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Janette gets kidnapped by a evil vampire. she's rescued by black blade known as the white ninja.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - kidnaped

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011



chapter one

I slide my eye lids over my eyes clenching my teeth , I shiver as I look around trying to take in my surroundings but it’s too dark to see anything, I open my mouth to speak but my jaw is in too much pain right now to force words out. I sigh trying to pry my hands out of the thick rope binding them together tightly; I lower my head so my curly dark brown hair that falls to my ribs slithers in my face, its silky smoothness tickles my cheeks. My bottom lip burns like it’s on fire as well as my ankles and forehead not to mention my throat is really dry, I haven’t drank anything for an entire day and the same thing goes for eating.
A frown crosses my face staining my lips as the icy air cuts into my skin and takes over my body, I shake my head as I force myself to breathe although it hurts so much, in the darkness I can’t hear anything but I can feel the pain and ground beneath me. I search blindly for anything I could use to cut through the ropes feeling around on the ground on this van I don’t remember being put into and tied up, it’s been a day since I’ve been in my normal life and practiced swimming for the swim team. No more tears will fall from my eyes and now my make-up is running, I knew I should’ve worn waterproof mascara, I wonder where I am.
It’ll be no use trying to ask now because no one will hear me and even worse, no one will answer, I scoot forward trying to find the door I can attempt to kick open and escape through but I had no such luck, I sigh once again. I struggle to swallow as I keep pushing myself forward, I paused when the doors were pulled open by someone outside the van and moonlight pours into the van so I can get a better view of everything but the downside is that I can’t recognize where I’ve been taken. There’s a man about a foot taller than me standing at the foot of the van, his skin is pale white, his eyes are a stunning shade of jade green, his shoulder length hair is caramel and wavy, his figure is slender but muscular and the look on his face indicates him to be a badass.
He’s wearing black boots, matching black leather pants, a white tee shirt, a long black cloak that flows in the wind flapping behind him and falls down to his ankles with the collar tuned up, his lips are thick, his eye brows are too and his face is serious which matches with the husky voice of his. He reaches forward curling his fingers of his left hand around my right ankle dragging me closer to him aggressively so I scrape my leg on the way there. I groan in pain and a sinister smirk is painted on his face, he scoops me up in his arms like a groom would his bride and I can smell the aftershave mixed in with the scent of his alluring cologne.
“W- what’s your name” I stutter more from fear than plainly being cold pressed against that icy skin of his, he glares down at me with a cruel smile on his lips that chills me to the bone, why is the hottest guy in the world so creepy? I narrow my eyes up at him as he just shakes his head chuckling like I’m some type of spectacle to him and this is the farthest thing from the slightest bit of being funny, he’s being a prick right now even he even has a nice human side.
“My name is your worst nightmare” he answers in the cruelest tone I’ve ever heard, it’s as unfriendly as death itself, if I wasn’t scared before I’m scared now, and I can tell that he knows that he’s creping the crap out of me. I press my lips together forgetting about the pain until I’ve done the act, my mouth flies open and I scream out in pain except my voice isn’t that loud, my nails dig into my legs creating all the more pain for me.
“You did this to me” I croak through clenched teeth trying to move the slightest bit but my attempts have proven themselves unsuccessful, why is nothing working I mean I have to get away from him even if it kills me and I believe that in time it will... I soon will be killed literally.
“Actually… ” he corrects racing inside of a tall fancy three story mansion at the speed of light, I hold my breath as he runs watching him with both fear and amazement, I don’t know who he is but I know that there’s something different about him “you did this to yourself”. I have absolutely no idea what in the world he’s talking about, how did I end up here and why is the stranger blaming me when I obviously have no memory of going anywhere with him.
He takes me upstairs on the third floor lying on a double bed in the last room in the hall to the left side with neon green curtains and white walls, I feel like I’m in a mental hospital wearing a strait jacket or something. I release an uneven breath as he unties my hands and feet hovering over me so I’m forced to look in his cruel malevolent eyes. “I wouldn’t try to escape if I were you” he growls viciously, I can see the hostile look in his eyes that says whatever he says he means “unless you want to end up dead that is”.
“Why am I worth threatening” I ask curiously trying so hard not to let my fear show, he raises an eye brow pressing his thick lips together as his eyes remain on me “what is it that I have that’s so important to the likes of you”. The question just barely caught him off guard but it did surprise him at the least which is exactly my intention, I rub my wrists trying to rid them of the burning sensation circulating in them that he caused.
“Why do you want to know” he responds not really answering the question I asked, I frown halfway shutting my eyes as I drag my legs to my chest immediately feeling the pain right after, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m too weak I would make a move and try to escape here and now. The sooner I escape the sooner I get away from this irresistible creep who captured me, he narrows his eyes at me placing his hands on my shoulders “it’s not like I’d be gaining anything from telling you why you’re here and what I want”.
“I won’t talk then” I shake my head defiantly, the annoyance is written all over his face which is only inches from mine, his lips are perched in a flat line across his face as if he’s lost in thought “not unless I know why I’m here and what you want from me”.
“I can always make you talk” he threatens in an aggressive voice with a wicked smirk forming at the edge of his lips before spreading from cheek to cheek hiding his teeth behind his lips “I’ve killed people before and I’ll kill again in a heartbeat”.I know better than to call his bluff because look at me now, I mean besides him who else would or could do this to me, I narrow my eyes at him and to my surprise he slaps me so hard I almost go flying off the bed literally.
I am hobbled over the edge coughing up blood onto the white tiled floor, he rushes over grabbing my head and yanking my head back so my blood slithers down my chin and my eyes are on the ceiling trying to concentrate. He punches me in the stomach so hard I cough up more blood then he turns to me and whispers in a smooth creepy tone “now you see what you’ve brought upon yourself, you’ve made me thirsty by all this bloodshed and by strict orders you’re not supposed to die”. Before I could ask what he meant by that he bit my neck, his sharp fangs sink into my skin withdrawing my blood as on of his hands is in my hair pulling my head back and the nails of his other hand dig deeply into my lower back as I struggle to breathe.
“Vampire” I whisper when my body falls back bouncing on the bed as I begin to go numb, I no longer have the will to fight or escape from the pain he caused me I mean it seriously felt like my entire body was on fire. He pulls away shaking his head, he takes a look at me and snorts before exiting the room not even making sure he killed me by draining me dry, I curl my fingers around the bars of the bed as my heavy eye lids slide over my eyes.
I peak through my eye lashes to make sure that vampire from last night isn’t in the room, once I confirmed he wasn’t I sit up opening my eyes wide while I try to remember how in the world I got here with him and possibly a name he may have given me.
The only memory I can come up with is that I was walking home with my best friend Hellene talking about dying my hair a completely different color just for the heck of it and getting my belly button pierced as well. I dropped Hellene off at her house and took a cab to my house since it creped me out too much to walk home alone, when I was dropped off I confirmed the feeling of someone following me and hurried inside.
I ran into my room and locked the door behind me and that’s the last thing I remember, I don’t have any more pieces to the puzzle and the pieces I do have seem useless to me now, I look around searching for a window or possible way out. The one I do see though has bars on it and my hands and legs are chained up with barbed wire so it’ll be a bit hard trying to break through this, I glance down at my bruises with a frown to myself. “They haven’t had enough time to heal and already he’s making more” I shake my head with a heavy sigh escaping my lips, how am I going to get out of here I mean I don’t see how that’s even possible at all.
The vampire from yesterday strolls into the room and sits in front of me on the bed staring into my eyes with the cold hostile expression I remember him having “you look like crap as you did yesterday, maybe some new bruises will fix you up”.
“You’re evil” I growl under my breath hoping he can’t hear me but my hope is short lived because vampires have a farther hearing range than humans do and more sensitive noses therefore giving werewolves a scent or at least that’s how it is in all the movies “you’re the evil type of bloodsucker”.
“As if there’s an innocent good kind” he snorts rudely “all vampires hunt to kill so they can survive, even vegetarian ones or the ones who steal human blood from hospitals, I used to but it stopped being enough for me a long time ago”. I stare at him in horror with my mouth dropped open and my eyes wider than before, he just chuckles at my expression clearly thinking my fear is a spectacle or something along those lines.
“You’re a heartless murderer” I whisper not thinking about biting my tongue for even a second, if I die than I die and that’s that unless he turns me into a vampire just so he can kill me again and Ill experience the agonizing pain yet again.
“Not only do I lack a heart of love” he snarls viciously my way through clenched teeth hiding his fangs behind his lips, I have to run away somehow and escape being killed by this psychopathic vampire “but I lack a soul as well as all vampires”.
I am clueless as to what I’m supposed to say right about now so I just nob and pretend to be interested, how is my escape supposed to work when I’m tied up and the windows have bars on them, why does he have to make things so difficult.
Without so much as another word he releases me and stands to his feet glaring down at me with his hate filled stare of disgusts that makes me feel filthy, I let out a sigh not of fear but of terror mixed in with curiosity. How can that even be a possible combination when I’m talking about a soulless vampire who beats me and threatens to kill me, he not only threatens me but also tied my hands and ankles together. He’s aggressive and dangerous, being a vampire just makes him all the more dangerous and not able to be trusted, I stare into his eyes captured, too afraid to either move an inch or blink, his natural nature is dangerous all together.
I mean everything he does is deadly and everything he touches winds up dead sooner or later, I guess I will be added to that list, I slightly begin to tremble when he cups his hand on my cheek, his claws tickle my ear and his touch alone is enough to make me spaz.
He withdraws his hands and makes his way out of the room, shutting the door behind him the sound of a bunch of locks follow; I scoot to the edge of the bed attempting to stand to my feet but I failed and fell flat on my face. The loud boom echoed and I felt wet liquid oozing from my nose, my crimson blood beings to cover the tiled floor, I struggle to get up due to the face of the wires around my limbs, I inch forward trying not to make a sound even though the pain of my bruises skin rubbing against the tile is great.
The sound of light tapping against the bars on the window startle me into looking up, followed by the sound is smoke and the smell of melting metal, I raises my head “what or who is the better questionis melting the bars”. I can see pale hands on the bars bending them effortlessly, then the window pops open, I gasp in response now suddenly afraid, I try to peal myself back and inch back under the bed but it didn’t work.
A stealthy woman that looks like a ninja but without the numb chucks, instead she’s carrying a sward strapped to her back hidden behind a cape, she slips her black blade from its case and welds it at me so I scream as loud as I can. Come to find the wire on my wrists and ankles fall to the floor, she scoops me up in her arms and hurdles herself back out the window landing on her feet, I stare up at her wishing I knew who she is.
“You saved me” I breathe as I hold my breath, she nods down at me when she rushes through the area so fast everything is a blur and then out of nowhere she begins flying literally “you saved me and I don’t even know your name”.
“Call me black blade” she mutters smoothly, her high pitched voice lingers in the air “my identity must remain a secret”.
“My name is Janette Roslyn” I mumble to her, in the blink of an eye everything stands still, now we’re in a small room that looks like one of a house I’ve never been to, she lays me on the bed and places her hands on my stomach.
“Try not to move or this may hurt not just you but the both of us” black blade whispers in a soothing tone, the pain in my body grew for a moment then faded into a distant tingling sensation then died all together. My body falls back down flattening itself on the bed once again, my eyes swing open and stare at her face gasping for air, she stares back at me taking my hand in hers “that vampire is going to pay for doing this”.
“You know him” I question rasing my eye brows she nods pressing her lips together to form a flat thin line across her face which is hidden behind her mask of white clothing, she places my head on a pillow that’s nice and fluffy. I struggle to move so just remain still forcing myself to breathe and my heart beat stay steady, I took a long while to blink and just like that she was gone without having answered my question of how she knows him.

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