Chapter 1: Ruby

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 301

We were prepared to forfeit everything to protect the king. No giving up.

“Ruby,” Brock said, making sure I was okay. I looked at him, he smiled painfully, the sent his command. “Everyone, protect the king!”

I looked to where Celeste and Aidan were. Celeste was in Aidan’s grip and they held their heads close.

Soldiers with weapons of all sorts ran into the castle. This was our last stand. The war hybrids may fall today, but, at least, we'll have tried.

Fire filled the room. It wasn't Celeste. Torches, they were burning us out.

We had to keep trying.

I hurtled down the main hall, Brock ran after me.

“Weaponry I’m guessing?” he asked, I nodded and went faster. We slid in and pulled all of the swords, axes, shields, knives, and bludgeons off the wall as we could. Brock filled two weapon belts and I filled two. We dashed back into the throne room. I tossed one to Celeste, she strapped it on, Brock and Aidan the same.

“Children, don’t stay! Go,” King Corbin said sadly. “I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“We’re staying,” Brock stated that was that. The king shook his head sadly.

“But, my children!” Queen Iouna cried, “I don’t want you to die!”

“We’re staying,” Brock said, the rest of us nodded. “I’m sorry, but you’re far more important!”

“We’re only the king and queen now, you are the next in line for the throne my children!” Queen Iouna’s tears left small marks on her dress.

“We’re next in line? All of us?” Aidan asked.

“Well, whoever you decide should be the next ruler out of the four of you…”

“This isn’t the time!” King Corbin stated.

“He’s right,” Brock said. “Protect everyone in the throne room, especially the royals!”

More of Cragbury’s guards rushed in. This could be our final stand, I reached for Brock’s hand and squeezed it. He squeezed back.

“My lord, they’ve gotten inside of the castle!” a guard shouted.

“We must escape!” Queen Iouna cried, “Fighting back would be fatal! There is too many!”

“Out the passages,” King Corbin said.

“Wait… there are secret passages?” I asked nobody else seemed surprised, “Did you all know?” Brock, Celeste, and Aidan shook their heads.

“Hurry Ruby!” Celeste called out, I ran toward the passage and followed.

We twisted and turned for what seemed like hours, even though it was only one. I kept close to the group and cried a little when I realized that now this wouldn’t be our kingdom anymore.


If I could choose one country to hate above ALL others, it would be Belkin. Oh wait, it is!

Did I mention I hate Belkin?

Obviously, I did.

“Ruby,” Brock said, tapping my hand lightly. I gasped and came back to the real world. “We’re out.”

“Oh? We are?” I asked dumbly.

“Can you see the sun?” Aidan laughed.


“Then we’re out,” Brock said.

We were burnt, scratched, and scathed. Our clothing was torn, Celeste’s dress was on fire. Wait…

“CELESTE!” I cried out, she gasped and clamped a hand over my mouth

“Ruby, it’s okay,” she said, Brock stepped on the small flame. I tried to laugh it off, it wasn’t working.

“I’m sorry Celeste, it’s just been a hard morning,”

“It’s been a hard day for all of us, right Aidan?” Celeste waited for his answer.

We heard a crash, Aidan lay on the ground, I heard a sharp cry from Celeste as she kneeled next to him.

“Aidan…?” she whimpered, her eyes showed complete pain. She began to bawl, pressing her head against his chest and begging him to be okay. Celeste sat up and lifted the sash around his stomach. He’d been stabbed.

“Celeste, we need to go, we’ll carry him.” I said gently, she scooted away, pulling Aidan a few inches.

“I can’t…” she cried softly.

“You can,”

“Celeste…” she gasped and turned, Aidan was speaking. He lifted his head a little, Celeste cradled it. “Just… go…” his voice was raspy. She hugged him.

“I can’t leave you…” Celeste trailed.

“You… must…” she held him closer, then something magical happened.

Submitted: January 24, 2016

© Copyright 2021 S.M.T.. All rights reserved.


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