Alaska: The unknown

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Alex has been dealt a very hard hand for anyone to deal with. Her love life and family life has been turned upside down. She goes to Alaska.. But what will she find? Is she ready for the truth?....

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Alaska: The unknown

Submitted: April 27, 2014

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Submitted: April 27, 2014



James I need to get away. To think and to find myself. Shit, I have lost Brandon, my mother and most importantly my dad. I am tired of crying, I just want away from here for a bit.”
“Alex I understand being upset about your dad passing and even Brandon's stupid ass for leaving you, But your mother? Honey I love you but she was never there.”
“ I know she was never there. I am pissed that she died before I got my damn answers. Maybe they are somewhere in Alaska.”
“And what if all you find in that god forsaken land is nothing?”
“ Then I know I tried. I am going, you cant change my mind!”
“You are so stubborn!”
“Always have been, Always will be. That’s one of the reasons you love me!”
“Help me finish packing. My plane leaves in 4 hours

 With a weak smile my best friend from birth helped me finish packing the items I pulled out and thought I might need.  The quiet was peaceful and comfortable. Time flew by to quick. We were on our way to the airport.

You promise you will call when you land?”
“Jaime do you really have to ask? Of course I will call and check in.”
“I just worry about you.”
“I know hon, I worry about you as well. I really do appreciate you watching Dad's place for me.”
“Its no problem. I get my own place for however long you are gone.”

We checked my bags in and sat together,we enjoyed our quiet time.

Now Boarding Flight 7344 to Anchorage Alaska.”
“That’s me. Ill miss you Jaime.”
“Ill miss you too Alex. Come home soon

With a quick hug I left my friend before the tears fell. Even though James was my best friend and we had been thru a lot together. I hated to cry in front of him.  Honestly I was scared, here I was leaving my best friend, my only home I have ever know, and my warm weather to go to my egg donor's home in Alaska.  To deal with what ever issues she left behind.  Abandoning a child at birth and running away to the great north cold must have been so hard. I cant help but be pissed and bitter. The last two weeks of my life have sucked so bad.

I found out my boyfriend Brandon wasted 2 years of my life. He broke up with me using the old “Its not you its me. I ever loved you” speech.  While dealing with that heart break, my dad was killed in a car accident, one that I survived.  How and why I survived and he didn’t is beyond me.  Then to make matters worse; while in the hospital recovering, my mother's attorney pays me a visit. Apparently Mommy dearest died. I am just UGH! Over whelmed but I need answers.

 I tried sleeping on the plane, that was uneventful. So many questions flooded my brain leaving sleep a wish.  The plane showed an old black and white western that was my dads favorite. I jabbed my ear buds in my ears, closed my eyes and played my MP3 player, focusing on the music. Time seemed to slip by very slowly. Finally the seat belt sign lit up. After touch down and I was off the plane I called James.

Al, your alive!”
“James stop being a drama queen!”
“I’m the best queen you’ll ever know!”
“Oh hush! I made it, now I am waiting for my suitcase and Cheryl's attorney.”
“Have you seen any cuties?” Or are they all like hairy and stuff?”
“I am not here looking for guys, I am here for answers.”

I grabbed  my bag and saw the attorney.

Jaime I gotta go,  Ill talk to you later.”
“Bye Be safe, hugs”
“Kisses Bye

 Hanging up my phone, with bag in hand I walked toward the attorney.

Ms. Springs, so glad you made it. I trust the trip was uneventful.”
“It was just fine Mr. Stokes

The attorney took my bag and began walking. No more worse were spoken as we made our way to his car, and as we drove to my mothers house I was shocked as we pulled up in front of a small but maintained house. From stories I had been told my mother was as spoiled and high maintenance as they come. I stood there looking at the house. I could think, I just stared. I jumped when Mr. Stokes touched my arm.

Sorry to startle you, Are you ready to go in?”
“As ready as Ill ever be I guess

Following Mr. Stokes, I made my way into the house my mother lived in for the past 19 yeas. The entry was was welcoming and to say the least it could be characterized  as motherly, if only.  I followed Mr. Stokes into the kitchen.

“I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of purchasing some groceries for you. I didn’t know if you would feel like going shopping when you arrived.”
“Thank you Mr. Stokes I appreciate it. I am tired though and would like to be alone right now.”
“I understand you have my number, call me if you need anything.  Keep your doors shut at all times to avoid unwanted critters.  The back porch is fully stocked with firewood. Matches and kindling are in the steel box next to the fireplace. You do have electric heat, but sometimes the power goes out.  There are flash lights in the nightstands and in the drawer in the bathroom as well as this drawer here

He tapped on the drawer  in the kitchen.

May I ask a question?”
“How do you know where everything is? What was your exact relationship with Cheryl?”
“Cheryl was my wife for 13 years.”
“So your my step father? Why tell me you were her attorney?”
“Because I am both, and to be honest would you have even listened to me if you knew?”
“No but I don’t like the trickery. And if you were married to Cheryl that means this is your house! Why were you willing to leave your house?”
“ I moved out the day after I saw you in the hospital. Your mother would want you here.”
“Cheryl gave up the right to want when she walked away without a backwards glance.”
“No offense Alexis, but there’s a lot more to the story. In the living room there is a couple of boxes of letters, diaries and documents. In the guest room there are a few small boxes as well.  You might want to read them. I live just down the street if you need me. I am just a short distance and can be here quickly if you call.”

Sarcasm couldn’t help but pour from my mouth. Mr. Stokes turned and walked out the door. Part of me felt bad, he wasn’t the one who abandoned me. Maybe I should be nice, he did just loose someone he obviously cared about. Grabbing my bag I went in search for a bed. Exhaustion was hitting me hard. I fond what I can only assume is the guest room.  The room its self was pretty bare.  Pale green paint coated the walls. One picture was above the dresser, across from the dresser was a twin bed, with two boxes on top of the white comforter. I set y back down by the dresser, walked to the bed and moved the boxes to the foot of the bed.  Shedding my jacket and boons I set my phone down on the nightstand and I laid down.  Sleep for the first time in a long time didn’t evade me. Nightmares didn’t plague me.

I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up it was still daylight out. Which in Alaska doesn’t mean much I got up and left the bedroom in search of the bathroom.  After  relieving myself of natures call, I decided to explore the house. Nothing would prepare me for what I was about to see...

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