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During Lance's Battle with Sir Lancelot, a mysterious woman seemed to be watching him. Who could this be...and what did she want?

Chapter 101 (v.1) - The Hell Dimension - Prologue

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017




Incantation-Part E - by Shiro Sagisu*




~~~Prologue: The Discarded Memory~~~


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The sands of the Southern Desert hissed softly as the fine grains glided upwards to form transparent clouds. What was once a peaceful scenery shattered like fragile glass when a monstrous explosion occurred, one that came about when Sir Lancelot of The Knights Of The Round Table collided with the ground. The seasoned swordsman recovered from the collision swiftly, and he leapt into the air afterwards. As he emerged from the top of the dust cloud that formed, Lance Blade, in his bestial Corrupted Instinct Form, growled like mad dog while remaining hunched over to stand on all fours.

 When Lancelot returned to the sandy ground, Lance stood up on his two feet and sprinted madly at his opponent, spinning around his black Katana in hand multiple times. Showing no fear, Lancelot charged forth and readied his blade. The two combatants passed by one another while simultaneously clashing blades, creating a shockwave that kicked up sand clouds for miles around them.

 Lance spun around and dashed at Lancelot again; this time gaining the upper hand by overwhelming the Knight with a flurry of wild and powerful slashes that he could barely block. Lancelot grunted and attempted to counter, but Lance caught his striking arm before letting out a loud roar. Taking advantage of Lance’s moment of madness, Lancelot managed to wring himself free of his grasp and kicked the horned Creature away with a swift kick to the torso.

 This time, it was Sir Lancelot who gave chase as Lance went crashing through several buildings of the great Titangel Castle. However, Lance was able to slide to a stop soon afterwards. He responded with a great rage by growling loudly once more while swinging his Sword about in a blind fury. From just the sheer force of a single swing, Lance was able to crater a large portion of the Castle Grounds; which caused Lancelot to get knocked backwards. He went flying all the way back into the Mountainous Region, but like before, he recovered before leaping into the air for safety.

 Lance, however, was ready for that maneuver. The young, enraged man Transversed to appear right behind of Lancelot and struck him across the back with a powerful slash. The Knight once again struck the grounds of the Mountainous Region like a meteor from heaven.

 Not having any other choice in the matter, Lancelot prepared Ultima even though he knew very well that its power had the potential to destroy Crisis, while Lance readied a Moon Fang. The two warriors launched their attacks simultaneously, creating a grand outburst of smoke and fire that dwarfed the colossal landscape.

 Lancelot was forced to retreat to save himself from getting caught in the blast, but Lance once again caught up to him due to his superior speed. Lance struck Sir Lancelot with a punch, one that sent him flying into the side of a mountain. Briefly stunned, the Knight could only watch helplessly as Lance readied a dark orb of Energy and sent it flying at him; erasing several Mountains completely due to the following explosion.

“GRAAAAAAAHHH!!!!” Lance screamed aloud in light of creating carnage.

“LANCE, NO!!!” Millicent shrieked from afar; tears in her eyes as Hugo held her back from going to him.

 Sir Lancelot did not perish from Lance’s last attack, but this merely prompted Lance to leap up into the air and conclude with a mighty downward strike towards his wounded foe, once more shaking the planet with a blast wave that extended so high into the sky that it broke through the stratosphere…

Elsewhere, in a Dimension far away; Lucilia observed the entire battle through a pillar of flames.

“Such power,” she sighed longingly. “It must be mines. He just might be powerful enough to destroy the Gate.” Lucilia then turned around and waved her one hand over the sea of lava that churned beneath of her Fortress. “Arise, o’ Sinners of Hell,” she chanted. “Come forth!”

Four skeletal figures emerged from the steaming pits of lava, chains binding their limbs together. In a slow, highly painful fashion; their muscle tissue and flesh returned.

“Gaaaaaaahhhh!!!!” they wailed in agony.

However, their screams couldn’t be heard by any that would offer comfort.

For this was Hell…

(The Hell Dimension)



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