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Fifteen year old Sofia Miller is a sophomore at Lakewood High who loses her virginity to her best friend's brother Max, then falls in love with the hot next guy, Aaron. When Sofia finds out that Aaron has mental problems she goes to Max looking for a relationship and finds herself in love with both men and is forced to chose between them.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sofia

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



chapter one: Sofia

With the distant sound of the wooden grandfather clock ticking at the end of the narrow corridor I linger in, a strong unshakable loneliness burns a whole through my heart; I sigh heavily and shut my dark blue eyes wishing I could just shut out the world with the snap of my fingers.

My shoulder length curly jet black hair is tied neatly back in a ponytail with a pink hello kitty headband to keep the stray hairs in place, when I glance impatiently over my shoulder I notice a charming six foot four guy with dark brown eyes, straight messy dark brown hair, pasty skin, and hazel-brown eyes.

He’s wearing leather motorcycle boots, black skinny jeans, a white V-neck shirt, a black leather jacket over it, and a black motorcycle helmet in his right hand; he also has these thick irresistible lips and thick bushy eye brows, not to mention his broad shoulders and his silver eye brow ring.

He makes his way toward me as I return my gaze to the line in front of me, I take the chance to take a deep breath before taking a small step forward, I can see that he is super attractive and maybe I can get him to pop my cherry so that I don’t graduate a virgin.

With that thought I spin around on the heels of my hot pink platform sandals so we’re facing each other, he stops about a an arm’s length away from me and shoots me a charming smirk that makes my heart swoon, clearing my throat I respond with a nod as I mutter “hey.”

“Hey” he answers with his hands stuffed in his jacket pocket and his eyes on me, the guy standing before me is the new kid at my high school, he’s a junior that I’ve heard rumors about that makes him look like a badass and his appearance certainly gives him that kind of reputation but then again, I love the thrill of mysterious guys.

“Just so you know” I press my thin blood red lips together and stare up into his eyes, he raises an eye brow in curiosity wondering what I’m going to say next “I don’t believe what everyone is saying about you, they just love to gossip and spread rummors.”

“What’s everyone saying about me?” he asks with a slight smirk teasing the corners of his lips, I run my left hand over my hair feeling slightly nervous as I glance over my shoulder and take two steps backward to catch up with the barely moving line.

“Rumor has it that you were having sexual relations with your English teacher at your last high school and when she tried to break it off you killed her, buried the body far underground, and moved here to get a clean slate” I confess as I return my eyes to his, in response he tilts his head to the left.

“How do you know that I’m not the one who killed her?” he asks with a certain unidentifiable edge in his voice that makes my heart pound in my chest ten thousand times faster, I place my hands on my slender hips and blink slowly while trying to think of an answer to his question.

“I don’t know that you did or didn’t do it” I tell him with the slight shake of my head, in response he stares down into my eyes making me feel as it’s only the two of us in the room and the more I stare at him the hotter the room becomes “but I believe that you’re not a killer.”

“You don’t even know me so how could you even begin to imagine what I’m capable of?” he whispers as he curls his warm, long and thin right left index finger under my chin to pull my face up ever so slightly, and all of a sudden my heart freezes for that moment because it seems as if he’s going to kiss me soon.

“I guess I don’t” I shrug casually, he nods and motions for me to step backward because the line is moving and once I do he drops his hand and buries it in his pocket again “but if that isn’t your story then what is? I know that you’re new to town and if you won’t tell me your story will you at least tell me your name?”

He raises an eye brow again while stepping forward but remaining an arm’s length apart from me, I stare curiously at him wondering to myself how interesting he really is and how interesting he appears to be, he grins as he leans down and whispers in my ear “Aaron Taylor.”

The last name seems somewhat familiar but I can’t remember where I’ve heard it before, that can either be a good thing because it means I read it in some glamorous magazine or it could be bad if it means that he’s in some kind of gang or whatever, but then again I do like adventure and a spontaneous guy every once in a while.

“I told you my name, now aren’t you gonna tell me yours so we’re even here?” Aaron mutters as he pulls his face away so his lips are no longer at my ear, I bite down on my bottom lip nervously trying to think of if I should just tell him my name or be mysterious and not tell him.

“My name is Sofia Miller” I admit as I press my lips together, and to my surprise he doesn’t look at me like I’m some rich super model as most people do when I tell them my last name, I guess being the daughter of a famous fashion designer slash pop singer has that effect “as in Mika Miller’s daughter.”

“Your mom is a fashion designer and pop singer known worldwide so why are you here living in a small town that doesn’t seem to be very glamorous?” Aaron points out; in response I drop my eyes to the floor and stare at my hot pink painted toe nails with a heavy sigh.

“My mom is really busy touring the city or working on designs in Paris so I live with my dad, and the crazy thing is that although my mom lives in Paris and my dad lives here with me and my younger brother is that they’re still married.” I reply with yet another sigh.

“That is kind of odd, if I do say so myself” Aaron glances behind me and stakes a step forward as I take a step back “but it’s not as odd as having a mom with-child at the age of forty-seven, now that oddness would top the oddness of your parents.”

“Ok, that is pretty unusual” I giggle in response with a spreading grin on my lips, Aaron chuckles too and presses his lips together, not knowing what else to say I spin around on my heels so my back is to him while I keep the smile on my face just thinking to myself how awesome it would be to have him as a boyfriend.

Within ten more minutes of waiting I finally am within sight of the podium wear there is three females and two guys dressed in uniforms taking the customers and showing them to a free and available table, they must be waiters and waitresses, maybe this has become a classier restaurant than I last remember it to be.

“Who’s next in line?” asks a four foot eleven strawberry blond petite female with pale blue eyes a big chest and thick hips, she’s wearing a black and white uniform and her hair tied back in a sloppy bun “hello miss, my name is Whitney and I will be your waitress for the day, is it going to be a table for one.”

“Um no, not today” I shake my head as I step up to the podium where Whitney is standing and glance over my shoulder at Aaron, I wave him over to me with my right hand and flash him a flirty wink, in response he chuckles and stands at my side by the time I look at the waitress again and say “it’s a table for two.”

“That was pretty bold, you making this a date sort of by upgrading from a table of one to a table of two” Aaron mutters to me when we’re seating at a two seat table by the window “I could’ve objected to that or perhaps could’ve been meeting someone here on a date.

“With me the unexpected is the expected and the expected is the unexpected” Aaron takes a peak at the menu sitting in front of him before deciding what he wants to eat and peering over the menu that’s standing up in front of him at me “so Sofia tell me, why are you here eating dinner alone?”

“I can ask you the same question” I answer as I look over the menu and decide what I want to order when Whitney returns to take our order “I mean here you are the new sexy and mysterious guy in town and you’re eating dinner alone on a Friday night, why?”

“Maybe none of the girls in this town have caught my attention and I’m looking for the right one” Aaron whispers in an alluring deep musical voice that makes my heart beat so fast I begin to shiver, I stick my shaking hands at my sides while studying the desserts on the menu “you think I’m sexy and mysterious, I’ll have to remember that.”

“You’re saying that in the time you’ve been here not one girl has caught your eye?” I pull my eye brows together as I stare at him wondering if that can even be possible, he just stares back in response with the same grin as before glued to his lips “am I getting it right?”

“Pretty much, but… ” Aaron stops in mid-sentence as if to pause for dramatic effect so I’d be on the edge of my seat patiently waiting for him to finish what he’s saying and that’s exactly what’s happening now but I’m trying not to let my interest show too much “there is this one beauty I just met.”

“Oh really? Now that sounds interesting, I wonder who this mystery girl could possibly be” I tap my finger on my chin and pretend to ponder this although I have a pretty good idea that he means me, and I find out how right I am when he chuckles and points at me with his index finger.

“Tell me about yourself Sofia” Aaron mumbles in a voice hardly above a whisper, the softness of it leaves Goosebumps running up and down my spine as well as the rest of my skin, I press my lips together and raise an eye brow curiously at him and nod.

“Well for starters, I’m a sophomore at Lakewood High whom is in the school show choir, I just got my permit last week, and I’m turning sixteen in April on the second” I laugh at the thought “it’s kind of funny to think I was almost born on April fool’s day, isn’t it?”

“It is, if it makes you feel better I’m turning seventeen on the fourth of July which is pretty much a holiday that homosexuals spend together” Aaron chuckles as he runs his left hand over his hair and sets his helmet on his side of the table that’s closest to the window.

“That’s kind of funny too, but I mean that’s a good thing because at least you get fireworks on your birthday and there’s no school, but on my birthday it’s the day after April fool’s day so I don’t really get anything special” I reply as Whitney makes her way up to the table.

“You two ready to order?” Whitney asks as she pulls out her notepad and black pen, she looks at Aaron first then glances at me then she returns her gaze back to him as if he’s some dreamy prince that is attainable for her, when the truth is that he’s out of her league.

“Yeah, I’ll have the chicken alfredo, cheese sticks with marinara sauce, the hot wings as a side dish, and as an appetizers I’ll have an eight pack of large hot wings, and a medium sized Coca-Cola” Aaron tells her as he hands Whitney the menu “what about you Sofia, what do you want?”

“I will have a garden salad as my appetizer, and for my meals I would like the sweet and sour soup with extra hot sauce, with chicken tenders and barbeque sauce as the side dish and a medium sized sprite” I hand the menu to Whitney who takes it then scribbles down the orders on the notepad.

“Your food will be done shortly and let me know if you need a refill which is fifty cent for a medium cup, or if you want some dessert” Whitney tells the both of us, when Aaron just nods at her while his eyes are on me she strolls off back in the direction that she came.

“You do know that this isn’t a date right?” Aaron leans closer to me causing my heart to pound even faster than it is already which I didn’t even think was humanly possible, I wonder why I’m so nervous around this guy when around other guys I’m not nervous at all “you and I may have met here and are eating dinner together but that doesn’t mean that we’re on a date.”

“I know” I nod while pressing my lips together and placing my hands flat on the table, he glances out the window at the moonlight lighting up the narrow streets then returns his gaze to me after a few moments “maybe one day we can make it a date, just the two of us.”

“Fine by me, I have a concert at this karaoke bar tomorrow night at seven, you should come” Aaron suggests with a smirk lighting up his sexy attractive face that makes my face feel like it’s being struck with the hottest fire and the fire is overheating me “afterwards we can grab a bite.”

“Yeah, that sounds cool” I nod, Aaron presses his lips together and glances down at the table he glues his eyes to mine “and if I may ask, what’s the concert for? I mean what are you going to be doing at the concert at this karaoke bar which you haven’t mentioned the name of?”

“I’m in a band I doubt you’ve heard of, I’m the lead singer and the electric guitarist” Aaron confesses as he too places his hands flat on the table, I drop my eyes to the table thinking how much sexier he is now that I know he sings and plays the guitar “the band was actually formed last week believe it or not.”

“That’s amazing, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but I’ve never had anyone to teach me” I nod while running my left hand over my hair without pulling out the headband that I have on “I can play the piano though and obviously because I’m in show choir I can dance well too.”

“Wellaren'tyou just talented, and kind of boastful about it” Aaron chuckles quietly, I nod yet again knowing that it’s in my blood to be a bit boastful sometimes which I get from my mom’s side, and as for the kind of competitive streak I get that from my dad’s side.

After eating dinner with Aaron and talking about the type of music we listen to and find interesting, he drives me to the karaoke bar he wants me to come to tomorrow then he takes me home on the back of his black motorcycle, and honestly I don’t think the night could go any better.

“So you can remember where my house is right? Because just so you know, you’ll be driving me home tomorrow too” I tell Aaron as I slip off the back of his motorcycle after removing his helmet from my head, in response he chuckles and nods “and I might need a jacket in case I get cold so you might want to bring an extra one.”

“I’ll try to remember that tomorrow when I leave for the concert” Aaron nods again as he gets off his motor bike and stands in front of me, with the helmet he let me borrow in his left hand and his right one in his jacket pocket “anything else before I head off?”

“Yes, there’s this” I whisper while tilting my head back and standing on the tip of my toes so my lips are on the same level as his, without another word I give him a peck on his chin instead of his lips, and just as I’m walking away about to go to the front door and head inside he curls the fingers of his right hand around my wrist.

Aaron twirls me around and takes two big steps so we’re standing so close I can feel his breath on my face, without hesitation he bends down and presses his lips against mine, I tilt my head upward and shut my eyes immediately as my entire body begins to tremble with anxiety.

This might not be my first kiss but it sure is going to be the first make out session that’s lasted more than ten minutes if we keep standing here in the semi-dark kissing, his lips feel smooth and warm, and just as quick as he made the decision to kiss me he pulls back “I’m gonna head home now, it’s getting kind of late.”

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow at the concert” I grin as I take a step forward at the same moment when he takes a step back, he pulls his helmet onto his head before climbing onto his parked motorcycle that sits in the driveway in front of the garage “I’ll be there at seven.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, Sofia” Aaron calls to me as he turns on the engine and backs out of the driveway as I walk backwards to the front door carefully maneuvering my way around the lawn décor and fallen tree branches on the sidewalk, I spin around on my heels and unlock the door when I see him speed off down the road he came from.

Once I’m inside I stroll into my room, lock the door, toss my purse on my hot pink fluffy computer chair, undress out of my sandals and hot pink spaghetti strapped tube top dress that hugs my petite figure, slip into my sleeping outfit and spring onto my twin bed landing on my back.

“Tonight has to be one of the best nights of my life” I whisper to myself as I stare up at the celling, within a few moments of just lying there there’s suddenly a knock on my bedroom door, in response I sit up immediately and shout “it’s open, you can come in.”

Without hesitation my dad strolls into my room and sits beside me on my bed with a heavy sigh escaping his lips, I just press my lips together while taking my hair out of its neat ponytail and allowing it to fall to my shoulders “how was your day today? Did you make any new friends or enemies?”

“well it was a rather uneventful day until I met this guy named Aaron, he’s really hot” I confess while placing my hair tie on my dresser before picking up a makeup remover wipe and start using it to clean my face “in a small town like this where everyone knows everyone’s business it’s nice to meet someone new and interesting.”

“What is this Aaron like? And why do you think he’s interesting?” my dad Justin asks in curiosity as I continue to wipe the makeup from my oval shaped face, suddenly the thought of him kissing me fills my mind for the first time since it’s happened and my cheeks begin to redden but I hide my blushing as much as I can.

“He just is dad, Aaron isn’t like the other guys in this town” I admit while tucking my stray hairs behind my ears and removing my headband with a slight grin dancing on my lips “there’s something about him that’s different and that’s what makes him interesting to me.”

“So you’re basically saying that because you know nothing about Aaron he’s this interesting and mysterious guy? Is that correct” dad asks in an inquisitive tone with the raise of one extremely bushy eye brow, I keep my eyes focused on my own reflection rather than on him “or am I incorrect?”

“oh and speaking of Aaron, he invited me to go see his concert tomorrow night at a karaoke bar at seven” “I told him I would be there but I’m just wondering if I can take the mini cooper.”

“So you basically told him you can go without letting me know that you were going first?” Dad runs his hands over his bald head with a gentle sigh as he realizes the older I get the more he is forced to accept that I’m going to have sex one day and become a woman “you should’ve asked my permission before you told him you would go.”

“I’m letting you know right now, right this minute” I spin around on my heels and look him straight in the eyes “and what was I supposed to do? Say I’ll think about it and get back to you later, I mean I don’t even know his phone number yet so how in the world would I contact him to let him know if I’d be there or not?”

“I guess that makes a point” Dad nods while pressing his thick lips together while I spin back around and kneel in front of the mirror “and to answer your question, alright but on the condition that I drop you off in the mini cooper, and he can bring you home as long as you’re back before midnight, do I make myself clear.”

“Yes dad” I nod while removing my hot pink small hooped earrings, without anything else to be said I sit back down on my bed with my hands in my lap and a grin spreading from cheek to cheek on my face, I can’t wait to tell my friends that I have a somewhat date tomorrow with the hot new bad boy in school.

“You’re not having sex yet are you? I mean last time you had a boyfriend was last year and I asked you the same question and you said no” dad mutters probably feels as awkward as I do now “but I just want to know whenever you start having sex so I know when to pick up some condoms.”

“Dad this is awkward, I’d rather talk about sex with mom” I confess honestly, he nods in response and pats my knee before standing to his feet and just as he’s about to leave my room I answer “and just so we’re on the same page, I’m still a virgin dad, there’s no need to worry.”

“That’s a relief, I really didn’t want to give you the sex talk either” Dad admits with a slightly reddened face, I nod my head with a light giggle knowing with all my heart that what he’s saying is very true “let me know when you need more tampons or pads or whatever feminine product it is that you use nowadays.”

“I’ll make a mental note of that, dad” I nod while pulling my eye brows together sensing that this is about more than just asking me how my day went, I’ve been able to read the emotions on his face like an open book for as long as I can remember “how was your day today dad, anything exciting happen?”

“Actually yes, I met this woman named Joanne who works at the local Panda Express as a cashier” dad tells me as he makes his way back into my room and haves a seat on my bed yet again next to me “she goes by Joe for short and she’s really charming and beautiful.”

“What is her personality like?” it’s now my turn to be curious, I raise an eye brow at dad begging him with my eyes to tell me about the woman he met today while he was on his lunch break at the Panda Express “and what did you find out about her?”

“Joe is five foot two with long curly jet black hair that was tied back in a bun, she has these stunning dark brown eyes, she’s slender and her voice is on the soprano side, it’s like a beautiful symphony every time she says something” dad grins “she has a bit of an accent that I think is Asian.”

“I wanted to talk to you about her because I figured that you’re young and know about relationships, do you have any advice?” dad mutters trying to keep his voice chill but I can see right through him, she makes him feel the way he did when he fell in love with mom “I mean should I ask her out or would that be too forward?”

I haven’t seen him so happy in a while so I think that maybe the two of them should go out on a date to test things but I don’t think that it’s a good idea to get too serious too fast considering he’s still married to mom, hmm maybe I can visit mom on Sunday and see what’s going on with her, maybe she also met someone else.

“I think that you should keep things simple and light, if she says no than try figuring things out with mom because if Joe finds out you’re still married that would ruin the chance of the two of you ever being together” I suggest “but listen to me, get to know her a little better, don’t be creepy by asking out a woman you barely know.”

“That advice is some good advice, thanks Sofia” dad nods my way, in response he hugs me and I embrace him in a daughterly hug in response, the two of us sit there like that for a few moments until my brother bursts into the room “dad, there’s a package at the door for you.”

“Is it a big or small package?” dad asks as he releases me from his hug, I press my lips together while turning so I’m facing my brother, dad just stands to his feet in response “I don’t think I ordered anything in a small package so if it’s on one it might be for either you or Sofia.”

“It’s a square medium sized package” my younger brother Devon answers with his hands tucked into the pockets of his grey jogging pants that he sleeps in along with a white tank top to show off his muscular arms “oh and, me and some of my friends want to go out tomorrow night.”

“You’re going to have to carpool then Devon because I’m driving Sofia to a karaoke bar tomorrow night” dad replies with his hands running over his bald head “after I come back home I have a few errands to run for work so I need the mini cooper. You can use the mini cooper for homecoming though.”

“Thanks dad, I can go tell my date Regina that we’ll be going to the dance in style” Devon grins as dad leaves my room to go to the front door to sign off for the package that came for him “who are you going to the dance with Sofia? Or have you even found a date yet?”

“Actually I have, his name is Aaron” I nod watching Devon’s face cloud with surprise because he wasn’t expecting that, he probably thought that I’d go without a date like I did last year “he’s the new guy at my school and I’m absolutely positive that he’s going to be my date to the dance.”

“Wow you found someone to go to the dance with you, that’s impressive” Devon blinks back the astonishment on his face with a growing grin of pride spreading across his lips, in response I just roll my eyes “I suppose that means you won’t be dancing with other girl’s dates this year.”

“You shouldn’t make fun of me because you’re just lucky that you have a junior date to take you this year as well as last” I remind him with the raise of my eye brows “I mean if anything you should be grateful that you know a high schooler like me who found a date for you to homecoming.”

“Yeah, whatever” Devon shrugs as he too exits my room, once he’s gone I stand to my feet and shut my door, once I do that I grab my touch screen slider phone then throw myself on my bed landing yet again on my back with a light sigh escaping my departed lips.

“Why is it that in all my years of being a virgin that Aaron is more salacious that all the guys I’ve ever met?” I ask myself quietly, in response I roll over on my side so that I’m facing the wall and I dial my best friend Aundria’s number and placing the phone to my ear wait for her to answer my call.

After the third ring Aundria answers her phone, only the voice that says hello on the other end of the phone doesn’t belong to her, I recognize it as her older brother Maximilion aka Max, we met in the seventh grade when his best friend tried to hit on me and ended up getting a pie thrown in his face for his insults.

“Hey Max, is Aundria there?” I ask with my right hand in my lap, my heart beat begins to slow down to its normal speed as I sit on my bed asking Max if my best friend Aundria is there at the house, I can’t help but wonder if Aaron smokes pot or drinks alcohol.

“Aundria can’t come to the phone right now because she’s drunk, she’s in the bathroom throwing up right now as we speak” Max confesses, I press my right hand to my heart remembering well how at wild house parties Aundria loves to drink alcohol and smoke weed then ends up having a terrible hangover the morning after waking up and not remembering what happened the previous night until about a week later.

“How much alcohol did she drink this time?” I pull my eye brows together, yes I’m worried about Aundria but this news doesn’t come as a surprise to me, she’s pretty much doing this every Friday night because she feels that drinking and smoking will allow her to keep her status as the most popular girl in school.

“she had so much to drink that she was on the coffee table dancing like a stripper and stripping off her clothes, she was completely naked when I came home and almost fell off the table, all the guys at the house party were whistling at her and I overheard some jerks talking about taking advantage of her.”

“That’s pretty terrible, I’m worried what might happen to her if she keeps doing this” I confess honestly while I twirl a strand of my hair around my right index finger since I’m holding the phone to my ear in my left hand “should I come over to help take care of her?”

“That’s not necessary Sofia, Gina and Kelly are taking care of her right now” Max answers with a sigh escaping his lips, I drop my eyes to my toes as I listen to his words “if anything I just wish that my sister were a little more careful in how she behaves at parties.”

“I do too, I don’t want anything bad to happen to her because she’s my best friend and I care for her well-being” I reply with my right hand on my hip as I curl my legs in toward the wall so my knees touch the hard and luke warm wall of my bedroom “I just want to see her happy.”

“So why did you want to speak to Aundria anyway, is there some message you want me to deliver to her for you?” Max asks, I run my fingers over my hair in response and bite down on my bottom lip knowing that he might not be all that happy to hear that there’s a new guy in town that captured my attention.

“No, I just wanted to tell her that I found a date to homecoming and his name is Aaron, he’s the new bad boy in school” I confess honestly as I roll over on my back yet again and hold my small hands out before my eyes noticing how they’re kind of boney “I thought she’d want to know.”

“Oh really? Aaron huh? Well, have a great time at the homecoming dance with him” Max mutters though I know that he doesn’t really mean it, I have a feeling that he likes me romantically and I just can’t return the feelings because Max isn’t my type, call me shallow or picky but it’s true.

“I will, are you going to the homecoming dance?” I am curious to know if he’s going and who he’s going with because although I don’t like him in the way he wants me to I still care about him and want him to be happy even if it means that it won’t be with me.

“I’m not sure yet, I broke up with Roxanne and she pretty much hates me for it so needless to say I haven’t found a date yet” Max confesses honestly, my heart beats sore for him, I mean he’s been through a lot of girlfriends since the seventh grade trying to get over me and none of the relationships really worked out for him.

“I hope you find a girl to take to the dance, one who is gorgeous and stunning” I grin as I nibble nervously on my bottom lip wondering if he’ll say anything to compliment my looks as he would usually do at this moment but to my surprise he doesn’t say anything at all.

I lay there waiting patiently for Max’s response but all I get is silence, while I lay on my bed staring up at the celling and wishing things weren’t so complicated between us I stretch my legs up straight so my toes are in line with my hips as they wave above me.

Maybe I should consider doing yoga so I can become more flexible for sex because I can imagine that guys like the flexible women who can do a split and sadly I’m not capable of doing a split, after all the dance lessons I still can’t do one and it aggravates me sometimes.

“I’ve got to go get back to taking care of Aundria now, but I’ll tell her you called” Max suddenly answers with a heavy sigh escaping his lips, I can’t help but want to reach out to him and stop his heart from beating for me so he can live his life instead of chasing after me, the unattainable best friend of his sister “bye.”

“Bye Max” I mutter as I hang up the phone before he has the chance to flirt with me or I have the chance to say I feel bad for him because I know the last thing he wants from me is sympathy, without any other words I place my phone on my nightstand beside my bed and go to sleep.

Sunlight peaks into my room through the drawn curtains as I throw my hello kitty blanket off my legs and sit up in my bed wondering what I will wear to the karaoke bar tonight when I meet up with Aaron, maybe I can find something cute but if not then I’m going shopping.

I touch my feet to the tiled floor of my room slightly before standing up and making my bed before heading over to my white dresser slash makeup table that I got from dad for my fourteenth birthday, I search through my clothes looking for an outfit that will keep me warm but make me look cute at the same time.

I take my orange strapless V-neck knee-length casual dress from its hanger, my matching slates, and my orange platform open toed sandals, although I’ll wear this today I think I should buy a new outfit for tonight, I’m just going to have to ask dad for some money or my allowance shall I say.

With the clothes in my hands as well as the shoes I grab my bath towel, set the clothes and shoes down in the bathroom that’s connected to my room, saunter down stairs into the kitchen where dad left my allowance in an envelope with my name on it, I pick it up and return to the bathroom.

I shut the door then lock it, run the warm water, undress out of my sleeping clothes and let my mind wander on the thought of Aaron, I haven’t the slightest idea where he’s from or why he moved to such a small town where the only thing interesting that goes on is gossip, clubbing, and hanging out with people.

Maybe I can throw a pool party next weekend on Friday and invite him to come, I’m sure that he likes to swim and isn’t hydrophobic, I know one person in my PE class who is, and his name is Ron, I honestly can’t wait till I’m a junior and don’t have to take a stupid PE class anymore.

I mean I maintain my healthy weight very well by exercising for just about thirty minutes a day after school so why do I have to take a class where I have to do more exercise? It doesn’t make any sense to me but perhaps someone can explain it because I honestly don’t understand why it’s a required class to graduate.

I look at myself in the mirror taking in my B-cup breasts and my unshaved vagina, wondering if I should shave it whenever I lose my virginity for the first time, I don’t know who it’ll be too but maybe it can be to Aaron since I find him so attractive and alluring.

I should probably pick up a shaver and some shaving crème from the store for my vagina, but for now I have to go take a shower, without another moment’s hesitation I step into the shower of lukewarm water, before I know it I’m already dressed and have walked to the nearest outlet mall with the money tucked in a purse by my side.

I’m looking at dresses trying to figure out which one will look best on me and if I may say so myself it takes me quite a while to find one that I think will fit me and when I do it’s two in the afternoon, I’m hungry, and am staring at a bright yellow spaghetti strapped dress with ruffles and polka dots on it.

“Ew don’t get that dress, it would look hideous on you, I think you should get this one instead” suggests a five foot four brunette with a friendly smile on her lips as three other girls accompany her while they all make their way over to me, the one who talked holds up a silver skintight V-neck dress that ties behind the neck.

“Hi, I’m Sofia Miller” I hold out my hand waiting for any of them to shake it but instead of shaking my hand they just shake their heads as if to laugh mentally at me for being so out-of-date on how to greet people “what about the four of you, what are your names?”

“I’m Autumn” mumbles a five foot three slender girl with athletic legs and straight short dark red hair in a pixie cut, not to mention her beautiful dark brown eyes “and these are my sisters, I’m going to be fifteen next week on the seventeenth of September.”

“I’m Spring and I’m the eldest of four mother’s four daughters” announces the five foot three bleach blonde with caramel colored highlights in her wavy hair that falls down to her elbows “and in case you’re wondering I’m turning twenty-two on the twenty-third of March.”

“My name is Summer” the five foot three petite sister with straight shoulder length dark brown hair and pretty hazel-green eyes “I’m turning nineteen on the seventh of June which is a week before I graduate from this private all-girls school in Manhattan.”

“Winter is my name” the last of the five foot three sisters tells me, she has a very skinny figure, a flat chest, wavy bleach blonde hair down to her lower back, dark blue eyes, and a heart shaped face that makes her look as stunning as a model “I’m turning twelve on the twenty-second of December.”

“So tell me how did the four of you get your strange names” I asks as I place my hands on my hips and lean back against a clothing rack ever so slightly, both Summer and Autumn look at each other than at me while Winter and Spring keep their eyes glued on me like I’m the most interesting person in the store.

“Well our mother Emerald was a nature loving vegetarian, back in her high school life she was a hippie who smoked pot” confesses Spring “she was also classified as a tree hugger back then, I was born when she was a nineteen year old freshman at USF, she found out about her pregnancy with me a week after the strawberry festival ended so she decided to name me Spring.”

“As for me, mom did the math when she was pregnant with me and discovered I would be born in the Summer so that’s what she named me” Summer mutters in a hushed tone with a grin “my name is Summer and has been ever since and I don’t abbreviate it since it’s my favorite time of the year.”

“Mama named me Autumn because it’s her favorite time of the year and because thanksgiving is her favorite holiday” Autumn nods with a faint grin on her thick lips “she loves cooking big dinners with the help of my sisters and I, I’ve come to love Halloween as much as thanksgiving because I mean who doesn’t love to eat lots of food?”

“No one that I can think of” I shrug casually as I go through all the list of people I know in my head and coming up with not one single person I know that doesn’t like to eat food, I mean everyone enjoys eating some kind of food no matter what it is “what about you Winter, how’s your name come about?”

“Winter was the time of the year that ma became ill with pneumonia while she was pregnant with me so she named me winter in hopes that some god up in the heavens would heal her so I can be born healthy” Winter nods with her arms folded casually across her flat chest “pops stopped at nothing to find her the best doctor there was and she was all better within two weeks.”

“Wow that’s pretty cool, I just got my name because my mom was dating a Greek guy at the time she was pregnant with me and I guess wanted me to have a Greek sounding name to impress him” I flash a grin at them that turns into a frown “turns out he was a waste of time because he was cheating on her with her boss.”

“That is terrible; I mean to give your life to someone who’s being unfaithful” Summer shakes her head as she presses her lips together “I will never love a guy like that, if a guy loves me then he first must prove to me that he’ll be faithful and worth my time.”

“I agree with Summer, men can be pigs sometimes but it should be the right kind of guy that we use our time to invest in” Autumn nods with her hands placed on her hips as she glances at Summer, in response I shallow hard trying not to take their words as an insult “what kind of guy does that?”

“Obviously one who doesn’t know what a good woman looks or feels like” Winter answers as she pops a piece of trident gum in her mouth, the three of us look at her as she begins to smack her gum loudly in an obnoxious way “guys like that just annoy me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that this happened to your mom, I’ve dated a guy like that expect he was older and married with four children” Spring shakes her head with a frown on her lips “I didn’t know that when we started dating, he said he would leave his wife for me and he never did all he wanted from me was sex so I broke it off.”

“it sucks when guys take advantage of us, we give them our everything and it’s like they don’t know how to appreciate it and not take it for granted” I mumble knowing from personal experience what it’s like to date a guy that’s unfaithful and doesn’t appreciate me “then they get all upset when we give our love to someone else.”

“The four of us are headed to get some pizza, want to come?” Autumn mutters with a grin on her lips holding out the dress to me, I take the silver sequence dress holding it to my skin and deciding that it would look better on me than the yellow one “you seem cool.”

“Yeah, sounds like fun. I’m just going to go pay for the dress” I nod pressing my lips together as I make my way up to the checkout counter where my classmate Brittany stands with a friendly grin on her face, after paying the forty seventeen for the dress the five of us exit the store and head over to Spring’s cherry red Lamborghini.

Spring sits in the driver’s seat because she’s driving us to the pizza parlor, Winter sits in the passenger seat because she wanted to give Autumn and Summer the chance to get to know me, Summer take the window seat behind Spring, I take the seat next to her, and Autumn takes the window seat behind winter and next to me.

“So Sofia, do you have any hobbies or interests?” Autumn asks as she buckles herself in and faces me, while fastening my seatbelt I consider whether or not being in show choir is a hobby or not but deciding it’s more of a major since I want to be a pop icon when I graduate.

“Well I’m in the show choir at my school, singing and dancing is what I do most the time when I’m not at school” I confess as I run a hand over my hair with my lips pressed together, in response Autumn raises an eye brow curiously “in my free time as I hobby I play the piano.”

“So when you graduate you want to be a singer? Is that right” Winter asks from the front seat, she glances over her shoulder just in time to see me nod, her face fills with surprise in response “wow, I’ve never met an aspiring singer that’s not stuck up before, when you become famous I’ll buy your CD’s.”

“I will too” Summer chimes in, I glances to my left at her with a grin on my lips glad to be making four new friends so quickly “I myself am fascinated with music, I plan to be a director when I graduate so maybe we can help each other out there, I could cast you in musicals if you want to do some acting.”

“I’ve never met an aspiring director before” I admit honestly as I drop my hands into my lap and lean back in the middle seat with the bag I received for buying the dress at my feet “I have to say meeting someone who has anything to do with music or movies is automatically awesome.”

“Yeah well I’ve wanted to be a director since I was ten which is for nine years” Summer grins as she glances at me in the rearview mirror, I nod in response only wondering how much more awesome this family of four girls can be “and I’m going to a university in England to get a degree in directing.”

“When I graduated high school I went off to major in music theory at USF because I want to be a music teacher at high school because middle school students and elementary schoolers are too immature for me” Spring confesses “and now I’m a junior there working on my last year, after that I’m going to be a apprentice for a teacher at a school for a year.”

“As for me when I graduate I want to go to Princeton University to take journalism classes, I actually just decided last week that I wanted to be a journalist for a magazine” Winter admits as she glances over her shoulder at me as to get my nod in approval or the shake of my head in disapproval, all I do is nod though.

“When I graduate high school I want to become a business owner, I want to own my own spa” Autumn mutters in a hushed tone but in a voice that everyone can hear “I could be a hair dresser as well as a nail tech if I wanted then and no one could give me hours that I don’t want to work.”

“You all are a group of very interesting people” I grin glancing all around the car, I then pull my cell phone out of my pocket, that’s the moment when Autumn and I exchange phones and plug our name and number into one another’s phone “I would love to hang out with you all more often.”

“You seem to be pretty interesting yourself Sofia” Spring nods with a spreading grin on her lips, when Autumn returns my phone I notice I have a text message from Aundria which I’m guessing regards Aaron “just out of curiosity do you have a boyfriend to use your time on?”

“No but there is a guy I like named Aaron and he has the most salacious body I’ve ever seen in my life” I confess with the raise of my eye brows, that of course makes everyone in the car giggle, I read the text to myself: hey Sofia, this is Max, sorry I was awkward yesterday. I hope nothing is awkward between us.

Nah, don’t worry about it. All is good here, though I may have to ask you for a favor soon that I don’t want to say over text but we’ll see how it goes first before I ask you for the favor I text back in reply and press the send button as I ask aloud “what about you ladies, do you all have boyfriends that you invest your time in?”

“Well I have a guy I’m engaged to since last month named Felix; we’ve been dating since the second semester of my freshman year of high school which has been seven years” Spring answers with a grin on her lips “we’re getting married on the Friday before Christmas.”

“Congratulations! That’s a long time to be with someone and I have no doubt that you two will be happy together because if you two can get past the one year mark that you two are meant to be” I grin “that’s what a wise friend of mine once told me.”

“I’m going out with a girl named Sarah O’Connor” Summer replies with her head leaning against the window “and yes that means that I’m lesbian, I’m happy to be the way I am and I’m proud of it, we’ve been dating for seven months and are very much in love with one another, we’re going to move in together after graduation.”

“I have a crush on the captain of the soccer team at an all-boys school in Manhattan named Quincy, he’s from the Caribbean islands, his accent is like heaven and he’s so incredibly sexy” Autumn admits with confidence in her voice “he is such a hottie with a body that every time he talks to me I melt.”

“As for me I too am not currently dating anyone but there is this really cute guy in my social studies class named Henry” Winter tilts her head so her hair slithers into her face and her lips are sticking out ever so slightly “he’s one of the best athletes in my PE class.”

“It seems like nowadays everyone is getting together or someone has a major crush on someone else” I shrug casually as I note my observation aloud, Autumn and Winter turn their eyes to me as if I’m the most intriguing person in the vehicle and I’m pretty sure that I’m not.

Whatever the favor is I’ll do it, as long as itdoesn'thave anything to do with being illegal is the text I receive when I glance down at my phone, sliding the screen up I reply with a hint of a grin on my lips thank you Max, I really do appreciate it, and the favorisn'tdangerous or illegal so calm your horses.

At the karaoke bar Aaron showed me last night I sit at a table with Autumn because Spring had a date to get to, Summer also had a date she needed to go to, Winter headed off with the guy she likes, and so it’s just Autumn and I here waiting for Aaron’s band to perform.

“What do you think of my sister so far?” Autumn asks curiously, I turn my gaze to her surprised by her simple yet unexpected question, while the both of us sit there looking at one another both hungry yet again because we last ate at two forty-five, she ordered onion rings and a plate of hot wings with a root beer when a waitress last approached.

I ordered a bacon burger with barbeque sauce, a plate of fries and a coca cola, and now here we are waiting patiently for our food and the entertainment to begin “I think your sisters are really cool just like I think you are really cool, it seems like the four of you party together and get along great.”

“Do you have any siblings Sofia, either older or younger?” Autumn asks with her left eye brow raised and her hands flattened on the table, I face her completely surprise by the turn of events today, I hadn’t expected to meet her and her sister today at the mall and I hadn’t expected to take her along to the concert.

“Yes, I have a younger brother named Devon, he’s twelve” I confess as I press my hands down lightly on the table and look into her eyes “he’s an aspiring bass guitarist who wants to move somewhere in Egypt and amazing people with his virtuoso guitar playing.”

“Do the two of you always get along, or do you get along most of the time?” Autumn crosses her legs under the table and gently bumps her knee against mine in the process “tell me Sofia, what is the relationship between the two of you like?”

“Well, we don’t get along all the time. As most brothers and sisters do, we argue sometimes but at the end of the day when it’s all said and done we love one another and will do whatever it takes to protect each other’s” I confess “we may not like each other all of the time but that’s life, I don’t like everyone I meet and I sure he doesn’t either.”

“Exactly, it’s like that with my sisters and I, we have a type of relationship where we criticize each other but we love one another” Autumn replies with her eyes focused on me as our food arrives “we may look like we always get along but in reality it’s not like that all the time, we have arguments but we make up before going to sleep.”

I pull my plate of food and soda close to me while Autumn does the same thing, as the waitress leaves and we begin to eat I get the feeling like I have butterflies in my stomach and I ponder why for a second, it must mean that Aaron is somewhere nearby, possibly watching me.

As soon as we both finish eating Aaron’s band goes on stages, when he is in front of the microphone his eyes search the crowd until they meet mine then he offers a sexy smirk and mutters “this is a song called twelve minuets to midnight and we are Supernovae.”

A grin crosses my lips as Aaron begins to stroke the strings of his guitar slowly, and the music that fills my ears is a symphony of such immense beauty it’s difficult to consume all at once, after the concert Autumn and I find Aaron hanging out smoking a cigarette outside.

”Aaron this is my friend Autumn” I mutter to him as I motion with my hands to the new friend I made today that’s standing beside me with a smirk playing on the edges of her lips, then I turn to her and while motioning to him say “and Autumn this is Aaron.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Aaron, your band kicks ass” Autumn playfully pushes his right shoulder with the palm of her hand, I mentally frown unwilling to think that she likes him too and also wants to be his girlfriend “I liked your song, do you have a website or something where I can look up more songs of yours.”

“Yeah as a matter of fact we do, you can talk to the band manager inside for more information” Aaron answers with his hands stuffed in the pockets of his black leather jacket “I believe she’s at the bar ordering a beer or whatnot, or you might find her on the dance floor dancing all crazy.”

“What’s her name and what does she look like?” Autumn asks with her right eye brow raised, I mentally grin because I’m aware that he’s trying to get rid of her so we can have a private moment, I wonder if she’s getting the hint “and what if she isn’t in either of those places.”

“Her name is Pauline Keller, she’s five foot seven with dark blonde hair in what’s called a stack bob hair style, she’s pale with dark brown eyes and bushy eye brows” Aaron confesses “she also has a tattoo of a enflamed red dragon on the left side of her neck, she’s hard to miss, she’s wearing all black today.”

“Alright I’ll go inside and see if I can find her” Autumn nods with a fading grin on her lips, she turns on the heels of her black converse and strolls back inside the karaoke bar as Aaron pulls his free hand out of his pocket and puts out his cigarette, in response I take a step forward.

“You look salacious tonight, Aaron” I admit with a flirtatious grin on my lips, in response he mirrors my smirk with a quiet chuckle escaping his departed lips, I just stick my hands in the pockets of my dark blue jeans jacket while slightly bowing my head feeling my heart speed within my chest.

“Well isn’t someone truthfully honest, you don’t waste any time do you?” Aaron raises an eye brow in curiosity “I find it rather alluring how direct you are, and just so you know I think you look rather ravishing in that little orange dress of yours, I’m guessing it’s new.”

“Or it could be a dress I found in the back of my closet this morning when I was deciding what to wear” I suggest though I know that it’s not the case here and I have a feeling that he does too, in response Aaron raises a questioning eye brow as he steps on the cigarette he just threw on the ground.

Aaron leans down and presses his lips to mine, in response I hold my breath because he smells like cigarette smoke and tastes like an ash tray, his hands cup themselves on my hips while mine place themselves on his broad shoulders and the sound of distant techno music fills the otherwise quiet night.

Aaron’s lips begin to caress mine as time flows by quickly, before I know it my tongue is down his throat, my hands are sliding underneath his plain white tee feeling up the defined plans of his stomach and chest, his hands are groping my butt and gently pulling my cheeks apart then rubbing them and squeezing again, repeating the action,

The two of us are just about pressed as close to the wall as the both of us can get without colliding into it, it’s at that moment that someone, whom I suspect is Autumn, clears their throat loudly enough for Aaron and I to reluctantly break apart from each other.

“I thought you said that you and Aaron met yesterday and here you two are sucking each other’s face off” Autumn mutters, I glance down at my feet as my hands fall to my sides, in response Aaron’s eyes burn on my face while he also drops his hands from me and I struggle to catch my breath.

“Now isn’t a good time Autumn, Sofia and I are kind of in the middle of something if you don’t mind” Aaron mumbles with one smooth even breath, I look up at him wondering if his heart is beating as fast as mine, when I place my hand over his heart I can feel it’s beating slowing down.

“Well actually, I do mind” Autumn answers with the slight tilt of her head, I turn my gaze to her with my eye brows pulled together, I can tell that Aaron probably isn’t too happy about getting cock blocked by Autumn who is now refusing to leave to give us any more time alone.

“Can I have a word with you Sofia?” Autumn asks with her arms folded across her chest and her eye brows pulled together, I sigh quietly in response while Aaron makes a low barely audible groan in protest, the sound sends shivers of delight down my spine “alone.”

Without another word Aaron makes his way back inside, I keep my eyes glued on him until he’s out of sight then I turn my gaze back to Autumn with annoyance in my expression that I do my best to hide “what was that about Autumn? Could whatever you have to talk about really couldn’t wait?”

“Yes it couldn’t wait, I’m trying to be a good friend and look out for you Sofia and I don’t think that you two making out so heavily when you only just met is such a good idea” Autumn shakes her head with disappointment glued on her face “you two are getting too serious too fast.”

“Well I really like Aaron and I want to be with him, I don’t see a problem with that” I tell her as I struggle to keep the annoyance out of my voice, in response Autumn takes a step toward me with her own look of annoyance displayed clearly “and he obviously wants to be with me too.”

“In what way? You say you like this bad boy Aaron and I’m just looking out for you when I say that he’s not good for you” Autumn answers as she takes a step toward me making sure not to look anywhere else so she looks intimidating but I don’t see her like that, it doesn’t work on me.

“And why is that? You don’t even know him” I ask as I place my hands on my hips drumming my fingers against them as my eyes begin to narrow at her, I have a feeling that she’s a manipulative friend I shouldn’t have befriended “but I can tell by the way you were looking at him that you want him too and I got to him first.”

“I’m not trying to steal Aaron away from you Sofia, I just think that the two of you need to slow things down before someone gets hurt” Autumn mutters with her hands thrown over her head and her eyes still focused on me “I mean I don’t want to see you two sucking each other’s face off during an outing.”

“I never invited you to come here Autumn, and as a matter of fact you’re a third wheel” I raise my voice ever so slightly as I take a step closer and throw my hands over my head “this is supposed to be like a date between Aaron and I, you’re not in the equation.”

“Fine maybe I invited myself but you don’t have to be so bitchy about it” Autumn rolls her eyes as she wrinkles her nose, and it’s unbelievable that she thinks I’m being rude to her when she’s the one acting like an ass and prying into my business when she should be minding her own.

“You’re the one being a bitch Autumn, I never asked you to pry into my business and act like a complete ass as well as embarrass me in front of the guy I like” I shake my head “Aaron and I are none of your business so why don’t you go home and mind your own business instead of being a nose ass whole.”

“fine then, if you want to be a whore then it’s your business, I won’t butt it when I’m only trying to help you out” Autumn mutters as she spins around on her heels and storms off in the direction that Spring drove us here to the karaoke bar, I roll my eyes before making my way inside to find Aaron.

As soon as I step past the tables where people are eating dinner and enjoying the entertainment, two warm arms curl around my waist and pull me aside, when I realize the one who pulled me aside is Aaron I press my lips to his neck softly as to serve as a hello kiss “hey.”

“Hey there salacious and petite Sofia” Aaron winks as he bends down and kisses my lips gently before smacking both butt cheeks and smirks about it, in response I return his smirk and shut my eyes halfway “you wanna dance? This isn’t really my type of music but who cares, a dance is a dance.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll dance with you” I nod as I open my eyes and grab a hold of Aaron’s warm hand as he leads me throw the thick and sweaty crowd onto the dance floor, he stops in the middle and pulls me close to him then he lifts me up and puts me down on his toes so I’m a little taller, smiling

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