out of this world: academy of darkness

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Alexandre is an alien living on a planet called Nebula with others of his race, he decides to travel to earth to see what humans have done to his home planet. he mets Auria and uses her to get closer to taking earth back when the two of them fall in love. alien hunters come to earth and hunt Alexandre down chasing him back to Nebula. from that moment on it's a race and the price is planet earth. however time is ticking and the only person Alexandre cares about saving is Auria but the other aliens who allow him to because every single one of the humans must die.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Alexandre

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



chapter one: alexandre

Explosions light up the sky above my head as my feet take turns slamming against the violet rock beneath my bare feet, a chorus of jagged breaths escape my lips as my jade green eyes fall upon a planet made visible in front of me.

The space dust flies around my head filling my nostrils as I extend my three inch long claws that are shaper than the fangs on a vampire or any blade forged on the planet called earth, rage fills my veins when I think about what those humans have done to us.

I have come to learn that humans are selfish creatures who only care about themselves and making money so none of them is to be trusted, their race should be eliminated for what they have done to us and our home planet.

I grind my pointed teeth together feeling the rage consume me forcing my eye color to become fiery red burning intensely, I come to a halt in my tracks snarling at earth from where I stand and suddenly a hand places itself on my shoulder in attempt to calm me down.

“The humans will pay for what they did to us in time” my father Rein whispers in my ear squeezing my shoulder so his claws dig into my flesh, my tail curls up behind me in response “Nebula will take its revenge on them and they will suffer”.

“Humans are the one thing I hate more than those scientists that tried to experiment on us” I shake my head blowing steam through my nostrils sucking in a deep breath “they will know how it feels one day when we wipe them off the face of the earth and take back our planet”.

“To successfully attack the humans and get what we want we must wait and form a plan” Rein growls aggressively as he releases my shoulders “they won’t just agree to leave their planet son, and if they don’t leave soon we will take earth by force”.

My eyes return to their natural dark purple as I blink slowly freezing time with my mind, when I open my eyes Rein is staring at me kneeling on the ground running his claws over the rocks beneath our feet leaving scratch marks, I watch the rocks crumble under his hands.

“They have ruined our planet more than the people before them, now that oxygen is on the planet we will die” I mutter spitting onto the ground “but the human’s air supply is running out… that’s no secret and when it dose earth will be ours once again”.

“Alexandre where have you been, training has not ended yet” calls a Lavigne from behind me, when I face her I notice that her furry grey ears are sticking straight up while my furry jet black ones are not, she wraps her grey tail around her finger behind her back “we have a lot to learn”.

“If the commander will not take a spaceship to earth to take back what once was ours I will and no one will be able to stop me” I raise my voice stepping toward her with my eyes set on her pink face, she raises an eye brow “those insolent humans need to know where the line has been drawn”.

“You cannot go to planet earth alone Alexandre” Lavigne answers shaking her head “you have heard of Weldon, he thought the same thing and got himself tested on by scientists and killed in the process, those humans will not let us live on earth without a fight”.

“We have intergalactic weapons and possess powers they can only dream of” I remind Lavigne stroking her ears with my thumbs “what we have is more advanced than what they do so why are we holding back and waiting like we’re scared”.

“We aren’t scared of creatures that are much weaker than us know as humans” Lavigne tells me, now it’s her turn to shake her head “we are being smart and coming up with a skilled plan because we know better than to go on their territory unprotected”.

Lavigne and I stare into each other’s eyes with a sinister grin on both of our faces spreading from cheek to cheek, Rein stands up and races out of my line of view while the stares dance in the sky above our heads and the light of the moon shines on our home planet Nebula.

Lavigne’s brother Dane waltzes up to us holding his crimson tail in his hands staring at the ground with his jade green eyes digging through the purple rocks, I watch Lavigne run her claws lightly against the scales on my stomach.

Dane looks up at me as his furry crimson ears stick up on his head, Lavigne and I circle each other as if doing a deadly dance with a fierce look in our eyes challenging each other without words “Alexandre, the commander wants you back at the training area”.

“Lavigne already told me that I am wanted back at training grounds” I nod at Dane glancing over his shoulder at my mother Zpheria who is watching me with a dangerous look in her eyes holding hostility and I can tell that she has a plan “but I think I should share dialogue with my mother now”.

“Zpheria has been waiting for you to exchange dialogue with her for thrity seven hours in human time” Dane admits as Lavigne steps aside bowing her head so her wavy blonde hair falls into her face “she is growing impatient as well as the commander”.

“Come with me Dane, you and I will practice our combat skills without Alexandre” Lavigne whispers turning her gaze to her brother with a smile blinking slowly as she bows her head, I unfreeze time with my mind and sigh “he wishes to make an exchange of words with his birth mother”.

“You cannot express your feeling of world domination over earth so openly as you have been doing” Zpheria tells me in a hushed tone once both Lavigne and Dane have vanished off into the gasses floating around the planet “defiance against the commander can lead to death”.

“The more time we waste waiting around in fear the more time we give the humans to plot” I mumble sharing my view “if we want revenge I say we take it now, we should fearlessly be taking what was ours to begin with by force if we have to”.

“If we walk into their territory without a plan or any defense we will die” Zpheria points out placing her hands on her hips exposing her pointed teeth to the moonlight, I shake my head as the droplets of fire slide down my arms “we have to be rational about this”.

“The humans will die anyway all we would be doing is bringing the death to them sooner” I shrug rolling my eyes with another heavy sigh “and if you won’t support me on that fine but I plan on avenging those of our race who died, they won’t die in vain”.

I bow my head watching my feet crush the purple rocks under my feet holding my breath as I sweat rolls of fire, I bend my knees and spring up swimming through space like it’s a pool and no one is going to tell me that I should not be on earth because I’m going.

Maybe I won’t be able to stay for long because I don’t breathe oxygen but I will still get a look at what those filthy humans did to our original home planet, I can only hold my breath for two hours so I have that much time to get there then leave.

Since I’m going to be on earth for two hours I decided to get a disguise so I don’t get noticed and attacked, I waited until the mall closed and stole a black beanie hat to hide my ears, sunglasses to hide my eyes, skinny jeans, a black tee shirt, leather boots and a black trench coat to hide the tail.

As for my hands I just stole a pair of leather gloves, now here I am standing in front of a downtown bar watching the humans walk in and others stagger outside all uncoordinated, I snort shaking my head and somehow one of them notices me.

She’s about five foot four; she has shoulder length caramel hair, pasty skin, hazel eyes, a slender figure and skinny eye brows, she strolls over to me as I stare at her listening to the sound of her pumps clicking on the pavement with every step.

“I don’t think you come around her often or at least not in this part of town” she mutters when we stand inches apart from each other staring at me intensely, I stick my hands in my pockets pressing my lips together “I’m Auria”.

“I don’t give a fuck what your name is, I didn’t come here for you” I grow coldly watching the shock shimmer in her eyes, she tucks her hair behind her ear as I snort “I came here for vengeance and even if you were my type I still wouldn’t want you”.

“You are a bit rude aren’t you” Auria mutters wrinkling her nose slightly as she pull her eye brows together failing at trying to make an angry face but only looking pathetic, I hate humans in general and she’s certainly no exception “I suppose you aren’t going to tell me your name”.

“I’m not going to tell my name to you when I fucking hate all humans” I shake my head stepping closer to her, I don’t have to press my ear to her chest to hear her heart pounding within her chest like a wood hammer “you are no different in my eyes”.

“You have this whole mysterious bad boy act going on like you hate the world but I can see right through you” Auria raises an eye brow speaking in a hushed tone that sounds like she’s trying to be seductive but I won’t give in to her because it’s not working at all “you don’t fool me”.

“You don’t know anything, I am not even a damn human but I bet you didn’t know that either or the fact that I don’t live on this planet called earth anymore” I hiss aggressively grabbing her shoulders and racing to the wall of an empty alley a yard away faster than the speed of light.

I slam her back against the wall so hard I can faintly smell the scent of her surfacing blood not only that but I can slightly see it smudged on the wall, Auria groans in pain biting down on her lip roughly, a smile crosses my face as I lean close to her.

“If you think you know anything about me you’re wrong” I whisper raising an eye brow staring at the nap of her neck, she slightly gasps in response to my eyes slithering across her skin mistaking it for desire, damn it she is so fucking annoying and uninteresting “I am not defined”.

“You aren’t like anyone else I’ve met in my entire life” Auria croaks shaking her head gasping for air, I tilt my head staring at her eyes which are halfway closed squinting up at the nighttime sky “I like that trait about you, nameless stranger”.

“I am not a human nor have I ever been, humans are weak and defenseless against my race of beings” I mutter aggressively biting her throat with my fangs listening to the sound of her terrified scream which is music to my ears and her body jerks beneath my touch .

I pull back when I’ve withdrawn most of her blood, she stares at me weakly collapsing on the ground I shake my head with a snort scooping her up in my arms turning around and searching her mind for her address once that’s done I carry her there.

I lay Auria in her bed on top of the blanket staring down at that worthless defenseless human girl, she quietly is unconscious and I smile to myself at what I’ve done “I will kill you on the day that I take back planet earth and I won’t have any regrets about it, you stupid girl”.

If my parents could see me right now they would be so proud, I’ve been raised my whole life knowing that humans are the sworn enemy, more times than one have they tried to wipe out our race and there was one time where they almost did.

Auria will not be spared no matter what as long as I exist and will fight to take back the planet my race was born on but some prick decided to take it forcefully leaving us in space while our home planet was humanized filled with the oxygen we can’t breathe.

I hate humans with a passion and they will not be one single day when I hate them less, death is what they all deserve and I will be the one delivering it for what they have done, this fucking girl that lays asleep is an idiot for finding traits to like about me.

I can’t and won’t love a useless mortal human, I refuse to be a captive of her or any other human that finds me attractive for I have better things to do that fuck around with pathetic people, I have a world to dominate.

Humans have destroyed our homeland but it will repair itself and I will not fall to any human including Auria, she isn’t a weakness to me nor is she anyone that I care about in fact I hate her more than the rest of the humans.

I climb out of Auria’s window which is five feet from the ground, once I spring outside and land on my feet unharmed I race through the darkness still holding my breath running out of time before I die of suffocation, and I refuse to die here on the cursed planet that was once mine.

Lavigne stares at me as I curl up in the crater I call my home with my arms folded behind my head and my eyes closed, Dane stands next to her along with Rein and Zpheria, but I decide not to acknowledge them because I don’t wanna answer their damn questions about why I smell like human blood.

I kick my feet out in front of me listening to the explosions in the sky signaling combat training is to begin; I throw my head back exposing my fangs peeking through my lashes at the commander Xenon, she stares at me narrowing her eyes.

Her glare cuts through me like blades but I still do not fear her or anyone else, I stand fearless in fire without being burned or even the smallest of a bruise because I’m a fucking survivor and a warrior who knows how to fight better than those damn humans.

“You went to the earth planet and had an encounter with a human girl, I can smell her perfume and blood on you” Xenon mutters holding rage within her voice “what the fuck is wrong with you, if we attack those damn humans we do so as a group and we never go alone”.

I open my eyes fully to stare at her, she extends her claws and scratches my face so hard she leaves a bleeding mark deep to the bone “humans need to know what they did won’t go without a fight from our side, we have to fight back for our own sake”.

“Right now isn’t the best time for us to fight the humans back without a plan” Xenon tells me as I spit up blood from my mouth along with a small piece of Auria’s skin that was scraped off by my teeth when I bit her “thinking comes before fighting if a victory is wanted”.

“This isn’t about thinking out a plan it’s about taking back what’s rightfully ours” I pull my eye brows together touching my thumb to the sides of my mouth to wipe away the smeared blood “we were living on the earth long before humans were even brought into existence”.

“Humans will pay for the damage they caused to us but we have to form a plan before we attack Alexandre” Xenon whispers kneeling in front of me as I face her hobbled over at her knees, she sighs blowing a breath of literal fire at me which I dodge “we must defeat the enemy with a strategy”.

“What is there to Strategize about when we have the weapons to kill them all within seconds” I ask with rage boiling within my own voice as well as hers threatening to overflow “what the hell are we standing in the dark waiting for”.

“Humans will try and kill us the first chance they get and our extraterrestrial race needs to not become extinct” Xenon points out in an argumentative tone as I stare at her looking up squinting “we will be legendary and no one to pass on that legend if all of us die”.

“We are stronger than them so let them try to kill us because we have the upper hand” I croak in a hushed whisper spitting out more blood, Xenon scratches my chest with her claws “so once again the question is asked… what the hell are we waiting for”.

Lavigne kneels beside me taking my hands in hers behind my back as I focus my gaze on Xenon, she breathes fir at me again and this time when I dodged it my left cheek slightly became burned, ii snarl in agonizing pain in response.

“I am the one in charge not you, I give the orders and you take them or else there’s no use for you so you might as well be killed” Xenon whispers as an answer “we are aliens to the human race because we are one of them, none of us will ever be human”.

“I know how to get revenge on the human race, we attack in a crowd of people but hidden in the shadows” I suggest quietly “they will call a state of emergency and gather all in one place therefor making it easy for us to slaughter them all”.

“If we draw attention to ourselves the scientist will come after us to use us as their living experiments” Xenon points out rising to her feet staring down at me with outrage in her eyes “they won’t stop till we are all dead this time”.

“Give Alexandre a chance to prove he can win back earth” Lavigne speaks up loud enough for Xenon to hear her, he glances over his shoulder at her flashing her a toothy smile in gratefulness “he can do it and within a short amount of time”.

“You can’t just come up with a successful method to rid earth of the humans so we can return and extinguish the rest of the oxygen” Xenon shakes her head with a snort escaping her lips “Alexandre only has two hours to get all the humans in one spot”.

“He doesn’t have to be doing this alone” Zpheria shake her head standing beside me in the blink of an eye, Dane strolls forward standing next to my mother “Alexandre is smart and maybe he is what we need to be successful at invading and taking back the planet that is ours”.

“We can only hold our breaths for two hours, so if he thinks he can get further than us go for it” Xenon dares with an aggressive tone, I stare at her raising an eye brow “he has a hundred and twenty human minuets to take back earth and wipe the humans clean of it”.

“I want to go with Alexandre because earth is not just his original home planet, it’s mine as well” Lavigne steps forward slightly squeezing his hands in hers tightly “we have to join together and fight for what is rightfully ours and that’s exactly what he’s saying”.

“The first step of taking back earth is to make the humans declare a state of emergency, then they will be in one area, the second step is to kill them all and the third is to burn all the trees so the oxygen that is a poison to us will be gone” I tell Xenon “I have the perfect way to make a state of emergency”.

“While on earth Alexandre met a human and must’ve kept her alive for now” Zpheria confesses to Xenon who raises an eye brow then stares at me curiously, I step toward her “she must be part of his unspoken plan”.

“The human girl is my plan, I will “take care of her’ when I have no use for her anymore” I smirk evilly squeezing Lavigne’s hands behind my back, Xenon nods in acknowledgement “she is weak therefore making her an easy target, I will make sure she’s killed by my own hands”.

“In other words Alexandre is planning to use her for the sake of avenging all of our kind who have died by the hand of the humans” Dane cuts in with a steady sigh withdrawn from his lips “he shall bring us peace and restore our land”.

“Your steps of taking earth back seems as if they will take more than two hours to go through” Xenon points out narrowing her eyes at me, I spit out a little bit of blood cleaning my bloody teeth with my tongue “but I assure you that time will be given as long as you make progress”.

“I am the only one who can save the world since I’m making way on the inside” I tell her glancing over my shoulder at Lavigne, she glares at me sticking her lips out to make a pouting face “besides I work alone, I fly solo and it’s better that way”.

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