Chapter 7: Celeste

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Truly, I wasn't accusing Ruby of being “inadequate” to be someone's wife, I simply hadn't guessed one of us would be pursued. I didn't want to seem vain, but I wondered why I wasn't being pursued.

I didn't think it was just because I was shy, quiet, and unnoticeable, I thought there might be something I had missed.

I needed to visit the library.


After reading every single book on the Belkish I could find, I still hadn't figured it out. Maybe I was being vain. I could be so selfish sometimes.

“I already know everything I need to, about the sashes having to be on the right if you're taken, about the pursuing ritual, which reasons women are chosen, and what to do if you want to say no to a boy who pursued you,” I said to myself.

I looked at Ruby down in the courtyard with Brock and Aidan, smiling and laughing along with them. The list came out in my mind again and I checked Ruby for all of the requirements.

All looked right.

Little did I know the future problems could have been avoided if I’d noticed the sash facing the “free to be pursued” direction.

I fell into a chair by the large window I'd been looking out of, feeling saddened. My friends always seemed to have a better time without me. Sometimes I was almost a fourth wheel. They'd had months to bond while I couldn't speak. I was an outcast with my own friends. Even though Ruby and I had used to be the best of friends, which we still are… sometimes, but she had seemed to get closer to the boys.

“Hello, Jade,” said someone, I didn't respond until remembering I was Jade.

“Oh, um… hello,” I greeted Chloe with a classic handshake for Belkish.

“Where's Alyssa?” she asked, my heart sank. Everyone was really attached to Ruby lately. It probably had something to do with her being pursued.

“In the courtyard,” I slumped into the chair and looked away.

“What's wrong?” she looked confused.

“Oh, I just don't-” I stopped myself, “Just bored.”

“Me too. Why don't we do something together?” Chloe said as she sat down in the chair next to mine, tilting her head.

“Umm…,” I glanced out the window again to see my friends having fun without me. “Sure, why not?”

“Great! Follow me!” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me along the corridors. I knew exactly where we were going, the spinning room.

“Why are we going or the spinning room?” I asked nervously.

“You'll see! It's fun!” she said, that was the only answer I got. Could I really trust the Belkish people?

I wasn't sure yet, but maybe I could.


Spinning wheels were everywhere, as usual, but what was different this time was that half were being used for clothing, and half were being used to make dolls of girls who would sit still long enough to be modeled.

“Do you want one?” Chloe asked me enthusiastically, I stood still for a second, studying the doll another girl held in her hand. It was a tan-skinned doll with luscious black curls of horsehair and an intricate dress that matched the girl who held it.

“I-,” I thought about it for another moment. “Yes!”


About an hour later Chloe and I walked down the halls, each with a doll of herself. We giggled and spoke, even though I was getting sick of hearing my accented voice.

My doll had turned out lovely, it had blue button eyes, light colored felt, gold horsehair that was straw-straight, and a small green dress that matched my newly altered one.

I'd gotten one made for Ruby so she wouldn't feel bad, somehow I had described her in completely accurate detail. Her doll had curly auburn horsehair, with a red altered dress and green button eyes, in addition, there were dotted on freckles, made with ink and quill.

Ruby wasn't in the room when we entered, so I simply sat the doll on her bed and continued talking with Chloe.

She and I were becoming fast friends, and I learned that Belkish are so I different from us after all. We shared stories (most of mine were slightly changed), and even snuck food from the kitchen.

I had a friend again.

Submitted: February 03, 2016

© Copyright 2021 S.M.T.. All rights reserved.


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