure that almost everyone in Riley's army had died and I was one of the few survivors.

Diego, who was my one and only friend, had died as well. Everything was over. My entire second life was coming to an end, and I was sure that I would die for the second time but like before I didn't die. The cloaked had been generous that day.

I was given my third life.

I had been spared.


1 {Bree}

Dead Memories

"Bree," Alice's sing song voice calls. "We're going to go play baseball are you game?"

I look at Alice and shake my head slowly. "No, I don't feel like playing today."

Alice frowns and shrugs. "That's ok, I understand."

I look out the window of my room and pull up my knees. I close my eyes and try to remember the last time I fell asleep. Alice sighs and skips out of my room and down the stairs.

"Well is she coming?" I hear Rosalie call in her impatient voice.

"No," Alice says. "She didn't feel like it."

"The poor girl needs some time alone, she's been through a lot," Esme says softly.

I feel my throat grow heavy and my eyes burn. I hug my knees and zone them out. The soft click of the door makes me confident that all the Cullens left. I jump down from my bed and carefully peek out my window. They are gone. Their voices are distant as well. I quickly brush away the curtains and push open the window. I jump out and run through the forest. The yellow eyes are far away from me and are closer to their field where they play their baseball games.

Thunder roars above me, and lightning flashes a blinding blue as I walk through the forest towards the heart breaking familiar cave. I walk into the large cave and fall to my knees.

I close my eyes and dig my hands into the hard rock floor. I slowly slip down onto the cold ground and start to shake. SHE had taken everything away from me, even Diego. Diego was my only friend whom I could spill my heart out to. He was like family and SHE had killed him. I can hear him screaming now like I had three years ago when I was at the feet of the cloaked.

It makes sense now why the cloaked had spared me. They had known that killing me would have instantly wiped away the pain, and torture that I am living through now. To them, my third life that is full of pain due to all the loss, is the perfect punishment.


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