Chapter 3: Cole

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The four of us in the dungeon had decided it best if we quit the army once (if) we were (ever) set free.

But then the Belkish army released us, we rejoined immediately, all of the plans went to the dogs.

I spent the day catching up on the regular army rumors. This person got married and has their own land, that person died, another got a divorce… the usual, but something else was whispered quietly, only for fear the king would get angry if it were uttered.

The dragon girl.

Rumor has it that King Ronan had interrogated her personally, and when she didn’t even make a sound, he sliced into her arm with a blade. Too bad she was saved by the gryphon girl, I wish she had died. I’d bet anything her trust was lost, she’s probably a wimp who would have talked immediately.

I still wonder if it was true, maybe I’d better check their arms before I get married.

A wife, that’s all a man wants. To be in the army and have a wife means you get land, and the king respects you.

When some of the women from Belkin arrive, I’ll definitely pursue one to be my wife.

To get a wife in Belkin, you must give her nine gifts, one each day for nine days. If she refuses one, you have to start over and let her keep them all. If she refuses you three different times, you have to find another girl, unless she calls a “clean slate”, which only means you get three more chances. These things can go on for months! Sometimes a girl will call a ”clean slate” three or four times! All they want are gifts.

If she accepts all nine gifts, you ask her to marry you. If she refuses, she has to give you a token of appreciation for the thought, the women spend all of their time making these bracelets for appreciation. Some girls refuse just for sport.

The nerve.

Anyway, it was time for a feast. The king wanted to welcome us to Cragbury. Uh… I’ve been here for months. Forget about us dear king?

Everyone was cleaned up and prepared, the Cragbury Castle dining room is large enough for our entire army and more. Gosh, they’re egocentric, or friendlier…?

Nah, they’re definitely obsessed with themselves.

Submitted: January 24, 2016

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