the darkest shade of black

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Carmen moves to live in Arizona with her sister, she meets Henry in her dreams. she makes a repuation as the hot new girl in school that's a rebel and meets Sam in detention the next day at school and they become friends. she aggrees to tutor Sam in Algebra 2 if he promises not to tell anyone she's really a softy because of the reputation she plans to uphold.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the arrival

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Submitted: February 14, 2011



chapter one: the arrival

I yawn resting my head on the window of my older sister Hannah's black mini cooper staring outside at the ocean of rain showering the earth not saying anything as my feet are kicked up on the dashboard, my shoulder length curling midnight blue hangs in my face almost covering my captivating hazel eyes. I stick out my lips forming a frown wondering why we have to go to somewhere i automatically know i'm going to hate, I rock out to Fall Out Boy with a heavy sigh not wanting to be traveling to my new permanent home in Arozonia, i'd much rather be somewhere cooler where it rains a lot. It obviously must not matter whatI want though because i'm never going to get what i want untilI turn eighteen and leave my annoying excuse for a family that i tend to spend as much time away from as possible.

"You are going to love Arozonia" Hannah's muffled voice filled with pure blissvows asmy eye lids pull themselves over my eyes and i blow my minty fresh breath on the window slightly snoring in the process, i block out the sound of my sister's aimless babblying about what it's like in Arozonia and whatnot becauseI simply don't care, nothing can change how i feel about moving here.moonlight dances across my skin asmy feet take turns pressing themselves to themoist pavement and my hair dances behind me falpping in thewind as a cocky grin plants itself on my face. i sniff the air throwing my head back when a hard object brings me to a halt, turns out i ran intoa pale man with icy skin and goregous bloodshoteyes, he stares at me as i spin around enjoying the wonderfulnessof midnight.

"You are a strange human" thedeep manly voice of the guy in front of me mutters, his voice is husk and sexy sounding, I give a highpitched giggle peeking athim through thestrainds of hair thatslithered in my face bringing my face down so were eye level with each other smirking devilishly"what interests you about the night".

"Everything"I confess running an unsteady hand through my hair staring into his remarkably stunning eyes i can't seem totear mygaze away from not even for a secondso i can get the chanceto blink, he tilts his head to the left not taking his eyes off menoteven so much a a milisecond"it's not just one specific thing".

"I can't say i've meet a feamle like you before" he admits slightly leaning down toward me soI can feel his breath caress my cheeks and have to blink back the daze he's forcing me into but it's not like i'm unwilling or anything "most are in love with the sun and how it warms their skin while it peaks over the horizon".

"I'm not like everyone else" I shrugstanding on the tipof my toesto make myself taller, now our lips are inches apart and if he comes down toward me any more our lips will either brush or come in contact depending wether or not he wants them to"I make it my duty not to be, a world with simular people gets boring".

"You can say that again" henods in aggrement sticking hishands in the pockets of his black leather jacket pressing those irrisistable lips together,I don't know how long it'll be before I can't take enough of his teasing and just kiss him, i'm trying to let him put his lips to mine first but he's making it nearly impossible"I didn't catch your name".

"Carmen Rodregez"I whisper onthe edge holding onto my chair as i struggle to control myself just about to give up,I swallow pressing myself closer to him with a crocked smile dancing on my lips as my eyes sparkle with unspoken desire i know he can see as well assense because the feeling reflects in his eyes, i let out an uneven breath placing my hands on my slender hips.

"I'm Henry Mason" he tells me weakened by mejust as i am by him, my heart beataccelerates in my chest ashereturns my ccocky smirk with ten times as much lust injected in itas mine, i lick my lipskeeping my eyes glued on him not daring to look away for the fear of him disappearing"I have enjoyed meeting such an attention-grabbing woman".

"I'm only seventeen"I raise my eye brow flatening my chest against his as i tilt my head up and my hair falls past my shoulders, his wintry skin beneath mine causes meto slightly shiver in delight, i giggle at that in a high pitched tone that makes him tilt his head to the other side"butI take that as a compliment".

"I'm twenty-one" i stick out my bottom lip giving him the sexiestfrown I've ever given anyone blowing my uneven breath in his face with halfway shut eyes and a overpowering desire take over meas the heat between us gets hotter, if we were ina bathroom we'd be fogging mirrors right about now"but what the hell".

Henry's lips come down on mine as he cups both hands on my cheeks brushing my hair out of my face as I place my hands on his ribs stepping as close as i possibly can without knocking him down, he tastes sweet and sour at the same time but it's intoxicating in a way and I can't get enough of that taste. Henry's hands slither down to my flawless hour glass shape wrapping themselves around my waist without hesitation as a chorus of uneven breaths escape through our noses into each others face caressing one another's cheek.

Henry's figure disappeared when a door slamming brought me out of my daydream and back to reality,I face Hannah frowning at her for causing him to vanish in thin air when I wanted to stay a while longer or possibly forever because it'll be better than my life will be here where I have to make new freinds stranded here on my own.I run my fingers through my hair asI push open the door on my side with a heavy unpleasent sigh wishingI were in Washington yet again, Istep outonto the gravel taking in the sight of Hannah's whitetwo story house that looks more like a mansion.

Ipress my lips together tilting my head to the right as Hannah pops open the trunk,I place my hands on my hipswatching the sun hide behind the horizonas it dances across my skin tickling myinsides, a smile creeps across my lips as i think about themoonlight thatwill soon light the earth"are you going to help me bring your lugage inside or not".

spinning around on my heels I nod helping her carry my violet suitcase filled with clothes i bought from Hot Topic, Japanese anime DVD's, japanese manga, and my make-up kit, i pull up the lever and roll it up to the neon green front door of Hannah's gigantic house i'm being forced by my parents to live in for the entire year i'll be a senior. What a drag, it's not that I don't like Hannah and her gitly ways it's where she lives that i despise, I mean I might just die from heat stroke by the time I turn eighteen, how is that even the slightest bit appealing?

Hannah unlocks the front door and leads me upstairs to my room which is checkored black and white reminding me of Alice in Wonderland, the carpit beneath my feet is black and the curtians are white, after I throw my suitcase next to my walk-in closet i plop down on my bed with a sigh and shut my eyes. Tommorrow is going to be a very, deadfully long day that i don't want to bare, ugh why do I have to live here with Hannah back home I had a life, friends and even a guy who I had a thing for if that's what you want to call it, we kissed and held hands but never offically gave ourselfes the title of boyfriend and girlfriend.

the sunlinght peaks in through the window dancing around the room as i sit up cursing the day under my breath, I run my fingers through my hair noticing that Hannah tucked me in under her thick neon green silky blanket and that must be the source to my heat while I slept and the sweat that showered me. wrinkling my nose i throw the blanket off my overheated legs dropping my gaze to the ground as the smell of pancakes lingers in the toasty air calling my name, with a smille I stretch kicking my legs over the edge of the bed so my bare feet touch the fuzzy ground.

when I stand to my feet I sigh knowing that today will be the day that I start my new live at a new school in a new place, my messy hair slithers into my face sloppily as I saunter into the bathroom walking in tune with the steady beat of my heart, I shut the door behind me and undress from the clothes I must have fell asleep wearing yesterday. when I look in the mirrorI notice Henry's face next to mine and let out an uneven breath in response because as soon as I blink his face is gone, was I hallusinating or was he really there, I shrug it off as I take a quick shower.

turns out the water is ice cold which is wonderful now that i'm fully awake due to the tempreture I had to take a shower in, I wrap the liliac towel handing from the door around me and stroll back into my room shutting the door behind me as I make my way over to my closet. I decide to put on my metalic laced bra and matching boyshorts, dark red converse,checkoredblack and redthigh high socks,a checkored black and red mini skirt with chains hooked on it,a black skintighttank top, and crimson leather jacket, as for my make-up I apply crimson lipstick, black eye liner, matching eye shadow, foundation, and my hoop lip ring is on the left side.

I stick my phone in the side pocket of my black shoulder backpack which i throw over my shoudler after tying my hair back in a neat ponytail and galloping down the stairs into the kitchen where a plate of hot pancakses with gritts and a cup of orange juice is waiting for me, I eat slowly and sip my juice wanting to take my sweet time getting to school. "You're going to miss the bus if you move that slow" Hannah shakes her head with a playful smile leaning on the wall watching me with those pale blue eyes of hers that make almost anyone give in to her will except me that is "you don't want to be late on the first day do you".

"Actually I do" I inform her with my mouth full asIwatch the clock next to the fridge tick then tock making it's music curl around me tightly pulling me toward the front door kicking and screaming, with a frown I stroll outside when I finish my breakfast come to find the school bus drivng away. instead of telling Hannah I need a ride to school I decide to walk but there's one problem with that, I don't know where I'm going, with a sigh I shut my eyes trying to remember if we passed by a school on the long drive down here I gave up after five minuets and sauntered forward.

Hannah came running down the street after me like i'm some child in first grade on the first day of school, she escorted me to the school and walked me into the gothic looking school to get my schedule which I really didn't want to do but I guess it doesn't matter much does it? my first period is Algebra 2, great I mean doesn't everyone love doing math in the morning, I sure as hell do... not, ugh school is as stupid as the word itself but on the bright side at least I have lunch fifth period and 2D art, that's an upside I suppose to coming here to a dreadful new school.

When I walk into Mr. Robertson's class all eyes are on me, everybody is gawking except one person who looks just like Henry, sowhen Iwas assigned my seat in the back of the room I sat next to him with a crocked alluring smirkdancing on the edge of my lips as theteacher went back to teaching his lesson. I face Henry staring deeply into his eyes pressing my lips together as heholds out his hands to mewaiting for me to take a hold of them and kiss him, he tilts his head with agrin playingon his lips "I can read your thoughts you know Cameron".

I raise an eye brow tilting my head to the left as a giggle escapes my lips, hechuckles in responsejoining inon my laughter that I might just call a private jokeor whatnot,I cross my legs leaning forward and whisper in a cocky tone"if you're telling the truth what am I thinking now".

"You want to kiss me" the way Henry said it sounded more of a question than a fact, I give another giggle in response burrying myspreading grin behind the curtain of my hair, he reaches forward and holds my face in his luke-warm hands staring deeply into my eyes with a tender smirk on his lips. all of a sudden the deafening sound of a hand being smacked on my desk catching me off gaurd made Henry's figure fade into the background of the glumy classroom, i avert my eyes to the teacher hovering over me with a frown planted on his aged looking face "if you're not going to pay attention maybe you should get transfered out of my class"'.

"I was just lost in thought" I admit sheepishly wondering if it's only me that can see Henry and if i'm going crazy, he probably won't believe me if i told him that I was chatting to a guy that appears to not even be alive or real for that matter "I'm usually focused in Algebra but today is a bit of an off day for me".

"Well then since you're having an off day"Mr. Robertsonmutters in an unsympathetic tone leaningdown closer to my face so i'm overwhelemedwith the sight ofhis unattractive faceonly inches away andI can almosttastehis hot dragon breath on my tongue"then maybe you'll get back on track in after school detention".

"You can't give me detention for not paying attention"I shake my head pulling my eye brows together feeling astrokeof anger boilinginside me barely brushingagainstmy skin"that's not even fair, it should be our choice wether we want to learn or not so who are you, trying to force us to get an education if that's not the life we want to live".

"Who do you think you're talking to"Mr. Robertson is rasing his voice at me and his paleface is begining to get fire engine red, the classmateswhich are a blur tome now are shocked in amazement meaning i'm building my reputation as a badass"I am not just some push over person you can yell at when your pissed".

"I just think the fact that Ii'm getting detention is stupid and pointless" I raise my own voice growing fustrated as the rage inside is rising with each unevenbreath and speeding heartbeat that causes me to slightly shiver not of cold butof fury"if i don't pay attention I fail and that's punishment enough but sending me to detention is down right retarted".

"I will not tolerate you standing here and making a fool of me" Mr. Robertson shouts in my face asI grab my backpack and the rest of my stuff preparing to just walk outbecause he is the last thingIneed, he's just a pain in my butt andIknow that he knows"you have detention for the entire week and get the hell out of my class".

I take a seat in the back of the detention classroom dropping my stuff down beside me with half a smile glued on my face and an adrenaline rush pumping still in my viens, i nibble on my bottom lip as I cross my legs giving a soft giggle to myself, the room isn't all the way full. there's maybe thirteen people here and thirty desks or something like that, but anyway I take out my Generation Dead book opening it to a random page then I pull my IPod touch out of my pocket sneakily sticking the wires under the sleeves of my jacket and not turning it up too loud.

I begin listening to Boulevard of broken dreams by greenday making it look like i'm reading when i'm really zoning out, if I have to sit here for two hours might as well have some fun with it, in walks a guy about six foot two with tan skin and hazel eyes with shoulder length jet black hair that's pulled into a ponytail neatly. he is musular, he has a stubble as well as a hint of a beard, hairy legs, bushy eye brows, as for his clothes he's wearingkakhi shorts, black converse,a plain black tee, a dogtag with acresent moon on it andthree scars on his neck that can't possibly be from a human. he takes the seat next to me almost tossing his dark brown shoulderbag on the ground, he turns his gaze over to mine with acurious expression in his eyes to hide out the danger I detect in them"i'm Sam".

"I'm Cameron" I nod tiltingmy head as I face him pressing my lips together,Sam grins at me pulling out aspiral notebook with a green cover and his name in graffetti writting, Ilean forward to avoid themaliciouslooking teacher"just moved here not so long ago to live with my sister Hannah".

"Why's that" Sam asks curiously leaning toward me using a muffled voice that's barely hearable, I glance down at the ground in response watching my left foot tap against the metal bar holding my seat up "did you're parents have a hard time dealing with you or something".

"Not excatly" I admit shaking my head as I give a softgiggle in response to his question"my sister is just home a lot more than my parents are right now and it's because things are difficult for them i'm living with my sister for my senior year which is going to be a drag I can already tell".

"Difficult for your parents how" Samquestions pullinghis eye brows together as I notice the scent of aftershave lingering on him mixed in withhisregualr smell"what's so complicated for them to not be home that much and send you to live with Hannah, Arozonia is a death sentinece waiting to happen, I sware that's how hot it is".

"Money wize, my dad lost his job as an architect" I admit running my hand over my hair and uncrossing my legs"and as for my mom she's a buisness worker not to mention a workaholic, she thinks that if she works her butt off then when she gets old and die my dad and I will have enough money to live off of... but enough about me what about your parents".

"My mom died three months after I turned seven and my dad hasn't really been around since so I live with my olderbrother Dean"Sam tells me"he's been the one rasing me, I'm in a band and he's my manager so the money we get from gigs he uses our share to pay the rent and support the both of us, not to mention he helps me out in the department of math".

"I'm great in math"I grin tilting my head tothe other side asI cross my legs again pressing my lips together and placing my hands over my knees sitting up straight withan idea that was quick topop into my head"i'll make you a deal, i'll tutor you in math if you don't tell anyone that the whole tough girl thing is just an act and i'm a softy underneath it all".

"That's a deal then" Sam nods with a softy chuckle more to himself than to me or anyone else, I turn my IPos touch off andstuff it back inmy pocket because it wouldseem that I have something better to dothanlisten to music while i'm here"how about you meet me at the house I stay at with Dean around seven o'clock tommorrow night, I could text you the directions if you'd like".

I hand Sam my cell phone being carful to not get caught by the teacher and I watched him put his number in, it was the most hillarious thing to watch when he was done I put my number in his phone so he'd know the person to send his adress to not that i'd actually stalk him as if I don't have better things to do than that.

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