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Kika's first day at her new school and she meets Rachel, the queen bee Darlien and her possy. she also meet Taraku when he saves her on her way home from school.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - dangerous

Submitted: February 19, 2011

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Submitted: February 19, 2011



chapter one

the loud buss of my alarm clock rang in my ear, I pressed the the off button then sat up striaght in my bed rubbing my eyes as a yawn escapes my lips. Today is the seventh of september, the first day of school here in Tokyo "goody goody the day i'll offically be a freshman". I stretch before hopping out of my comfy twin bed, I pull my strightmessyshoulder legnth jet black hair in a ponytail then slip into my uniform which is a white button up and a plaid mini skirt that barely covers my butt considering I got my uniform in a size too small.

"Have a good day at school today" Yacama called from the kitchen, she's my foster mom and has been for about ten years now. she's about five foot five, she has wavy caramel hiar with strawberry highlights and bangs, her hair is in a stakbob, her eyes are a charming shade of light blue, her skin is pale, her figure is flawless and slender, her lips are very thin not to mention her smile is blinding to anyone viewing it.

"Ok Yacama, I will" I call back carelessly, it's not her fault I despise school so i'm nice to her, not just today but everyday because she's the nicest foster mom i've ever had that I can remember of anyway. I put on my grey thigh high socks and black boots with buckles I got for christmas last year, after I grab my things I slide on my skateboard and race off to school.

"The school looks new" I note when I arrive "this lovelywhite two story building lavished with the rays of the suns light and filled with lively students, it looks old timey at the same time but ah well". I turn to my left to see a group of seven outragously beautiful girls and the middle one sticks out to me the most, she has hazel skin, jade green eyes, andlong wavy royal blue hair that falls past her breats. she's five footfouror at least that'show tall she looks, she smilesat me but something about thatgrin is off and extremely cold... hostile would actually be a better word.

"Hey loser" the grilsneered rudly, I fold my arms across my skin picking up the vibe that she's not the most friendly person to hang out with or attempt to befriend"you must have got that uniform from a graveyard goth girl, either that or you're trying to pose as a wanna be slut".

herpossy giggles as she did then they all saunter away"I wonder who the heck that middle girl and her possy is".

"Darlien is the middle girl, the one to her left is Megan and the one to her right is Denice" a softvoice whipsers from behindme, I spin around on my heels to see who"the gril next to Megan is Jasmine, the one next to her is Hannah, the girl beside Denice is Cendrol, the one beisde her is Casey".

"i'm Kika Haraku" I introducemyself sluggishly,Icurl my fingers around theblackstrap of my shoulder bag onmy left sidepressing my lips together.

"I'm Rachel Hamington" she smiles politlyas her eyes shut hiding behind her eye lids for a sceond "i came here from California about a year agao what about you, I mean your name sounds Japense but I doubt you were actually born here".

"I just recently moved here from Pitsburg" I confess as wewalk to the gym"i came here a weeks ago, now I have a new house, a new school and have to make new friends which I would've had to do even if I hadn't moved becuase i'm a freshman".

"So am I" Rachel sings with the excitment ringing inher voice"maybe if we're luckywe'll have some of the same classes".

"I hope so" I muttered"I have a feeling we're going to be the best of friends in the future, you know".Rachel is tall with long stright violet hair, goregous purple eyes, skins as pale as mine, a slim wasit with an hour glass shape and her look is just compelely flawless and I envy her in a way for that, as for me my eyes are so dark they look black and my bangs touches my the tip of my eyes. Rachel and I bothhave gym firstperiod, a tall chubby, bald, green eyed teacher introduced himself as "coach Victor" when we got there and took a seat in the bleachers next to each other.

the coach has us dress in long grey tee shirts down past our thighs and loose gym shorts, then he makes us run four laps and sit on the bleachers afterward so we can catch our breaths"this class will be divided into sections based on which sport you choose. who wants to sigh up for basket ball" mostly guys riased their hands, I didn't becausei'm more of acheerleader or gymnist type."who wants to sigh up for volleyball"coach vickasks, a majority of girls raise their hands this time so scribbling down thenumber of students on his clipboardhe looks up yet again"gymnastics".his beard is a bit too long, both Rachel and I liftour hands smirking at each other clearly amused that we are both signing upfor the same thing when we didn't evendisguss this.

"well the sign up sheets are going around and depending which you sign up for determains what class you're in" coach vick mumbled grumpily, handing all the peoplewhoraised their hands for basketball the clipboard.

Rachel turned to face me running her fingers through her hair "gymnastics, I love it and that's the reason when I graduate I plan to be a professional gymnist".

"Never gonna happen" Darlien sneeres, wrinkling her nose inresponse to Rachel confessing what she want to do in life, this girl is pissing me off so much I can just about get detention forknock the mess out of herfor being such as bitch"you'll be a professional clutz instead".

her and her possy giggle before sitting in another seat on the other side of the gym I take Rachel's arm shaking my head at them "you can do it, i'll be here to do it with you".

couch vick hands the girls the clipboard and takes back the one for basketball from the guys, after five minuets of waiting he hands us the clipboard for gymnastics which swe sign up for then pass around for the others who siad they would sign up for it.

since rachel is borrowing my skateboard i walk home, the clouds are grey as they loom above my head. "great" I mutter to myself "it's going to rain, i love the rain and cold weather just not when i'm walking home and am going to get soaked to the point where my bra will be exposed". wind blows my hair in my face as I slowly saunter home retracing the steps I took this morning so I don't get lost like I have a feeling I might, the icy air around me doesn't bother me like it would most people, in fact I quite enjoy it.

here I am at the place where I have to cross the street, I sigh and holding my head down I realize my dad Rami isn't coming home today - my foster dad - Yacama called me at lunch to tell me that, i just didn't want to believe her, I begin to cross the street gradually. it starts to sprinkle as I let out a deep breath more like a distressed sigh from my day at school today which wasn't all bad, I mean i did make a new friend so that's an up side.

a deafening honking sound startles me so much that I jerk my head up looking in the direction the sound came from, a motorcycle is honking their horn at me, my body is frozen and I can't look away when the headlights come closer and grow brighter. my heart gallops in my chest and my head is spinning, I am going to die right here and right now, a boy lunged at me, he carried me to the sidewalk then pulled back so he can see my face "are you crzy, that motorcycle was speeding at you, if I weren'there you would've been dead".

"You saved me" Ibreathed whenI glance athim I felt dazed as I struggle to cathc my breath"you're the one who saved me".

"Big deal" he sneers, he's tall, pale, he hasgoregous dark brown eyes that almost look black, broad shoulders,stright jet black hair shoulder length hairpulled back neatly in a ponytail, a matching stubble. he's wearing a plain brown tee shirt, ablack leather jacket, ripped black skinny jeans, and checkored black and white vans.

"Wha't's your name" I ask as he setsme to my feet ,Ifamilarize myself with his flawless features and notice that he's goregous, notthat I will ever be able to ignore that.

"my name is... " he glances down at me asthe rainbegins to come down harder "Taraku Hiama". he holds out a helmet tome as he slides on his lime green motorcycle, I put on the helmet and hop on behind him lockingmyarms around his waist, I rest my chin on hisshoulder taking inthe warmth of his skin.

we arrive at my baby blue house thirty minuets later, I takethe cherry red helmet off springing off his motorcyclecafefully landing on my porch luckily on myfeetinstead of my butt. "by the way" I toss him hishelemt he lent to me, he catches itone handedly and puts it on hisown head buckling it up "my name is Kika Harauku".

"I guess i'll see you at school, girl" Taraku snorted before driving off into the pouring rain, I lean against the frontdoor nibbling on my bottom lip as I watch him disappear into the evening light. I knock on thedoor, once Yacama lets me in I take a quick showerthen dressfor a nap. "Taraku" I whisper when I throw myself on my bed with a smirk dancing across my lips and excitmentbeinginjected into me just by the sound of his namerunning through my mind like amovie before my eyes "i'll see you later".

i sit downnext to Yacamaat the dinner table afterI finish all my homework "I can't wait for school tommorrow I made a friend and her name is Rachel she's a gymnist from California".

"that's wonderful Kika" Yacamasmiles as she nibbles a bite out of her japanese mii - rice-covered in soi sauce, I take a sip of the orange juice she brought with herrunning my free handthrough my hair unable to stop thinking about Taraku and his charmthat dazed me when he saved me fromgetting run over.

"she's really nice" I add crossing my legs"and the queen bee of the school is Darlien, she's goregous on the outside but ugly on the inside, she made fun of my uniform and she even tried to discourgae Rachel for wanting to be a gymnist when she graduates".

"a trashy girl like that attracts trashy people" Yacama mumbles with her mouth full, I giggle in response feeling better for not beingquallifyed to fit into her pactalready"and the wrong type of attention, like you said you have Rachel to be your friend, she'll stand up for you if she's a true friend and you'll do the same for her am I right".

"yes mom" I nod taking another sip of my orange juice,once I finish my meal and wash the dishes I makemy wayupstairs to my room and throw myself on the bed landing on my stomache, I kick my legs up and press my lips together. myviolet samsung gravity begins vibrating so I answer it and notice Rachel is calling me "hey what's up".

"not much I was just wondering if you could give me a ride to school tomorrow" Rachel mutters softly into her end of the reciver so I can almost barely hear her butluckilyI caught every thiing she said"my car broke down, that's why I had to borrow your skateboard".

"of course" I nod with a crocked smilemaking it's way across my face, I nibble on my bottom lipas thewarm room tempreture air seeps in deeper to my skin"we are friends after all".

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