Nirrini's royals

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - Friends once again (1049, Red Castle)

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



A bit over a year had passed and Bryodae and Flagrai had somewhat begun to get along again. One night, Bryodae was waiting in the castle garden just outside the castle walls. He was waiting for Flagrai and Thulitt. They were going to talk about the future. After a couple of minutes, they were standing together.


“You have realized we will never grow old?” Bryodae began.

“What? Will I be a teenage girl forever?” Flagrai stared at Bryodae.

“Basically. You will always be nineteen years old. And I and Thulitt will always be twenty. Nearly twenty-one. Therefore I think we should talk a bit about the consequences.” Bryodae looked at the ground.

“Is this true, Thulitt?” Flagrai asked.

“Yes. Since we are captured by the orbs, we will never age again. And since Bryodae is my shadow, he will not age as a result.” Thulitt looked at Flagrai.


“Do you know what that means, Flagrai?” Bryodae asked a bit worried.

“No?” Flagrai asked.

“You will see a lot of people die. Flann and Fle’era will die. Every servant will die. Even Flarenda and her children will die,” Bryodae explained.

“Flarenda doesn't have children,” Flagrai protested.

“It’s her biggest duty to get children. That was once my duty too. That is the monarchy,” Thulitt said.

“And that is not the worst part. Swiftlet will also die, and she isn't a royal. So she will disappear from us to the place only you know.” Bryodae looked at Flagrai, with a tear in his eye.


“So, everybody will just die? And I will be standing here alone?” Flagrai looked frustrated at Bryodae.

“You will not stand alone. If we can become friends again and remain friends forever, then you will at least have me. We can lean on each other's shoulder when immortality becomes too tough. And I promise you, I will not kill you again. I’m truly sorry I put you in this situation.” Bryodae looked down.

“Mossy. You got me back. That is what I have chosen to focus on. And as everybody else, I have forgiven you. Or at least tried. Even though that hurt insanely.” Flagrai patted him on the back.

“But I cannot forgive myself. I cannot forgive my arms. And Swiftlet hasn’t forgiven me,” Bryodae said gravely.

Thulitt began talking in a low voice, “it’s my fault, in a way. If I wasn't curious about what that mermaid said, I would have just lived my life with my queen. The shadow would not have been killed ....”

“No! Thulitt. He … I am grateful you did,” Bryodae interrupted.

“What?!” they shouted in chorus.


“If you hadn’t killed me back then. I would have grown up again with the Demasjumaka. The shadow’s consciousness would go without any pause. The hatred of the world would continue growing. I would not have had a family who strangely enough loves me. I would not have learned what love is, experienced it. For killing me back then, you truly are the hero. Without you… The curse would never have been broken.” Bryodae faintly smiled.

“You are just strange, Bryodae. And now I come with an even stranger idea. We three all becomes friends. Forever,” Thulitt proposed.

“We could be the trio of stabbed immortals,” Bryodae joked.

“Just no. Your jokes are  bad.” Thulitt sighed.

"I will have to work on overcoming my fears, but I can see it work," Flagrai agreed.

“So your nightmares aren’t any better?” Bryodae patted her shoulder.

“Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten better.” Flagrai frowned.

“I’ll do my best to help you.” He smiled as he looked at her face.

Flagrai flinched, so he quickly looked away.


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